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  1. The one thing I really would like is to be able to undock windows in the game, and move them to another monitor, like could be done in FSX.
  2. But what about all those things we thought about that we couldn't type in a family friendly forum? Things involving hungry fire ants and orifices and the like?
  3. Mods: If the link in the following post is not permissible here, please remove it. I have no vested interest or financial consideration involved, just thinking this might be something that might appeal to writers I got this message today from a company with whom I've done business before. They released a new course called Science Fiction as Philosophy. It has a series of 24 lectures by a university professor touching on, well, philosophical discussions of popular science fiction, including Star Trek, The Matrix, Westworld, Dr. Who and a bunch more. Copying and pasting just a touch: ...throughout the lectures of Sci-Phi, you will ponder many questions that have concerned philosophers for centuries, including: Do humans truly have free will? Could machines one day be conscious? Or be sentient? Could we actually be living in a simulated world? How will humanity confront a future of diminished resources and advancing technology? Are science and religion compatible? When, if ever, is war justified? How do we know what information to trust and what to dismiss? I know not everyone's in a position to be able to fork over cash for stuff like this, but I'm sharing it as possibly it may be of assistance to some aspiring writers.
  4. You may be too young to remember 'Clippy', Microsoft's oh so rarely helpful assistant in Microsoft Office. I'll not waste more of Kuzzter's space here, but just Google Clippy and you'll soon learn how pretty much universally reviled it was.
  5. He used a tool to intimidate, if not injure or kill another creature. Like a monkey grabbing a bone and using it as a club on an animal it's going to eat, or on another monkey, this bridge has now been crossed and can't be uncrossed. Has he now become the monster from which he was trying to save his crewmates? Will they ever be able to look at him, or themselves, the same way again?
  6. My rockets always point up! Maybe I'm doing it wrong? I am going to check this one out though.
  7. Squad, Thank you for finally shutting up and taking my money!
  8. Will we be able to link missions, meaning that a player can't start mission 2 until they succeed at mission 1?
  9. Emiko and crew are near some warm water. Her tacos are missing. Jim lives on the Gulf Coast of Florida... I'm betting it was this guy:
  10. Getting them off the ground the first time isn't the problem. Can you get it back off the ground for a 2nd flight without a lot of re-assembly required?
  11. Jesus isn't a big fan of programming in +. Having his hands mangled makes typing slow, too.
  12. Would love to have seen a mention of the very first private space industry, started by my step-mom's first husband, Nick Piantanida, back in the 60s. There's been a few books and a documentary of it.
  13. Gonna go all grammar cop here... Platypus is a word of Greek origin, not Latin. (from Greek platypous flat-footed, from platys broad, flat + pous foot) The correct pluralization is Platypodes. However, being a fairly novel plural form, it is seldom used; the plurals platypuses, platypus, or, more rarely, platypi are more common. It should be noted that some use the plural form platypi under the impression that platypus is a masculine Latin second declension noun, which it is not. Thus, in English, the word "platypi" is incorrect. In scientific circles, platypoda is sometimes used as well. Another example is Octopus, from the Greek Octo (eight) + pous (foot). But, most dictionaries have caved to pressure from the vast Platypuses conspiracy and list that as the most common usage. Now back to this most excellent adventure... Which, as we are being led to believe, is soon to contain a plurality of platypodes!