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  1. For even more info, try these links: http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets/Specials/U.S._Rocket_engines/engines.htm http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets/Specials/Russian_Rocket_engines/engines.htm http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets/Specials/European_Rocket_engines/engines.htm http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets/Specials/Asian_Rocket_engines/engines.htm Fills in the missing information about the engines from the first post. For the general website with other rocket info: http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets/
  2. the rd 191 engine's turbo pump system is different from the rd 180's. i have noticed you based the design on the rd 180's turbo pumps instead of the true rd 191 engine turbo pumps. look at images of rd 191 engines for reference. the rest looks great though. its just bothering me that the rest of the mod is so accurate except for the rd 191. note turbo pump configuration. they are similar but still different.
  3. PLZ release the new zenit parts! they look awesome.
  4. Your texturing is amazing. I am really looking forward to this mod. I love your work.
  5. I know most people cant see them move but it just bothers me when I'm looking at your engines up close at launch.
  6. Best documentaries you have seen online about space and rockets. This is my topic for posting the Best documentaries you have seen online about space and rockets. If you like Russian rocket engines and the n1 program, you should watch this:
  7. Hey you do realize that the green things are hydraulics and that the whole engine and turbo pumps gimbals with the nozzle and only the thrust structure stays still. I know most people don't care but this real bug me from a realism point of view. I'm not saying you have to remodel the engines as they look great but just make it so the whole engine assembly gimbals instead of just the nozzle. Note how the whole engine gimbals instead of just the nozzle.
  8. Hey mine on its own doesn't work withkw rocketry 2.7. but it works with real plume. is there any fix
  9. I found out which bug is causing the glitch is there a fix for Texture borders in space
  10. I got it working but there is this weird square around earth that looks like the atmo hey i have also the git hub version and it dosn't change if i have scatter or not. yes i don't use scatter it still works
  11. my planet goes pich black i cant even see the ksc
  12. Dose anyone have a modification for procedural parts