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  1. Ugh i feel dumb now... I downloaded Kerbal Foundries and assumed that their KerbalWheels was up to date... It wasn't... its all right now...
  2. It works via a Clean Install, also, it was working before I Used CKAN to install Cryo Engines but even removing it still didnt fix it... https://www.dropbox.com/s/cj8f3wnqpu624zl/Player.log?dl=0
  3. this might be a dumb question, but where can i find the dev version? it seems like in every oldish site they only say, google it, but i already did it, and no luck
  4. only i wonder what happened to the B9 landing gear? it is so good, and aerodynamic... my though is that they removed it cause in 1.1.x they were bugged and will put them in the 1.2 final release
  5. hmm, sorry for being this noob on it, but what file would u want? cause it wasnt a crash
  6. So after a day of playing with the pre release of B9 in 1.2, i noticed that the wings/rudders/stabilizers/etc. are not working, their lift is not calculated, the mass is calculated, the "suposed to be animated parts" are not moving. not complaining just pointing out the issues is it only me? is that a pre-release thing? does anyone know how to solve it? i have several mods installed, maybe it is just an incompatibilitie
  7. thank you very much man... you dont know how much i missed B9. and thank you @blowfish and @bac9 too
  8. does B9 have a public Dev build like it had on 1.0 (or 1.1 i dont remember), and if yes, could someone give me the download or something similar? I'm missing B9 so much on my 1.2 carrer ;(
  9. hi,so i just installed this mod on a 1.1.3 ksp, it seems to not be working, i do have RPM, installed (along with a LOT of other mods) and when i go into cockpit view, click on the RPM monitor (a button) and it goes to the NAVball, the other one, and then, i click, and it makes the sound, but no screen change, if i click again it does the same thing, but at the third time, it changes to the NAVball, so my thoughts are, it is there, it is loaded, but it isnt correctly loaded, i've already tried to activate the toolbar option, and when i go to the "show icons" menu, it isnt there... has it happe
  10. Nice, your histrys are amazing... tak the time u need unfortunetly this post inst that recognized, but it will
  11. cant vote dunno why but continue this one, and make something in the universe that eat/destructed all th craft, maybe space pirates or an black hole (dont need imgs)
  12. :C chapter 25 isnt out BTW the history is just amazing, it worth all the time that i spend reading it, but why did jebediah got scared by the fairings, if he is "the best" astrounaut of the complex? shouldnt be the GENE? Amazing history Love it
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