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  1. Some unusual dreams I've had, a blank line between them means they're different dreams, >get lots of plarce or whatever it's called on my teeth so I use my bare hands to rip a tooth out so I can see it >be outside doing s--- >factorio-style robot flies towards me and tries to shoot me >find that there's some cult offering safety from those >go to it for some reason >cult has a process where they hang "possessed" people >proceed to realise it's a dream and wake up >dream that my house is f---ing massive >a friend who I have never met in real life and one other guy I know on discord live in it >there are 2 more cats than in real life >mfw thing which is an egg but with the bottom having a chocolate layer covering some m&ms at the bottom >mfw the egg is f---ing massive, think of an egg the size of a tissue box, that's roughly how big it was There were also 2 dreams I've had which while unusual enough to qualify for this thread, they were NSFW, so I won't post them here.
  2. "I worked all evening on my dab!" - the main character from Doki Doki Do you Lift Club, a parodic mod for Doki Doki Literature Club
  3. (I am that user in the screenshot, also, I am not 12.1 years old)
  4. MFW I have to massively lower the quality of my picture of a glorious pineapple pizza I ate in February to fit it as an avatar.

    1. NSEP


      Nice! I love pineapples on Pizza!

    2. ZentroCatson


      Nice avatar! Pineapple pizza FTW!

    3. WinkAllKerb''


      what's the point with tiyuri and molly ?

  5. I've had it for quite a while (like a year or 2), but for almost all of that time, it hasn't worked on my PC due to my GPU being quite terrible, though I have played it a bit now that I have a better GPU.
  6. Agreed. Same, I bought KSP in July 2013. All in all, this DLC idea is an absolutely horrible idea, as a free update or a free DLC, it would be great, as a paid DLC, it's a terrible idea. Even if SQUAD does release the DLC as a paid DLC, which I'm hoping will not happen, using the Paradox free updates when a DLC is released model would be great (but still not as good as releasing the DLC as a free update.)
  7. In full seriousness, great work on the story! And, @daniel l., great work on the cover!
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