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  1. Now that the wonderful Soundtrack Editor mod has been updated with glitches fixed (I heavily recommend the mod, even if you don't plan to add any more music yourself, as it comes default with more nice Kevin MacLeod tracks), I am back at KSP. The first thing to do when you have a queue of tasks in sandbox and career is of course to ignore them and instead build something micro. So I did just that, and built a mini ionic one-kerballed thing. But every payload needs a launcher, so I then proceeded to slap together an SSTO. To my surprise, it worked on the first* try on the runway, no reverting t
  2. Laythe's ocean reaches about 2740 meters deep, and likely deeper. Source: have reached a depth of 2739 m on Laythe. I recommend using ore tanks balanced to around neutral buoyancy for submarines, as they very much help in maintaining depth, useful for when travelling a distance near the surface or seafloor.
  3. Thanks . I ought to make a tutorial at some point. As a bonus, for an excuse to create more atmospheres, I just now quickly made some more variants of the atmospheric planet/moon, and threw them into the first animation. The animation speed has been lowered and the green version removed to allow easier comparison between them all. As before, open the image link to view a GIF backup if the animation doesn't work. The image is in APNG format because it is a newer animated format that has (or at least should) image visual quality improvements compared to GIF, but the format isn't
  4. Played around with non-gas-giant planet atmospheres. Awhile back I tried making Earth with drawn-on low-detail continents, but it produced a cartoon-ish style (Not complaining. That drawing with Earth is incomplete at the moment). Instead, this time I made my own homemade texture before adding an atmosphere, and it worked. Above are multiple different configurations of the planet/moon I made, showing one reason why I enjoy crafting digital planet art (if the animation isn't working due to the APNG format, click on it for a backup in GIF format). With an atmospheric moon on hand
  5. I've been playing some Hyperspace Dogfights, an under-development sci-fi fighter jet rogue-like, where one fights waves of military vehicles, with a large assortment of acquirable-from-chests passive items, active items, and weapons.
  6. I have some FTL (the game FTL: Faster Than Light) stuff too, if you're interested. I might as well post it here. Here's a 3-part Ion Stunner Artillery. Here's another weapon. And here's some large enemy ships for a certain faction. Like some stock-alike FTL ship art, almost all the individual parts are borrowed from the stock FTL art, but they are arranged much differently, and they have additions and subtractions, thus that the ship graphics as a whole are uniquely different. In the spoiler, one of the ships and the ion cannons can be seen modded in-game.
  7. I haven't been on this thread in awhile, so I might as well post some stuffs, some from today, some from a today in the past. I launched another set of Minmus base modules. The three-stage asparagus malfunctioned somehow, and the tanks had to be dumped off-center manually, one-at-a-time, but everything survived it (on the second still-messed-up-staging launch attempt). The payload: some sleek 1.25 m to 0.625 m pipe adapter base parts with mini-drills, and a landing pad section. With the new 1.25 m to 0.625 m adapter and mining tubes, the EC-stocked mini-tubes can
  8. @Thomas P. Something appears to be wrong with the comet tails (this is in 1.2.2). They do load at least, but their shader doesn't seem to be working the same as it did in the old KopernicusExpansion from the images. This is what I saw for a pair of comet tails set around Gilly (and I saw similar when I placed comet tails around different bodies). . Edit: Also, I just noticed that the dust tail (not the ion one) I set on Gilly rotates with the moon. I'll have to see if it does that with other celestial objects, more specifically, any orbiting the Sun. Edit2: I shall see
  9. Created a VTOL ship and sent it to Minmus with a base parts payload in my sandbox save. After I decided not to attempt an SSTO design, I strapped my new VTOL ship to the biggest rocket in my launcher sub-assemblies, and said go for launch. Thanks to @panzer1b's beautiful low-lag dust effects(I modified the dust color, but the default color is generally just as good, with just a more alien feel), the scenery of this landing amazed me (it looked better in full 1920 x 1080, without Imgur's size reductions).. (open below image in new tab for a view of the inside cargo space!) A
  10. The new version of this mod is decent[edit: -ly great], but there are one or two main problems that aggravate me. First of all, it skips to the next track every time the game pauses or un-pauses, so that when I make a named quicksave, or pause the game several times to try and get a good screenshot without messing up what I'm doing, it switches the song, twice. Secondly, it changes the song every time the situation changes, which is a pain when using rovers [edit: on low-gravity moons], and is unbearable when using a kerbal on EVA on a body's surface. Both of these problems need to be fixed fo
  11. Finally, Elon Musk previews us the meal he is preparing in the SpaceX parking lot. A month can't go by without a new announcement relating to an Elon company, can it? Making it a boring one doesn't change that. First thoughts on the video, what a great excuse to increase the use of electric vehicles. At least there won't be many fumes that can combust in the tunnels (though how will it be required to completely turn off a traditionally-fueled car that enters?). There are still problem, though. How would you choose your destination or know where a tunnel leads? for example. Using
  12. Laythe's sandy dunes, with Jool in the background, and very light wisps throughout the sky, I've had this one for awhile as my avatar. Also, I am not good at texturing land.
  13. Possibly 5-meter parts? How convenient shall it be if those beautiful pieces arrive, and thus, now I have a choice to make once the expansion comes out. Should I rebuild my 30,000 ton HexaHauler with less part count (it is unbearably laggy, so I have taken a temporary break from KSP partially, among other true excuses, to think of what to put in it with good part count and exciting function)? Or shall I make it larger using the upcoming size increase, for the most monstrous, and still laggard, only-official-part-containing (nothing is wrong with mod parts, just a self limitation) mothership?
  14. You are: Sales on this will be through the roof, which could have very exciting implications. I for one shall most-likely be getting this expansion when it arrives. It is clear that it is likely (but not certain, since we haven't seen the features yet) some of this expansion's features (likely, but not certainly, the new parts) should be stock and non-paid, especially the kerbal parachute (and maybe the new astronaut suit, if it is a new kerbal model?), but Squad needs money somehow, or else new feature-adding will grind to a halt, and the game will become abandoned. Luckily for Squad and
  15. A gas giant. Now it has not-high-quality-at-all rings, and visible is the surface of a moonlet! Another moon of the gas giant, farther out, and Pol-like (minus any spikes or slices of invisible terrain). No, I didn't recolor the same ground as from the other moon! Vertical phone wallpaper-compatible sideways versions of the ringed-with-a-moon gas giant are in the below spoiler, because they look nice as wallpapers on phones (such as my own).
  16. Saying they are developing a big feature in their KSP Weekly (with the art department involved), but then stating it is not yet time/too early to release images of promise, is clearly teasing/hyping us. They could have just not told us they are developing a big feature in general in KSP Weekly (the new Devnotes), and if they actually are, they wouldn't be hyping us up over it by not telling us. There is always a chance from our outside perspective that this feature is Gas Planet 2.
  17. I am really hoping that Squad's "secret feature" they are hyping is a Gas Planet 2, which was planned to be blue in the original Gas Planet 2 plans, but hoping does nothing, only do lucky guesses exist, and Squad hasn't revealed it yet, so there is no way to tell for certain. Assuming it isn't Gas Planet 2, the Outer Planets Mod, as mentioned above, is the best stock-alike planet pack out there, but there are other great ones too, that mix up or replace the entire system.
  18. Coincidentally, around now I have been experimenting with a Laythe typhoon, though it is non-stationary and goes all around the moon, unlike Poodmund's Kerbin hurricane (by the way, thanks @Poodmund for the stationary tutorial). Its settings are still not necessarily final, as I intend to bring a/some ship(s) over to investigate how good it looks/whether its settings need tweaking (I will be looking from, without orbit line or camera aim limit obstructions, high and low atmosphere, from low orbit, many altitudes found on an elliptical orbit, as seen out of Laythe's SOI but closer than Tylo, et
  19. This better be a GasPlanet2 and moons (Or Better Planet Visuals In Stock (or Rocket Parts Overhaul)). As long as this actually exists, I am very much hyped (though with doubts on whether it is something grand or not). Edit: Look in the .gif at the widgets. The game now tells you whether it is set to local or absolute rotation or translation mode!
  20. I created Jool. Alternate version: They both use the same homemade texture. Feel free to inquire of my methods or give suggestions.
  21. I have a Jool texture, and two-layer cloud variant, that I made the other day in GIMP, as an experiment and to try to create my own Jool cloud. In the testing, I found how much simpler and how good it looked to map the texture to a sphere. Using this and more recent techniques I have learned for creating atmospheres, I decided to form a drawing. I retrieved two different angles, and made one into a Jool. But the reason I am not posting this in the Fan Art topic, besides that this is still incomplete from its full potential, is that I decided to use the first angle look to create anot
  22. Laythe is looking nice today. ' I need a ship closer to investigate, but not too close (as with the PocketSub MkII on Laythe at the moment). I also need to send an ore tank to the HexaHauler. Why not do both? (extra pictures in spoilers) The ore tank is let go, this time with a fuel tank to help boost it down to Minmus. This state-of-the-art ion probe just so-happens to be very asymmetrical in layout. It will be bound for at least Duna, and if it has the antenna range, Laythe (the intended target). Now, back to the ore tank, where it (almost) l
  23. Is 30,000 tons1 and 99 meters of height2, all in an SSTO package, too much to land on Minmus? It is a mothership, because it has a working, open-able and close-able bay. It is my current project in sandbox, so more landings may be to come, hopefully with payloads. I didn't bother/forgot to add vernors (which the next version will have), and landing in a ship that needs to land with virtually zero vertical velocity is hard with only gimbal and hardy landing panel legs at your side. 1: 30000 tons when fuel reserves are full on the RunwayPad3, but it has ISRU and drills, and
  24. Look very closely at Laythe. You will see what I did in KSP today (hint: It rotates). Edit: I really need a Laythe probe or at least ship on Vall, so I can showcase this at a reasonable distance. Maybe I should launch one of my Z. veliferum spaceplanes off of Minmus, and drop off another PocketSub MkII in the process. Even better would be a HexaHauler...
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