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  1. Hey all i have a small question, i played modded ksp around a year ago and i used a mod that had a part that let you train kerbals in orbit or bases, however i lost that install and i forgot the name of the mod, so i wanted to ask what mods do have this kind of parts so i can probably find it again. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hola a todos mis amigos hispanohablantes, hago este tema debido a una duda que me surge siempre que hablo con algún amigo cuando hago misiones a la Mun en KSP. Verán normalmente no le doy mayor importancia y al conversar siempre le digo la "luna" como si se tratara de nuestro satélite, y cuando comienzan a preguntarme mas sobre el juego y la misión termino corrigiéndome dando su nombre correcto, mun, y es ahí cuando mis dudas e ideas comienzan. Mun por obvias razones es un nombre sacado de la palabra moon en ingles que como sabemos significa luna, pero como seria si el nombre del satél
  3. To be honest there must be a lot of unofficial KSP discords around, sure you can do it i see no problem and there will be people interested.
  4. So pretty much i made a rescue mission using Raster's Prop Monitors, Mechjeb and KIS/KAS. https://imgur.com/a/BroJbm5
  5. Thanks for the help yeah i forgot to consider battery even more if the data size is big, and will try to use a big antenna then with a relay in orbit.
  6. So i wanted to try something I've never done in ksp and it is to send a suicide ship to jool's atmosphere, and i need to know if the atmosphere affects antenna transmission and what kinds of antenna is viable to use, or if it would be good to use some kind of relay ship on orbit instead. Thanks for the help. Cheers
  7. Welcome to the forum! If i were you i would select a custom difficulty so you have chances at some things, for example if i played hard, i would at least make money easier to get, like a real life space program that gets a lot of income from the government. That way you can play without getting a game over so soon.
  8. So i created a new runway, but i have no idea how to activate it or punchase it isn't there a tutorial around.
  9. So i made my first ever trip to Eeloo, is easier there than moho Also Made a size 2 plane
  10. Next time you should post in gameplay questions and tutorials. My recommendations: Use Heat Shields that go with the size of your craft If your craft is pretty wide, use the inflatable heat Shield Put reaction wheels and rcs around your craft so you can stay stable when entering the atmosphere. If you have a engine try to use it to stabilize your craft so i doesn't flip around. Good luck
  11. Launched a Relay to the sun, and made a rocket for a Duna Fly By. Anyone knows if there is a planet mod compatible with the surface experiment pack Dmagic's orbital science?
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