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  1. Minor bug report - I downloaded the latest version, and it still doesn't seem able to modify the crash tolerance of the landing struts or the charge rate of the solar panels. I checked the .cfg, and it says to add the relevant module to the relevant parts, but it didn't actually have those parts included. How do I go about doing this? Or is this a true bug? EDIT: Apparently, I didn't install properly or something - it works!
  2. This looks like a great mod! I'm just reaching endgame in my Alternis Kerbol save, but I like the layout and I was hoping I could keep myself entertained on it for a while, and this mod looks like just the perfect one for me. I'll give it a shot and let you know of any bugs from all of the mods I have installed! EDIT: Alright, taking a look at the mod so far, I think it needs to be nerfed a little bit - I spent 400 science points and increased the ISP of the Nerv to 960, increased the thrust to 93.6kN, and decreased the dry mass to 2.1t, which is a bit overpowered. For balance issues, I think that EITHER costs should be initially doubled (i.e. the first purchase is twice what it was and then scales accordingly), or the ISP/dry mass buffs should be reduced to half of what they are. Also - I think it would be appropriate to make upgrades to fuel tanks apply to all tanks in that takes group, i.e. you can buff all of the FL-Ts simultaneously, all of the Kerbodyne S3s simultaneously, etc. Thoughts?
  3. @Nils - I noticed a while ago you mentioned something about "how you WILL find out how to make CO2." I'm working on a modular base right now (running TAC in companion with KPBS), and it doesn't seem like it's possible to close the loop, even with mining capabilities. As a previous person mentioned, there is not enough CO2 generation at the moment. So, two questions. 1) Is this something you're still thinking about? 2) How should I go about closing the loop in the mean time? Should I just make a "cheaty" part?
  4. Bug report - when I try to start time-warp with the engine on (ion in this case), the game warps for just a second then drops back down to non-warp. Not sure what causes this, but when I change ships after successfully warping through a burn on one ship, it stops functioning. In particular, the altitude doesn't lock anymore until I restart the game, and occasionally, when I do restart the game, even if it the altitude locks, the warp problem described above occurs. Thoughts?
  5. Just poking to check up on the update - I realized that since I can't update my Kopernicus (gives incompatibility issues with Alternis), the game throws an error every frame for every part on the active ship (regarding buoyancy), which makes my high-end gaming laptop lag on 40 part ships Hoping we see the update soon
  6. I was having the same issue - I checked my install and it is 1028. Any thoughts? EDIT: It miraculously started working. Not sure why, but it's resolved.
  7. Posting here hoping for an update. I updated Kopernicus Planetary System Modifier, and it ruined Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered - when I reloaded my game, the system was back to the stock system, with all of my deployed ships out in weird, different places. Let me know!
  8. Hi everyone - I currently have EPL and the Maritime Package installed. The problem I am having is that, my floating Laythe base seems to crash into the water whenever I load it from another scene. That is, if I load the quicksave file, the ship is fine (I quicksaved directly after landing it), but after I switch scenes, say to an orbiting ship, and then switch back to the base, the ship appears slightly above the waterline, crashes into the water, and then the exterior parts break due to splashing down hard. I have tried save-file editing to change the status of the ship to "splashed" and I have also tried changing the "alt" value on the ship, but to no avail. I figured I would attach my persistence file, hopefully someone will be able to diagnose my problem! Here is a link to my persistence file: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50345936/persistent.sfs Thanks!
  9. Interesting. I also have Maritime Pack installed, and, unfortunately, the Buoyancy Blisters are not very low drag (even though they are designed to be). Thoughts on why that could be? As for floating high in the water - there's not too many parts that are highly buoyant but low in drag, it seems. I've tried numerous different parts, and, for buoyancy, it seems that intakes are some of the best ones. What parts are you using?
  10. Hi there - anyone have any idea how FAR interacts with drag in water? I'm trying to build a seaplane using radial intakes (as I have before I installed FAR), but ever since I installed FAR, while my intakes still allow me to float, I can't seem to get past about 22m/s. Anyone have any ideas as to why this is? Could this be related to Better Buoyancy? I know that ferram designed both mods and designed them to be compatible, so I don't imagine Better Buoyancy could be the case. If this is an artifact of FAR, I think I will try to remove this "feature."
  11. Hey - love the mod! I'm trying to do a fully-modded sandbox for my game at the moment (beat the Interstellar variant), so I figured if I end up wanting to make some sea vessels, then I need a good mod for it (I've had enough making sea-planes using obscene amounts of radial air intakes!). However, I'm getting a crash on start-up when downloading the Maritime Pack via CKAN. Here is my crash.dmp: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50345936/crash.dmp and here is my error.log: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/50345936/error.log Any clues as to the cause? I'll try it with no mods installed and see where the incompatibility is and I'll let you know.
  12. What was the purpose for decreasing the charged particle density produced by the Dusty Plasma? Also - I think there's some trouble conducting heat away or something with regards to thermal electric generators. Even starting at 60% efficiency (where I am in the tech-tree), they tend to drop down to 5-10% very quickly when at full power (even with plenty of huge radiators). Any thoughts? EDIT: To the poster above mentioning quantum entanglement - you can't transmit information via entangled particles. Breaks the laws of physics. At least the Alcubierre drive is theoretically possible.
  13. Well, it's on the tech tree as long as my persistence file says I have it. But once I remove it from my persist file, it goes away. And it's completely off of my part list. I can do re-install of KSPI-E, I suppose, and see what happens. And I've taken a look at "sort by module" and I still can't seem to find it there. I'll let you know. EDIT: So I just realized what happened. It totally moved to another node that I don't have yet. Which is weird, because it still says that it can give me that part from another node (which is weird itself, but whatever). That's frustrating, but I'll deal with it. Sorry guys!
  14. So while there was some discussion of it, no one has come up with an easy fix for my reported bug, so I think it's still a real bug. Anyone else experiencing this? EDIT: I checked the part file and it seemed fine. I removed it from my persistence file and when I did so, I checked the tech-tree and it was no longer an available part from that advancement. I think that's the issue - how do I change what parts are available in the KSPI-E techtree?