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  1. Problem: in map view, if there are many ships in orbit of a body, it is difficult to see which ship I am flying and which ship I have selected as the target. Suggested solution: display the ship icons in the same colour as their orbit line
  2. I can mine Minmus now. I was confused by the display: 'Unknown' means 0%. Thanks for the help
  3. I've done that. According to that scan, the landing area is rich in ore.
  4. I am on the ground, but right clicking doesn't give me any option. It gives some data: Body, biome, lat/lon and "Ore [surf] Unknown"
  5. In my 1.0.2 career, I am trying to scan the surface of Minmus for ore. When right clicking the Surface Scanning Module, it says: Ore [surf] Unknown I think I need the scans for ore mining.