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  1. DoctorDavinci's post in v.1.3.1, Random Memory Bleeds, CTD. Solutions? was marked as the answer   
    Looks like you are running the 32 bit executable .... downloading the 64 bit version should fix your issue
    Good luck 
  2. DoctorDavinci's post in Glitchy graphics was marked as the answer   
    I've looked into this a fair bit and the reason this happens is that Unity, even though being a 64bit capable game engine, still has some of it's abilities stuck at 32bit performance ... Basically from what I have dug up it comes down to how large the scene is in memory, if it is above the 32bit threshold for the render pipeline (basically around 4 gigs of textures, models etc...) Unity will start to drop the memory allocation references for textures (basically forgetting where in memory the texture is ... texture is still there)
    This results in Unity reloading the texture since it doesn't have a memory location for it BUT the texture is still there in memory and being displayed on the part ... Unity then reloads the texture and places it on the part, however the part already has a texture so you end up with what looks like what you get when you clip a part into itself (strobe effect flipping between the same texture)
    This issue persists into Unity 2018.1 and has been around since Unity 5
    Here's some reference if you would like to look into this further: https://forum.unity.com/threads/texture-problem-graphical-corruptions-need-help.395985/
    Here's a couple posts on the matter:
  3. DoctorDavinci's post in Bd armory continued gun no damage was marked as the answer   
    We were all noobs at one point, no better place to start than here and no better time than now
    The problem you are experiencing is due to there being no BDAc for KSP v1.4.x
    Please consult our thread for more details
  4. DoctorDavinci's post in NullReferenceException issue in pause menu. was marked as the answer   
    The Null error is most likely coming from one of the mods you have installed ... In order to find out exactly what is happening you will need to upload your KSP.log to a file sharing site and post the link here so that I or someone else who is willing can look in the log and see what is causing the issue (KSP.log can be found in your KSP directory)
    As for saves .... Even if you haven't saved, the game does do the occasional autosave and you will find the last 5 autosaves in the Backup directory ... [your KSP directory]/Saves/[whatever your game was named]/Backup
    Hope this helps
  5. DoctorDavinci's post in Mini Freezes and over 10GB RAM usage was marked as the answer   
    Yet they are causing problems ... Look in your KSP.log with notepad or some other text editor and search for ERR (ctrl F and put ERR into it) and take a look
    You will find Remote Tech causing a couple and contract configurator dropping ERR's throughout the log ... This is part of your problem
    My suggestion is to talk to the CKAN guys as CKAN can be a bit unreliable at times (actually a fair bit of the time, but I digress)
    There is also an issue with KSP v1.3.1 where it will start to slow down considerably after a little while playing when using mods (doesn't happen for everyone but it does happen ... BDAc for instance runs slower in 1.3.1 than in 1.3)
  6. DoctorDavinci's post in BDArmory Crash. was marked as the answer   
    Turn off edge highlighting in settings ... Squad fixed the issue in KSP v1.2.2 as the problem was with KSP's code and not BDA Continued ... this is the github issue link that adresses this bug https://github.com/PapaJoesSoup/BDArmory/issues/76
    Also, do not rely on ckan for BDAc installs as it may not give you the proper version for your KSP version
    As for running BDAc with KSP v1.2.0, any problems you may encounter (and there will be a few) likely have been addressed already ... please refer to the following thread if you require any further information 
  7. DoctorDavinci's post in Help with BDarmory, please was marked as the answer   
    Hi @applenper, welcome to the forums
    First thing to check would be if you're KSP version is compatible with the version of BDArmory you have
    Unfortunately real life got in the way of the original creator continuing his work, however we at the BDAc Development Group have taken up the torch to continue development of this great mod
    I am assuming that you are using the latest version of KSP so I will direct you to the following thread where you will find download links for BDAc and other mods in the Baha family that the BDAc team support
  8. DoctorDavinci's post in BD Armory: BDA Tab Is Not There was marked as the answer   
    KSP Version?
    Baha is no longer supporting BDA and we at the BDAc Development Group have taken on keeping his mod alive ... I refer you to the following thread where you can download the latest version of BDAc for KSP v1.2.x
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