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  1. What was the target orbit ? Was it a Significant contract ? from how i read the contract code, the target orbit might be outside the SOI. orbitRadius = @planet.Radius() * 4 * orbitRadiusMultiplier orbitRadiusMultiplier is 3 or 4 by random 3,200,000 = 200,000 * 4 * 4 Mun's SOI is less.
  2. AVC version points to 5.2.1 as the latest, 5.2.1 download says it is 5.2.0.
  3. Recommend this when playing with part packs &/or MKS. I personally like to disassemble the stranded pod after going EVA and then spacewalking over to the rescue vehicle. takes care of the debris issue.
  4. ooh that would be interesting, I like. I assume it would exclude the minor World first achievements (land speed, height, distance records, etc) and be for all crew in that mission. That would make an interesting twist. The number of veterans would still be limited. Keep the veterans safe, you cant be the first to encounter Eve a second time.
  5. @severedsolo Thank you, I love the idea for this mod. I've gone and set the default to 25 missions and 100 hours, I'd go higher if that was an option. do you think you could set a minimum duration for a mission to count ? eg Val could do a dozen missions early in the game testing parts < 1 hour each. I'd love the option to require a mission (or multiple) to another SOI in order to earn the veteran status. Or possibly instead, Veteran status is only achieved after the Kerbal reaches experience level 3-5. I wonder if @RoverDude could implement something like this for giving the MKS Kolonists some progression. hmm private thoughts, Kerbals come in as Kolonists, need to get to XP level 2, then you can choose a specialty for them. once they reach veteran status, they could become one of the three Grand veterans (Pilot Engineer Scientist)
  6. Sorry Mr @RoverDude , can you please clarify something on Ground Construction... the version included in the MKS releases, is that modified at all from the official version release by @allista should we use the Official version from Allista if he updates the official release newer than the MKS release ?
  7. Cheers, I recall I have done this to a save twice before. it worked once i'm sure. I'll install 1.3 this week and give it a go. I'll use a Regex replace....and probably fail
  8. Thank You. Q) Unified mod part IDs, is this for all parts, or some ? I have recently started a new save and have ships with your solar panels out there. Is a save file hack edit to fix reality an option ?
  9. if I wasn't so lazy I'd write my own script to detect new versions, download them and install them thankfully big updates are not too often, so I just start fresh games when big releases come out with fresh gamedata folders
  10. I'm still waiting for a few other mods to update before I jump to 1.3. I cant yet say if there are issues. I've just started a new career, and will be accepting as many rescues as I can manage. I need crew <evil grin>
  11. Love your work I only know English, I cant help with translations, So my hat off to you for contributing Love your work, Keep it up. My collection of mods are almost all updated, not long now <evil grin>
  12. Mr RoverDude, If I get the Constellation from your GitHub Repo (I like FTT, Srv pack & Construction) I should also use the updated USI Tools v0.9.2.0 from the USI GitHub repo
  13. Excellent, I was giving it a week before I download 1.3, but it looks like most of the mods have updated. Say YES to not having to manually do a gravity turn !
  14. PAL magnets increase KIS weight limits, I did not know this, that makes things a lot better, I might have have to send one or two to the mun now. I made a MM patch to add the seats into the modules, I am just careful not to put Kerbels into these seats until they are deployed in their destination. I was sick of losing my spanners