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  1. Hi RIC That's what I did. I did get the version for 1.0.5. At least I think I did. I downloaded it shortly after it was posted up. It was not on the main KER page but it was in a link someone provided in the comments page. And it works perfectly. But once every 20 times I open KSP or so, I get that message. Anyway, I will delete Kerbal Engineer and re-download...
  2. Not to necrobump, but I have noticed this as well just now.
  3. So I want to expand my space station with some stock-like parts. Are any mods particularly requested? I see Nertea has a mod in this line, but it does not appear to be 1.0.5 ready yet. And I would like to know what people recommend, based on their experiences? Thanks!
  4. OK, thanks. There I am building all my space station with hitchhiker modules and cupola modules. My Kerbals will have to feel around in the dark, I guess. I know! Candles. I will pack candles. That should work.
  5. When I switch on lights in my space station, the outside lights up like a christmas tree. But the crew quarters stay dark. What's with that? Do Kerbals have night vision? How do I get the insides of my crew modules to be illuminated? Mods? Or am I missing something?
  6. Aha. That sounds like a possibility. I think I have a reaction wheel on my refinery. I will try disabling it. Tho I still don't why the problem cropped up in mid flight only.
  7. The flopping happens under zero acceleration. In other words, I am floating in interplanetary space. I can't change my orientation at all. All I need to do is hit the WASD buttons and the wiggling starts. SAS makes it worse. Warp gets rid of it fora a while, then it comes back. It did cross my mind yesterday that the problem could be that I have a different centre of gravity now that the big tank is emptier. But pumping the fuel around did not solve the problem.
  8. So here is my first Duna mission, all tooled up and ready to go: A miner-lander and a refinery , connected with an ordinary docking port. I flew the lander up from the Space Centre and docked off minmus, thus constituting a midsize ship that hopefully can fly to Duna and refuel there. In high Kerbin orbit, it handled well. Responded when I want to orient the pointy end, and while there was some pogo type vibrations under acceleration, no major stability issues. 200 days or so later, in midst of the hohmann transfer to Duna, I want to do some midcourse corrections. And I can't turn the spacecraft at all without major wobbles and oscillations. I can see that the docking ports could be a cause of wobbliness, but why now? Why was the craft initially maneuvreable, but not now? Why did did I lose my rigidity? And what can a man do to get his stiffness back?
  9. I always thought it should be Bobulating the discombobulator
  10. oops, how do i delete posts? Sorry, I just wanted to say to Speeding Mullet - thanks, yes, I have RCS Buildaid. it is useful. I don't find caps lock makes much of a difference. for now I will just have to brush up my skills... .
  11. I am pretty sure it is not the magnetic forces. It happens pretty far out from the other craft. It's just that it becomes very noticeable then. I will experiment with smartRCS...
  12. I have a miner/lander shuttling between minmus and an orbital refinery. Docking is fine when it is fully laden, but every once in a while I have to do a dock with the holding tank empty, and then what happens is that the craft yaws/pitches rocks widely during the final moments. Translation (IKJLHN) works fine but attitude adjustment (ADWSQE) produces wild and difficult to control rocking moments. (If I use Lock View at these times I can actually get seasick ) I assume this is because my craft is balanced for full holding tanks. I further assume that the rocking is caused by a bad interaction between the SAS and the RCS controls... But what to do about it? (1) Position the RCS thrusters midway between hold full and hold empty, ensuring it ALWAYS rocks, but not too badly? (2) Make two sets of RCS thrusters, one for each centre of gravity? (3) Is there a fiendishly clever mod that causes the RCS thrusters to slide between different positions to make up for shifting CoM (4) Somehow make up for it with piloting skill? If so, how?
  13. FWIW for a complete noob I played around with a lot of mods for a while, both cosmetic ones (EVE) and part ones (e.g. the Near Future series). In the end I have chosen to select my mods so I have the least performance hit & the least buggy experience. I basically just use my mods to do the math and heklp design rockets. Also, my current game is based around orbital refineries and resource mining. So: PlanetShine - because it moar beautiful Mechjeb - at the moment, just for the automatic node execution and the built-in maneuver node editor KER. Can't d without it Docking Port Alignment Indicator - essential SCANSAT - because I just can't buy into instant resource scanning RCS BuildAid - because docking. I have also just decided to install TriggerAU's Transfer Window Planner. P S And KAC, of course.