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  1. ok, just another question as I have come back to this after a while and really I'm just curious to the reasons. I used to have a ton of mods installed on the mac, all ran fine, and the mod manager said it installed around 450 patches, now running this on windows, with a lot less mods and its around 5,500! is there a significant difference to the work load etc (64bit, win 10) it takes a lot longer to load, still runs well, just the long load time
  2. I mean I use ckan at the moment anyway for most of them, just didn't know why they weren't on the steam workshop for ease, thanks for the answers guys
  3. don't know if its been asked before, but whats the possibility of the above? make loading mods so much easier
  4. ah easy, cheers snark
  5. guys, been a while since i have played and totally don’t know how to do this. i have a manned rocket with payload, what i would like to do is to open doors and launch the payload, put it where i want it then go back to the rocket, (switching between the two if needed) can someone tell me how to do this? thanks a lot
  6. ok, sorry about this, as i have just returned to the game and a bit late to topic, i tried to install this on latest kip and it loads fine but all the rockets are missing parts, like fuel tanks engines etc, is it just not compatible?, shame as this is a very cool mod. thanks for your time and sorry for being late
  7. hey guys, i have both of these mods installed on ver 1.1, they run fine but the when using or even in the vab, they have lines all over them like black shadow lines? maybe i just need to change a setting somewhere? running on mac, 12gb memory thanks OK SORTED SORRY, just started working, just found the bit about the mod manager
  8. thanks meme, works fine now, my mistake i downloaded from front page...ooopps
  9. hope you can help. having probs with this, the game just won’t load with it in, the files load about 1 every 4 seconds on the bottom of the screen. i remove this and it loads fine, is it compatible with b9? running on mac too, cheers for help
  10. thanks for your help :)
  11. guys, i admit my search foo is weak! i did see I’m sure a post ages ago on smooth flying of planes, unfortunately I’m stuck on mouse and keyboard at moment, no joystick or pad, but when i see some planes in videos fly they turn really smooth, i believe its re assigning inputs like aileron etc, can someone show me the posts or tell me how to do it.... cheers a lot
  12. just for info i found the problem, when steam writes to your disc it seems to look for any folder containing the kip files, i moved the ones i wanted to the bin, so they are protected while still keeping them on the comp to test, then updated steam...problem solved, now to reinstall all the mods!
  13. well the weird thing is that i don’t have the steam one installed, i only install the steam version to update, then play it offline away from steam, yea i guess its a steam thing ill post a ticket on there, i think for some reason its looked and seen ksp, in other folders and updated them, not a huge prob as i can reinstall from usb and add the mods again, i just saved a game as well, but was looking to see if there was any info on cross contamination
  14. got ksp on steam ages ago, but i play 2 different games, a stock one and my full modded one. if like before i mess up a game badly installing mods i go to steam and download a fresh copy, no problem. i have 2 folders named completely different to launch each game. now i update 1.o5 on steam to try that out and it overwrites and adds mods that i haven’t even installed (but are on my comp in a kip zip folder) then tells me they are not compatible, still no biggie, till i realise its ovewritten both of my original folders!!! what the ,,,,,,! any help will be appreciated, running on mac and el capitan
  15. Yea I got that too the eve app I use is is very good, with full ships and hundreds of modules, so I'm sure that if a budding android programmer put one together hint hint