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  1. Great mission report. Your Agena seems a lot more reliable than the original! I wonder if they will ever make the expansion pack available for the Enhanced Edition? Seeing this, I really hope so.
  2. @Kerbuvim Thanks for the information. I had assumed that the main trophies webpage had grouped all the communities together, obviously it doesn't!
  3. I guess we have to remember that the console market is tiny in comparison to the following the game enjoys on PC. According to the PS4 KSP Trophies webpage, there only a little over 380 players so far. (and I guess a similar number on the Xbox) Not that I am excusing Squad from it's duty to provide us with a bug free final product. Let's hope there's another patch soon.
  4. ** UPDATE ** + ** UPDATE ** + ** UPDATE ** + ** UPDATE ** + ** UPDATE ** + I thought I should provide a quick update for those who have been kind enough to read these reports. You may have noticed that they haven't been updated in a while? Reason 1. Is, rather annoyingly, down to a bit of a health problem that laid me rather low for a while. Things seem to be getting back onto an even keel now, but it did cut into my gaming time! Reason 2. There is one problem playing the console version of the game, especially when you have a family. I have to wait until the rest of the ho
  5. I've checked online and the list I posted is a complete set of Trophies, bar one - Master Astrophysicist (unlock all the other trophies). However, the numbers I gave appear to be for the EU only. Here's the online list. According to this list, so far 351 people have played the PS4 version of KSP Enhance Edition!
  6. I'm not sure if I missed any trophies, but I'll double check when I'm on the PS4. It would be interesting to see the numbers for the PC to compare. Good to see another older forum member posting . It was Apollo that started my life long interest in space and rocketry. As a kid, I was promised Moon bases, trips to Mars as well as a Von Braun style space station. At least KSP allows me to build those dreams myself!
  7. I most certainly can! List of PS4 KSP Trophies (as of -27/02/18) - The groups are my addition. It looks like only a hardcore of players have ventured further than Minmus
  8. Playing the Enhanced Edition on PS4, gives you an idea on numbers due to the trophy system. 11.8% of players have so far planted a flag on the Mun, 2.5% have flown past Duna and the rest of the planet trophies have been won by less than 1% of players.
  9. If you can get to Mun, Minmus and Duna, you can go anywhere! Also, getting to Duna means you don't really suck at KSP. Lots of people struggle to get into Low Kerbin Orbit, rendezvous, docking and certainly making their way to another planets SOI. The more you read tutorials or watch YouTube videos, the more you'll learn. Working out why a mission failed is also a great way to learn what you need to be doing. Hope you keep at it.
  10. I like to fill the Lab up with the full 750 units of data, then have 3 or 4 experiment results ready to go. That way, each time you transmit some science back home, you can top up the amount of work the lab has to do.
  11. A Mobile Processing Lab can be used indefinitely, but you do need to keep it topped up with data from science experiments. To use the Laboratory, you first need to collect science data, by conducting experiments in a particular biome, as you do to gain Science Points. Instead of returning home to the Space Centre, go and dock with your Lab. Ideally the laboratory will be in orbit around a planet or moon (although they don't have to be!) You can then open the Labs information window and Process the data. The more data you have to process (up to a limit) the more Science Points p
  12. I've just started a Career Mode game after playing Science Mode (without incident) since the Enhanced Edition launched in the hope that the recent patch has helped. I haven't got far yet (first Mun Fly-by), but so far I've only experienced a minor bug. Occasionally, when I recover a vehicle at the end of the mission, it remains at its landing site and has to be recovered from the Tracking Station. One thing I am careful of; I save the game before changing vessels or returning to KSC and always wait for the save to finish before switch views. Whether this makes any difference at all rem
  13. KSC update. The Space Centre has been a hive of activity over the past few days. After Val became the first Kerbal to complete an orbit of our planet, her historic vehicle was quickly adapted into a passenger carrying variant. Val's descent from orbit also proved the ideal time to test the main 'chute under the conditions required by the manufacturer. Four passenger flights have already circled Kerbin, each one landing a little closer to KSC than the last, as we refine the timing of the retroburn. Fig 1. Passenger Rocket on the pad. The money generated has gone back into
  14. For anyone who might be interested, I've included the settings I'm using below.
  15. **STOP PRESS** ++ **STOP PRESS** ++ ** STOP PRESS** ++ **STOP PRESS** Feeling a little unsure of what to do next, the lure of a new Career Mode game became too much to resist! I'm not sure how buggy the post patch Enhanced Edition career mode game is, hopefully any remaining issues will have been addressed before I get to the interplanetary phase, which is where I've heard bugs lurk. Career Mode - PS4 - Settings. So far Jeb and Val have earned 1xp each, flying various sub-orbital science gathering missions. The project has been funded by offering a real life test environment t
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