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  1. happy birthday (this may be late, I just saw you down at the bottom there and figured you should be wished a happy birthday)

  2. I'm crying, I've been waiting for this for so long. Thank you so much Skykooler!
  3. As a Pol enthusiast, I love Pol. Tall mountains, low gravity, and I love how the terrain looks in the sun
  4. None of you have any right to be disappointed, it's not like they're working on a completed game here. Let Squad update/add whatever they want when they want it.
  5. what, why would you post such a huge picture? and for what?
  6. Very unhappy at the lack of votes calling for the death of Padme Amidala. So very disappointed in you, tMG community.
  7. Where do you all plan on putting space centers? I was thinking I'd land one each on Minmus, Gilly, Dres, and Vall.
  8. willneu97


    Welcome to the forums! We're the nicest community on the internet!
  9. Which made me all the more hopeful for a possible "debug" release today.
  10. If what you say is true, then today must be the day
  11. Do you also have a .craft for the rover? It looks sexy. Really nice looking!
  12. IIRC, that was how it was supposed to be initially. I love that idea