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  1. @CobaltWolf Have a weird request. I can't get the Blender .mu import tool to work. I was trying to import the antenna models in order to measure the dishes to get an exact, or at least an approximation of their size in order to build RealAntennas configs. RA just needs to know the dish size in meters and does all the math itself. Do you know or have a listing of how big the dishes are in BDB? I'm updating them as they come up in my current career and right now up to Gemini. I'm trying to find the real world specs but am having no luck for many, especially some of the probe antennas. For example I was looking at all sorts of JPL documentation from the 60's the other day trying to get the exact size of the Ranger antenna and couldn't find it anywhere. I can't do anything but guess on balance for the omni's, but dishes might be able to be added pretty quickly given that we know the size to the parabolic dish on each model.
  2. That is absolutely incredible! Miller would approve EDIT: HOW am I just finding this now... Someone here on the forums make this?? Bravo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suLqHEaN86I&ab_channel=Eraesr
  3. Sounds like the protomolecule to me... Finally a mod to make a Kerbalized Phoebe Station
  4. So if using the commnet subsystem its either all or nothing from the backend code? Well that wasn't very nice of them. I'm guessing other mods like Kerbinside and RealAntennas get around that by effectively replacing the commnet system with their own?
  5. EDIT: Alright, I rechecked the math and found I fatfingered the Z value. Looks to be working fine now. Here are the values I used. I didn't touch the ASL values yet though.
  6. @OhioBob I was hoping you could help me out with relocating the KSC. I can't for the life of me remember how to do that via a ModuleManager patch as its been several years since I've fooled around with that. I was thinking of using @panarchist's Toast for an inclined JNSQ but would also want to reposition to the KSC to northern most point on its current continent to the northwest on a nice coastal position a la the real world Cape at 28.6 north. Just need to reposition the KSC and flatten the area a little bit. at least I hope thats all.
  7. You got it. For anyone else out there having similar issues, you'll need to grab @R-T-B's temporary update to Kronometer. Was having all sorts of weird issues on 1.12.x with mods not working properly until I grabbed that.
  8. I was looking at the Kerbalism/BDB compatibility patch and had a question on the early probe cores. How was the built-in solar panel charging set? Assuming based on real-world parameters? Reason I ask is because when using Kerbalism, turning on the built in science experiment exceeds the available power generated due to the spherical panels thus making the early cores pretty much useless for science gathering. So was thinking about how to balance the generation and consumption values for the early cores. The problem is on the Kerbalism side not BDB, but just figured I'd ask the group here as well.
  9. Was there ever an acceptable resolution for use cases with KK additions and rescaled systems with SigmaDimensions? @Sigma88, is KKtoSD still a thing here for this newly updated version?
  10. Appreciate the info gentlemen. MJ#1092 PVG has been working wonderfully on all BDB thus far except the Titans on my end since it won't even enable PVG guidance sitting on the pad. So definitely something between the dev versions and the lastest versions of the BDB Titans. I also should have mentioned I'm on 1.12.1 not 11.2. Might make a difference or not... Overall though, PVG for ascent guidance on BDB rockets on rescaled systems is the only way to fly!
  11. What version are you running? Are you using the latest stable? I'm on the 1092 dev build, but if this problem is not present on the last stable then I'll roll back to that. https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/TroubleshootingMechJebPVG
  12. Tracking this question from the other day since I was curious about this also. I just tried doing as suggested on a modified cnc_settings.cfg file where I delete all the stock ground station sites, save for two custom entries. I started a new game to test, and indeed when clicking off extra ground stations, only KSC still appears. However, when turning this feature back on everything, including the stock sites (ie Baikerbanur, etc) return. I checked the persistent file and all those entries were added despite not being included in the cnc_settings file. It appears that the game is still inserting the ground station sites as 'extras' along with any defined in cnc_settings file. Is it possible to add a GUI option in the game settings for CNC to override any and all stock groundstations and only use what is defined in cnc_settings?
  13. Can someone do me a favor and confirm something screwy with MechJeb v1092? I'm getting a weird PVG ascent guidance system failure when using the Titan I and Titan II launchers. I reported it on that thread but trying to isolate the problem. Steps to replicate: Create a Titan II At launch pad, confirm Mechjeb ascent guidance parameters and set guidance mode to PVG Engage autopilot The status should flash like it tried to compute something and then return to "Status: Finished" In the logs it appeared to stop at the Titan second stage interstage and engine, so not sure if there is something it doesn't like in the configs?
  14. @linuxgurugamer Since I know you are bored and don't have much to do (), is there any chance you can add a directory tree listing when displaying loaded music when editing playlists? Right now it just scoops up everything into one very big long list, including Chatterer sounds. Would be nice to drill down to a specific folder of music instead of having to find the one song you are looking for thru hundreds of entries. EDIT: By the way, for anyone looking for some additional music to add to their KSP experience, I highly recommend grabbing the Elite Dangerous soundtrack.
  15. Encountered an error while using the PVG Ascent guidance. I am on 1.12.1, using Mechjeb-Dev version 1092 on a 6.4x rescaled system using SigmaDimensions. I built a Mercury-Titan I style rocket using Bluedog Design Bureau and Alpha launch pads. When attempting to launch and using PVG guidance, upon clicking engage autopilot the status flashes stage values but then quickly changes to 'FINISHED' and the craft reverts to manual control. I have to then click disengage autopilot in the ascent guidance panel. Thus far this is the only craft that does this when using PVG. All my other BDB rockets have thus far accepted PVG guidance. Log snippet follows: [EXC 18:02:25.692] ArgumentException: Getting control 3's position in a group with only 3 controls when doing repaint Aborting UnityEngine.GUILayoutGroup.GetNext () (at <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0) UnityEngine.GUILayoutUtility.DoGetRect (UnityEngine.GUIContent content, UnityEngine.GUIStyle style, UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[] options) (at <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0) UnityEngine.GUILayoutUtility.GetRect (UnityEngine.GUIContent content, UnityEngine.GUIStyle style, UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[] options) (at <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0) UnityEngine.GUILayout.DoButton (UnityEngine.GUIContent content, UnityEngine.GUIStyle style, UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[] options) (at <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0) UnityEngine.GUILayout.Button (System.String text, UnityEngine.GUIStyle style, UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[] options) (at <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0) MuMech.MechJebModuleAscentGuidance.WindowGUI (System.Int32 windowID) (at <9bba0c3d2a6d4e50b6f917318502005e>:0) MuMech.DisplayModule.ProfiledWindowGUI (System.Int32 windowID) (at <9bba0c3d2a6d4e50b6f917318502005e>:0) UnityEngine.GUILayout+LayoutedWindow.DoWindow (System.Int32 windowID) (at <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0) UnityEngine.GUI.CallWindowDelegate (UnityEngine.GUI+WindowFunction func, System.Int32 id, System.Int32 instanceID, UnityEngine.GUISkin _skin, System.Int32 forceRect, System.Single width, System.Single height, UnityEngine.GUIStyle style) (at <58f888e0d56a4620958c8e58a768c70d>:0) UnityEngine.DebugLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) ModuleManager.UnityLogHandle.InterceptLogHandler:LogException(Exception, Object) UnityEngine.Debug:CallOverridenDebugHandler(Exception, Object) [LOG 18:02:28.190] [MechJebModuleLogicalStageTracking] adding a new stage: 0 [LOG 18:02:28.190] [MechJebModuleLogicalStageTracking] adding a new stage: 1 [LOG 18:02:28.190] [MechJebModuleLogicalStageTracking] adding a new stage: 2 [LOG 18:02:28.190] [MechJebModuleLogicalStageTracking] adding a new stage: 3 [LOG 18:02:28.190] [MechJebModuleLogicalStageTracking] adding a new stage: 4 [LOG 18:02:28.200] prelaunch killing throttle [LOG 18:02:28.234] [MechJeb] MechJebModuleGuidanceController: setting up flightangle4constraint, rT: 4005000 vT:6009.86155872631 inc:9.5 gamma:0 [LOG 18:02:28.234] sma = 4005000 [LOG 18:02:28.234] deltaV guess = 8262.77606536781 [LOG 18:02:28.319] PVG: arcs in solution after bootstrapping launch: ksp_stage:8 rocket_stage:0 isp:289.82343018055 thrust:289753.457608445 c:4.54234690503055 m0:21699.0644357213 maxt:142.230757757524 maxtbar:0.227310582475283 avail ∆v:3135.84703803283 used ∆v:3135.84695544171 ksp_stage:7 rocket_stage:1 isp:152.777858167887 thrust:51190.5030913714 c:2.39445800076888 m0:5368.43978001729 maxt:14.0485959746676 maxtbar:0.0224522078368291 avail ∆v:140.331254919986 used ∆v:140.331252592186 ksp_stage:-1 rocket_stage:-1 isp:0 thrust:0 c:0 m0:-1 maxt:0 maxtbar:0 avail ∆v:0 used ∆v:0 ksp_stage:5 rocket_stage:2 isp:306.095356278465 thrust:54013.9011940311 c:4.79737367461818 m0:4575.93979028046 maxt:194.509087382534 maxtbar:0.310860847869741 avail ∆v:4345.41474129855 used ∆v:2662.5459548649 [LOG 18:02:28.346] [BetterBurnTime] Current celestial body set to Kerbin [LOG 18:02:28.346] [BetterBurnTime] Geosync altitude: 22839.748 km [LOG 18:02:29.000] [MechJeb] MechJebModuleGuidanceController: setting up flightangle4constraint, rT: 4005000 vT:6009.86155872631 inc:9.5 gamma:0 [LOG 18:02:29.000] sma = 4005000 [LOG 18:02:29.000] deltaV guess = 8262.77606536781 [LOG 18:02:36.778] [Kopernicus] No new objects this time. (Probability is 50%) [LOG 18:02:45.870] [MechJebModuleLogicalStageTracking] adding a new stage: 0 [LOG 18:02:45.870] [MechJebModuleLogicalStageTracking] adding a new stage: 1 [LOG 18:02:45.870] [MechJebModuleLogicalStageTracking] adding a new stage: 2 [LOG 18:02:45.870] [MechJebModuleLogicalStageTracking] adding a new stage: 3 [LOG 18:02:45.870] [MechJebModuleLogicalStageTracking] adding a new stage: 4 [LOG 18:02:45.903] prelaunch killing throttle [LOG 18:02:45.974] [MechJeb] MechJebModuleGuidanceController: setting up flightangle4constraint, rT: 4005000 vT:6009.86155872631 inc:9.5 gamma:0 [LOG 18:02:45.974] sma = 4005000 [LOG 18:02:45.974] deltaV guess = 8262.77606536781 [LOG 18:02:46.057] PVG: arcs in solution after bootstrapping launch: ksp_stage:8 rocket_stage:0 isp:289.823378324509 thrust:289753.405764924 c:4.5423460920218 m0:21699.0644357213 maxt:142.230757757524 maxtbar:0.227310582461322 avail ∆v:3135.84647695807 used ∆v:3135.84639436696 ksp_stage:7 rocket_stage:1 isp:152.777837514877 thrust:51190.4961712721 c:2.39445767693116 m0:5368.43978001729 maxt:14.0485959746676 maxtbar:0.0224522078354501 avail ∆v:140.331235949549 used ∆v:140.331233621749 ksp_stage:-1 rocket_stage:-1 isp:0 thrust:0 c:0 m0:-1 maxt:0 maxtbar:0 avail ∆v:0 used ∆v:0 ksp_stage:5 rocket_stage:2 isp:306.095352900686 thrust:54013.9005979846 c:4.79737362138424 m0:4575.93979028046 maxt:194.509087382534 maxtbar:0.310860847850647 avail ∆v:4345.41469334666 used ∆v:2662.44726883237 [LOG 18:02:46.374] [MechJeb] MechJebModuleGuidanceController: setting up flightangle4constraint, rT: 4005000 vT:6009.86155872631 inc:9.5 gamma:0 [LOG 18:02:46.374] sma = 4005000 [LOG 18:02:46.374] deltaV guess = 8262.77606536781
  16. Alright, sorry for wasting your time then. Standard troubleshooting led to me to these two as possible causes, so I'll just chalk that up as 'false positives'. I'll let you know if I have any other problems.
  17. Ok, maybe something else going on with my installation then. Went to breakfast and just got back and still sitting just fine at the VAB, no Unity crash. Everything was installed via latest version of CKAN, including overriding the version check on both QuickStart and QuickExit. I'm going to start rolling some mods back in and see if I can force another Unity crash. I frankly can't believe its either QS or QE either but here I am... EDIT: Here is my current mod listed, all installed via CKAN save for SigmaDimensions which was pulled directly from GitHub EDIT2: Alright, just rolled QuickExit back in with my full mod list and couldn't replicate the Unity crash again. Only difference I was that I started a new sandbox test session. Very odd.
  18. @linuxgurugamer Can you do me a favor and confirm a Unity crash with QuickStart and QuickExit on 1.12.1? I was hoping to keep using these older mods for QoL purposes. You are going to call me crazy but I've spent better part of the past three days tracking down which mod is causing an unspecified Unity crash, and these were the last two I removed to see if it was the cause. The crash is occurring in the VAB at random, whether clicking and moving parts/windows or just sitting there. I removed those two mods and have been sitting in the VAB randomly clicking away trying to force another Unity crash for the past hour and thus far all seems stable. So only variable I can find right now is QuickStart and QuickExit. Last Unity crash logs located at the following link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eiI1xjqE_xjxgjgVHN3nVynpIBMDxwSF/view?usp=sharing
  19. Totally understand. I've been trying to find a good balance in presets with KCT over the years when using a rescaled system (typically 6.4x) between the 'slower' preset and RP-1 without getting too draconian on myself. One of the key changes I make to RP-1's build formula is to allow for multiple production lines as a function of VAB and R&D upgrade levels to get to somewhat where you are going with the production stages. I think the multiple production stages is an interesting way to do things instead of clicking build and starting a single timer, so very much looking forward to hearing about that as you flesh out your ideas. With ScrapYard integration, be great if I could design and 'order' a production run block of x number of satellites after just designing the satellite itself in the VAB, then integrate them onto a launch vehicle at a later time. Sounds kinda like where you are headed or am I way off?
  20. Sounds good. As you stated, KCTR won't be as configurable as the original, so do you have any ideas on how you are going to do the math behind the GUI then? How flexible will the non-configurable math be to the end user? Do you intend for a set of fixed formulas for this version? Sorry for the numerous questions, KCT is a mandatory mod that I can't play without so your rewrite and roadmap has very much piqued my interest.
  21. @magico13 How certain are you to remove this feature? I have a couple of concerns. I do rather like the feature of having to create multiple pads at main KSC, and in some instances such as using the RP-1 preset file its mandatory as the ability to upgrade a pad after initial construction is locked out. Additionally, if going back to a single pad won't this create a logjam of craft waiting for pad availability when using lengthy reconditioning times and/or rollout times? Current way to mitigate that is to have multiple pads of varying sizes. If possible based on the code you are planning to rewrite, I would recommend leaving this ability as an option to the player. Not sure if this would break anything with the launch sites improvements you are planning on implementing or not.
  22. One other mod I always use with KCT is Project Manager by Beale. It would be awesome to either integrate his mod or add a similar feature for KCT to allow for correct naming sequences of ships, especially when using multiple production lines.
  23. As far as I know yes, the parameters on the github link I posted above should be the difference concerning time. Basically 12 hour day and a 365 day year. Of course the planets are scaled up about 2.5x but I doubt that would effect time calcualation. Below is the copy-paste from my JNSQ_bodies.ini file if it helps you at all.
  24. @Arrowstar Would it be possible to add a custom time feature? It appears that the time options are Earth (24/365) or stock Kerbin (6/426). If using a mod such as JNSQ which changes the orbits it skews the time calculations making it difficult to easily read the plots without doing a separate calculation. If not possible for a complete custom entry for base Kerbin time to allow for variations using Sigma Dimensions and Kronometer, can we at least get a preset for JNSQ which resets Kerbin to a 11.967 sidereal day (12 hour day) and a 365 day year? I always love using this app and this would be a significant quality of life improvement for heavily modded games. Thanks for your consideration! EDIT: Added link to JNSQ Kerbin's info page here: https://github.com/Galileo88/JNSQ/wiki/Kerbin
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