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  1. many features work but "Land somewhere" dont work in latest version from ckan ( ... smash ship to Mun terrain with ~2500m above sea level at 200+ m/s speed while landing from 100km orbit
  2. šmejdi, pozeram po dlhom čase že pár verzií pribudlo, možno zas trochu do toho kliknem... ... ale tu velký prd a pritom by to mohla byť celkom haluz keby to malo nejaký seriózne podporovaný multiplayer
  3. @kendzior944 you can change isp multipliers in this lines: @k0 *= 2 @k1 *= 2 ......\GameData\M-ISPx2\ISPx2.cfg : lines 8 and 12 for engines, and lines 25 and 29 for rcs
  4. @strudo76 if you want minimum mods, you can try stock + Engine ISP x2 ( also available via Ckan ) if you want more fuel eficiency for easy way to orbit, you can edit isp multiplier in ISPx2.cfg from 2 to higher @k0 *= 2 @k1 *= 2
  5. hm ... stock ksp and modulemanager 3.0.6 ... ISPx2 patchs loaded ok 2nd test with RSS, KW rocketry and some others adons also without errors
  6. now i dont have too much time for aming, in 1.4.1 and 1.4.2 its ok this error is from 1.4.3? I check after update my kerbal ( but i dont know when ... maybe this wek )
  7. i see changes on github rss repository, and i have one question ... is somewhere compiled "develop" version for download and testing? ... for example like mechjeb have ... public dev version sometime help to find and solve some bugs before release
  8. hi, im return to kerbal after some months tested in 1.4.2 - ok ... good to see this wheels updated
  9. Higher untracked time has 2 meanings 1 - asteroids on colision course need this time to hit planet 2 - higher asteroid population ... with my spawnrate and untrackedtime is about 75 (+-) asteroids in system ... ( : bad? : ) i dont change CustomAsteroids_ because i leave this config inside C.A. addon ... as "original - rewrited" config (and i leave this in C.A. original config directory as "original" because when i first time start writing configs outside using MM parching, i fight with many problems and errors, for example MM parch to delete asteroidgroups dont work,
  10. Stock-CustomAsteroids.cfg - my config for stock KSP 1.3.1 ( before use - delete all cfg files in Path-to-your\KSP\GameData\CustomAsteroids\config\ ) in Path-to-your\KSP\GameData\CustomAsteroids\Custom Asteroids Settings.cfg change this: CustomAsteroidSettings { RenameAsteroids = True Spawner = FixedRate ErrorsOnScreen = True MinUntrackedTime = 75 MaxUntrackedTime = 80 VersionNumber = 1.5.0 }
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