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  1. I've updated my dll version to 1.4 for those who prefer my reduced lag alternative[x] Science!.dll?dl=0
  2. yeah that's what should happen, though if you've already gone ingame and generated the filtered science list, then back out to vab it doesn't refresh I think, so it might still not show until you save and load the game to force a refresh, which in returns sees that there is no defined planet and vessel, so it skips my filtering and generates all of the science stuff.
  3. No I haven't. It's only a small workaround to help with the stuttering until @Z-Key Aerospace figures out how to actually fix it (if he wants to) without breaking functionality.
  4. Try memgraph, it helps me a lot with that.
  5. There is only one lol [x] Science!.dll
  6. You just have to overwrite the original dll with mine to make it work. Though if you read what I changed, I've disabled some stuff in the main science list to not include everything at once to reduce stutter, so if that's what you use it for, my dll won't be of much use to you. I've designed it mainly for use with the here and now window, as that's what I use this mod for. But you can atleast try and see if it does help with the stuttering
  7. You can try out the dll i compiled to help with stuttering. It's a few pages back. I made some slight changes to the mod, so make sure to read that.
  8. All he needs to do is just make it only scan the current biome whenever you only have the "here and now" window open. What's the point of being able to see what science is available on 5 other planets if you're just interested in your current position? Doing that will reduce the cpu time required and remove 99% of the stutter. It should only scan everything when you're looking at the big list, which you can just close whenever you don't need it. And his solution of "getting a faster box" doesn't really work out when you already have a top tier cpu or close to, and still have issues.
  9. Here is the 1.3.1 reduced lag dll. I haven't upgraded to ksp 1.3.1 myself yet, but it should work. If not let me know.[x] Science!.dll?dl=0
  10. I added a couple lines in ScienceContext.cs line 385, 386 and 390 It should do that already as long as you haven't loaded a flight yet, as it loads everything the first time while in the space station.
  11. I changed it to only load science on the current planet, which means it has to generate much less objects. You lose the ability to see all possible science in the full list from the main x science window.
  12. I've sent it to you in a pm. If anyone else is interested just pm me!