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  1. Some people like to roleplay. However, kis or KAS mods do include explosives to destroy parts remotely. Iirc
  2. Why don't you just fly a plane/ Rover to the end of the runway and then plant a flag? If you put it far enough out, it'll stick just fine.
  3. This. I also use Extraplanetary launchpads to recycle the extra large scrap into new parts.
  4. This is a neat mod, but is there a way to show how much fuel my target has? I only get a cargo of potential goods to launch, but I have to take notes on paper so I don't overfill my target ship. For example, my refueling depot has 100/5000 fuel aboard and 500/750 mono. I have no way of knowing this when I'm figuring out how much of each payload to bring up on future transport missions.
  5. So the short answer is to raise the recycling rate, I'm guessing to above 50%, but can you explain how it works? Do modules not stack at all? Or can 1 module process soil for infinite kerbals?
  6. If you have like 4 kerbals, how many hitchhiker recylers do you need to keep soil levels down? I have 2 hitchhikers with 40% recycling rate, but my soil keeps climbing.
  7. How would you compare this mod to routine mission manager. They seem really similar. I think this one is more flexible.
  8. How do you disable certain types of contracts like parts testing after you don't want them anymore? I could only disable them as part of the game start setup but not afterwards.
  9. How would you exclude a mod from this mod? I'm trying to get Persistent Dynamic Pod Names to work, and it only works if I uninstall blizzy toolbar continued.
  10. Is this only possible in the vab? Or can I use this on my ships already in orbit? I'm having trouble getting the mod to change the names of ships that I want.
  11. Thanks for the tip. Separately, is there a way to show how much scrap a recycle bin will produce? I have to recycle 1 part at a time so I can get a rough estimation of how much scrap each part produces.
  12. Try walking really close to the box. Like almost touching it. The range on kis can be surprisingly short.
  13. Is there a way to fulfill a contract to build a station using this mod? The requirement to use only brand new parts makes the mod really aggravating. I thought I could use the destroy and create mechanics to get around the creation ID but that doesn't work either.
  14. What's the best use for harpoons? I tried reeling in satellites but it whiplashes my mothership. I usually give up, and just use pipes to freeze the ships together.
  15. Does anyone have example pics of old favorites that got adapted to 1.31? I don't see any updates besides the core retexture mod.
  16. Are there any issues using it? Or is it just only a warning?
  17. If I understand this, then this is just the template to make texture replacer work for 1.3. BUT none of the custom suits and textures created for 1.2 and back work until someone ports them forward?
  18. I'm guessing this mod isn't ready yet? I'm not sure if the old texture replacer still works for 1.3
  19. Thanks for the update, even if it's unofficial.
  20. Just adjust the position of the station so that it touches the space plane hanger floor. That will reduce the drop distance when you launch.
  21. Does installing the pork jet parts work? And no, I don't know where to get it. I'll take a look.
  22. Try just installing the parts folder without deleting the original parts. You'll need another cfg file to hide the extra parts.
  23. KAS has connection pipes for docking like that. No winches needed.