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  1. There's a minor problem; all the FFT engines that require their power banks to be charged will immediately shut off as soon as you activate them, no matter how high the throttle, restarting their charging processes again. I don't know if this is part of the actual mod but tbh it's really bugging me, think you could look into it, Nert? <_>
  2. Amazing progress so far Bonus, this looks like it'd go very nicely with mods like Near Future Technologies and MKS! And yeah, I rarely come here nowadays... mostly to lurk
  3. Goodness, stop getting crippling injuries at the gym! One more injury will equal an instant one-way ticket to the HOSPITAL, so, just be very, very, very, very, very, VERY, VERY VERY careful while exercising :P

  4. Dang, stop injuring yourself at the gym! Any more injuries, and you might get hospitalized for a long time, and we REALLY wouldn't want that!! All I'd suggest is to be very, very, VERY careful when you're exercising, also I hope you get better HYPER SOON! More suggestions!! A gigantic, circular solar array Large Spacecraft Spine inline cockpit Transfer tubes for ALL the small spacecraft spine trusses
  5. Nice to know that you're still working on the mod! BUT, what I'd suggest for the centrifuge's design is one similar to the "HOPE" centrifuge with a counter-rotating, 8-tooth gear-shaped flywheel section (most credible) or maybe an initially compact, solid ring that furls into shape via elaborate hydraulics. (think Hermes; but with hydraulic, expandable pipes replacing the truss) I'd also really suggest for the smaller Spacecraft Spine trusses to have crew transfer tubes on the inside ^^;
  6. Decided on a centrifuge design? Oh, and why don't you try going here to find more good centrifuge designs? http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/artificialgrav.php
  7. Really wonderful work as always! I can already sense the potential for this plugin, plus I think you might be able to make a centrifuge like the one in that video of the Bussard ramjet generation ship video Btw, did you like it?
  8. Well, about the issue about the resources, and for making self-sustaining motherships/mobile space stations, I think a giant fuel scoop would be very useful for those problems. So basically you should make a giant fuel scoop which unfurls like an umbrella, a translucent hexagon-patterned membrane held in shape by a thin but really strong frame, and can be changed to vacuum up xenon gas, argon gas, or LH2 as the ship it's attached to travels across space. If RealFuels is installed the scoop will siphon up different resources and transport them to their respective containers in any fuel tank on the ship it is added to. @Bonus Eventus Also, I found this awesome video of a generation ship concept on YouTube that utilizes artificial gravity - this might be incredibly useful for part ideas. I think some HUGE asteroid mining utilities would be very cool too - like giant cone-shaped drills on robotic arms and converters and whatnot I totally agree with a Hermes-style centrifuge - but I think the truss segments should be replaced with hydraulic, expandable transfer pipes supported with internal frames. AND the windows should be fairly small and not gigantic, as the centrifuge's integrity would drop, making it more susceptible to impact from asteroids and one of the windows potentially shattering and the atmosphere leaking out of small cracks.
  9. Well, I can help with that! I think you can make the centrifuge a lot like the Hermes, which has an undeniably awesome centrifuge. So it can be identical to that, but the whole structure can fold up to fit within 3.75m fairings - each of the four sections expand out, and a flexible, pressurized tube extends out and unfolds rather like an oversized accordion from each section, and links to a transfer hole on each section, the structure of the centrifuge-shape-making tubes supported by a thin but incredibly strong collapsible frame. You can also include windows on the back, but they should be small, so as not to increase the risk of micrometeorites impacting the glass as the centrifuge spins, or they can be whatever size you see fit. There is also a counter-rotating flywheel section which has six boxy sections jutting out that section, each one containing tanks full of fuel for the rotation-engaging engine located on one of the centrifuge's sections which activates when it finishes deploying. Essentially, every time you reverse the rotation, this engine spins around and fires in the opposite direction. So basically, I, for one, think the centrifuge should REALLY be like the one on the Hermes. And I agree with @Table, Mr. Eventus, you really should make the centrifuge like the Hermes'!
  10. Could you change my username to Siphonophore cause my current username is a bit dumb?
  11. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @Xannari Ferrows?
  12. Oh, that's too bad KP 1.1 won't existalize, but Mother sounds so cool! I looked at the dev thread, and now that I think of it, I so agree with making a new mod - and when you release Mother, PLEASE, PLEASE keep the Leviathan Solar Wings - they're essential for MOAR POWER!!!!! Oh, and can I give some part suggestions for Mother? A 7.5m foldable heatshield that expands to 30 meters in diameter Titanic centrifuge habitat with a counter-rotating flywheel section A larger version of the ELF thruster with gimbal (and make the ELF radially attachable too A giant storage tank/cargo haul ISS-esque robot arm (requires KIS/KAS) Giant greenhouse with lots of windows for plenty of light to shine in Massive spherical fuel tanks
  13. uhh not to ruin everything but isn't update v.1.075 supposed to be out now? It's midnight BTW
  14. Well for one, besides IRL application of pressurized containers like storing fuel and stuff, if I had a pressurized, hollow T404 separated from the unpressurized T404 hangars by a two-door hydraulic airlock, I think I'd store a custom-made, really elaborate interior inside it complete with seats and separate rooms for some of my Kerbonauts besides the main crew, reminiscent to one of those Bigelow habitats. Plus, it'd allow players a bit more freedom in making giant starships with enough habitation space for your intrepid crew to goof around inside, and for that T404 airlock bulkhead - it's supposed to link T404 modules and make them look sturdier and not look fragile with some of those frames exposed. Also, are you plannin on overhauling the T404 crew tank's model to fit the new T404 system? And could you try to show me a list of planned T202 modules, like that deployable antenna I suggested a while ago? Plus, decided on a potential centrifuge design? I think the centrifuge design could be at least 15m wide, and supported by the same piston things on the (current) T404 to 3.75m adapter - read that artificial gravity article from Atomic Rockets I posted way back - oh, and have ya made a new T404 to T202 adapter? Also, I know this is a little off-the-top here, but have you thought about a T101 truss system that's hexagonal in shape and functions the same as the T202 truss? And here's a little suggestion; why not make the xenon tanks inside that T202 xenon tank you were talking about spherical and in a row of at least 2-3-what fits your preference? And I don't think reducing the ISP of the ELFT engine is a good idea, because I've seen concepts of some interplanetary ships - most of em have one engine, and they can travel really far - think about the Hermes from The Martian - it has only one engine, but it travels to Mars while consuming a fairly low amount of fuel. Sorry for all the techno-babble, but it's the best I can do. I'm really looking forward to K+ 1.1 by the way!
  15. That's a really clever idea to use for a T404 door - but why not make it open in two? Oh, and I appreciate your thoughts on this if you don't take it, but why not make a part that lets T404 parts be pressurized, such as an endcap/opening airlock door?
  16. Nonsense! I like the orange color - it makes it seem pretty utilitarian IHMO, and nothing's wrong with that sorta color. BUT, since the T404's gonna be overhauled, are you gonna overhaul the adapters too? Oh, and are you working on that T202 communication antenna I suggested? and did you settled on the round bulkhead? Oh, and why not add some integrated RCS thrusters and some grabbable handrails?
  17. *GAAAAAAAASP* EEEEE! IT'S GORGEOUS!!!! I LOVE IT 100x FOREVER!!! Oh, and could you show a photo of it in-game?
  18. That looks just perfect! Definitely go with this one 100% Oh, and I sorta agree - keep this form, but decrease the number of capacitors for each row down to 12 individual capacitors, and make em all slightly taller - and why not add rings connecting em
  19. This is gorgeous! I think you could model the capacitor bay after this one from the WIP ion engine model collection: Oh, and I suggest its diameter to be 2.5m for easy clustering for a much higher DV - but you'd need more electrical storage and more solar panels, and lastly the engine's purple glowing part and exhaust could change color from gray to blue to blue-purple to purple depending on how much power it's given - with a longer exhaust trail - and keep my idea in mind - and inevitably use it!
  20. I was talking about this: This one, IMO, works best as the 2nd tier engine - and from what I can tell by that giant purple nozzle thingamajig, that's definitely a WIP ion engine. Plus, the 1st tier ion engine could have a gimal of 6 degrees and like some form of "afterburn" mode producing far more thrust and using up slightly less electricity at the expense of a much higher rate of fuel consumption.
  21. I immediately recognized this as a ion engine!!! Ooooh, I can't wait to see what you do with it... Oh, and about that 7.5m ion engine cluster, why not include it as a separate part?
  22. Very interesting design, and it's PERFECT! - oh, and you should go with two individual ion engines - the 2.5m radially attachable one and the giant 7.5m one
  23. HOLY GLOB. 15 minutes till release of 1.05! I'm so downloading upon 1st second - I wanna be one of the first peeps to download it
  24. Thanks! BUT, the release's supposed to come out 2night, and I CAN'T WAIT!!! Maybe the decouplers could be added in v1.1 WITH the separating rockets like I suggested.
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