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    KSP Making History

    oh no I know that it was before the cut off by months but I was just wondering how those people who transferred to steam will get the expansion
  2. wjb55

    KSP Making History

    How will you get the dlc free if you you moved your ksp to steam? Example I've own ksp since 2012 I think and when it was released on steam I got the free code and use that.
  3. Hey guys I was wondering if there is a way to move the robots or are they just turrets? as I noticed when right clicked they say partial control I would assume that full control would contain movement.
  4. it was just the first example I could think of. also if a turret has 2 barrels/ guns inside does that class as the 2 weapon limit.
  5. Is the use of a 0 traverse tail gun legal?
  6. Ah thank you I will try that tomorrow as I used just the regular hinges you can probably guess how that turned out
  7. Hello, I was wondering if there was a chance for a variable geometry hinge like in the original damned robotics (I think it was that pack) so that aircraft such as the b1 or f14 become more viable