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  1. 1 hour ago, Shadowmage said:

    The mod-related fix is to install Kerbal Joint Reinforcement.  Another alternate is to use KIS/KAS and the EVA-attachable struts. 

    I'm unsure if there any purely-stock solutions to joint wobbliness on docked vessels; I've never found one.


    I am running KJR. I will give KIS/KAS with the struts a shot.

  2. I am struggling to build large interplanetary vessels, not because of slowdown, but because of the physics engine. The ship below shook itself to death. I tried warping to stabilize it (which worked for about 5 seconds), I turned off all reaction wheels, and I turned down the max physics delta time per frame. All to no avail.

    Any suggestions?



  3. How much Delta-V is needed in Keribn orbit (100km) in order to arrive at the Jool system with a reasonable amount of delta-v for navigation? Every time I send a craft to Jool, I get there and either shoot right out of the system, crash into Jool or a moon, or end up stranded in a ridiculously useless orbit.

    At the moment I have some frogs stranded on/around Pol and it seems like getting there was a fluke. Appreciate any assistance!

    (PS- It doesn't help that once you enter the Jool system, Jool itself becomes untargetable)

  4. On 5/8/2016 at 8:45 AM, boolybooly said:

    Congratulations to ...


    Hegemon Advanced Pilot Precision Award with SSTO.


    ... for successfully completing the K-Prize mission. Thanks for your mission reports and welcome to the elite club of K-Prize party goers.

    Hegemon, what's it called?

    Thanks :cool:

    I think this one was called like SSTO-1C (how exciting), but let's go ahead and call it the "It-Worked!" lol

  5. I feel like a super KSP newb, even though I'm hundreds of hours into the game.


    Just completed this challenge (as far as I am concerned), but would like to know if it "counts"

    - I used parachutes

    - I used engineer for stats info only.

    Encoding my video so I can upload for proof as long as it counts!




    here's the video



  6. Bought the game yesterday. Played for 12 hours. Felt like death the rest of the day because I didn't sleep. Came home, died repeatedly. Got some poor Kerbalians(?) stranded in a useless and far away orbit. Tried to save them. Forgot to bring docking port. Now they're going to have to EVA - assuming I can manage to rendezvous. And, of course, all of that will be utterly pointless unless I brought enough delta-v to get back home ... which .... who knows. Yay........

    my rescue ship:


  7. Hey guys-

    Just bought the game - obviously I suck and am newb.

    I've got some astronauts stranded. I've got a ship pretty close-by. It MIGHT have enough delta-v to intercept and then return to Kerbal. Only problem, I forgot (DOH!) to include a hatch, so my stranded astronauts are going to have to EVA over.

    Here are some screenshots of my situation. I would appreciate your help and advice!

    Most importantly, once I get close, what - exactly - am I supposed to do? There's still going to be a slight gap even after I execute this next maneuver.









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