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  1. @taniwha @pizzaoverhead The mod does load and create the reentry tail effect, but there is a bug where the tail too big. The has been discussed a few times in this thread already (starting on page 6) but here's a comparison just to keep the details current: KSP v1.3.1 with RPE v1.2 KSP v1.4 through v1.6 with RPE v1.3
  2. Before StageRecovery v1.9.0.1 there used to be a setting in StageRecovery/PluginData/Config.txt for this: DeadlyReentryMaxVelocity = 4000 Since v1.9.0.1 this was moved to per-save settings (press escape in game, Settings, click the Difficulty Options button at the top, Stage Recovery) and look for the 'DRE Velocity' slider. In my game I have stock planets sized up to match the real solar system. 4000 to 5000 seems to work well for me.
  3. KSP: 1.5.1 Windows 64 bit Problem: SelfDestruct leaves the bomb part and the bomb's parent part (possibly more) when activated if the bomb is not attached to the root part of the vessel. Mods installed: TAC Self Destruct Reproduction steps: Build a simple craft with a few parts and a destruct module (not attached to the root part), on the launchpad right click and initiate "Self Destruct!" Log: output_log.txt (the log is not from the vessel in the pictures) I've built this vessel on its side so parts aren't destroyed from fall damage (which would confuse the issue). From my testing, it seems to have the most problem with fuel tanks and SRBs. I think it might be hanging on parts with variants?
  4. @Kerbas_ad_astra I noticed when installing Vens together with Missing History the 1.875m battery wasn't showing up. Turns out the All-PathPatches.cfg has some wrong info. I have submitted a PR.
  5. The Kerbin International Space Station is still being built - currently missing the centrifuge expansion and the greenhouse expansion. It's coming along nicely, but my space program ran out of money... Luckily some investors with deep pockets were willing to pay very well for us to put up a new Mun station. We decided to launch the Kubble Space Station in one go. This is the largest launch I've ever attempted in 6.4x scale KSP. No Kebal lives were risked on this launch, the mission was fully automated with kOS.
  6. Excellent, thank you! I see now that @dtobi moved the sparkler from CoolRockets to this mod.
  7. I am on a hunt for this also. I've found posts that pointed people to the mod CoolRockets. Maybe CoolRockets had this at one time, but the current version doesn't. I'll keep hunting and if I find anything I'll post here. Edit: paging @Felbourn. I've seen the burnoff igniters in the Project Alexandria videos (excellent series BTW!) so maybe Bob can shed some light to this question? P.S. Bob it's been a year since Apollo 11...
  8. You have incorrectly installed the mod. But you haven't given us enough information to help you. In general, I suggest: Start with a fresh installation of KSP v1.2.2 downloaded from the KSP store / Steam / GoG Download both and from Uncompress both zip files into your GameData folder edit: I had accidentally posted the old version of EVE, I have fixed the link to point to the newer version maintained by Waz
  9. If you like ETT but want manned available right from the start, I know of no mod that does that natively. My advice would be to edit the GameData\ETT\EngTechTree.cfg file and move the parts you want unlocked at the start in the "id = start" node. It's just a text file and not hard to follow.
  10. Really? There are even more. Google KSP centrifuge and have fun.
  11. You can do that with a module manager patch. Just save the following code as FullScience.cfg in your GameData folder. // full science for each experiment the first time the experiment is performed @EXPERIMENT_DEFINITION[*] { %baseValue = #$scienceCap$ }
  12. I have never before tried this mod, am I missing something? Are there alternate textures available? The ones included in the release are a bit too... plain