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  1. Some unusual dreams I've had, a blank line between them means they're different dreams, >get lots of plarce or whatever it's called on my teeth so I use my bare hands to rip a tooth out so I can see it >be outside doing s--- >factorio-style robot flies towards me and tries to shoot me >find that there's some cult offering safety from those >go to it for some reason >cult has a process where they hang "possessed" people >proceed to realise it's a dream and wake up >dream that my house is f---ing massive >a friend who I have never met in real life and one other guy I know on discord live in it >there are 2 more cats than in real life >mfw thing which is an egg but with the bottom having a chocolate layer covering some m&ms at the bottom >mfw the egg is f---ing massive, think of an egg the size of a tissue box, that's roughly how big it was There were also 2 dreams I've had which while unusual enough to qualify for this thread, they were NSFW, so I won't post them here.
  2. "I worked all evening on my dab!" - the main character from Doki Doki Do you Lift Club, a parodic mod for Doki Doki Literature Club
  3. (I am that user in the screenshot, also, I am not 12.1 years old)
  4. MFW I have to massively lower the quality of my picture of a glorious pineapple pizza I ate in February to fit it as an avatar.

    1. NSEP


      Nice! I love pineapples on Pizza!

    2. ZentroCatson


      Nice avatar! Pineapple pizza FTW!

    3. WinkAllKerb''


      what's the point with tiyuri and molly ?

  5. I've had it for quite a while (like a year or 2), but for almost all of that time, it hasn't worked on my PC due to my GPU being quite terrible, though I have played it a bit now that I have a better GPU.
  6. Agreed. Same, I bought KSP in July 2013. All in all, this DLC idea is an absolutely horrible idea, as a free update or a free DLC, it would be great, as a paid DLC, it's a terrible idea. Even if SQUAD does release the DLC as a paid DLC, which I'm hoping will not happen, using the Paradox free updates when a DLC is released model would be great (but still not as good as releasing the DLC as a free update.)
  7. In full seriousness, great work on the story! And, @daniel l., great work on the cover!
  8. I am fluent in English. Ich sprechen ein klein teil von Deutsche (I speak a small part of German). I know a tiny bit of Russian, but less than the amount of German I know.
  9. I chose my avatar (Alucard from Hellsing Ultimate) because Hellsing Ultimate is a great anime, and it's a great sauce of avatars.
  10. In HoI4, that game, there is a command that allows you to start a civil war of any ideology in any country, I was using it, and I accidentally used it on myself.
  11. At http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/76926-11-bdarmory-v01101-compatibility-fixes-apr-23/&page=302#comment-2602830 it was said that you are maintaining BDArmoury, however, the thread URL in that post says " Sorry, we can't show this content because you do not have permission to see it." , I've been to that thread (BDArmoury Continued) before, but I can't access it now, do you know what happened to it?


  12. The Tor Browser routes your internet traffic through 3 nodes, the traffic is encrypted the entire way from your device to the exit node, where it is decrypted and sent to the target website, in other words it can be used to bypass website blocks, it is also completely free and open source. https://www.torproject.org/
  13. You walk around, avoid the rocks, pick up green things by walking through them, find a portal, there are a bunch of green/red dots on it, if there are any red dots, DO NOT go through the portal, you win the game when you go through a fully green portal, you make the portal moar green by picking up the green things.
  14. Ja! Ich spreche Deutsche! Aber... Seine nicht gut Deutsche...

    Translation: "Yes! I speak German! But... It's not good German..."

    For large sentences I have to use Google Translate, which is where I learnt the German I know.

    (For those who don't know, this is related to TRS's location)

    1. The Raging Sandwich

      The Raging Sandwich

      Cool! I'm taking a German class at school, so I don't know too much either.

    2. NSEP


      I know a little German because it is simulair to Dutch, my native language. I still poop at it in school.

  15. The Humans would immediately nuke the Kerbals, then they would send troops to the colonies.
  16. This scenario assumes that Humans somehow invaded Kerbin, and having the Kerbals militarize due to the Human invasion, Humans would have modern technology, Kerbals would have the entire stock tech tree technology. (Why? I don't know) This is also using the theory mentioned on the KSP Discord, where Kerbals, instead of bones, they have a large amount of liquid bladders inside them, which explains how resistant Kerbals are to falls in-game, I can't remember who made it, I will edit this if I find out. As this scenario is set at a time when the stock tech tree is completed, Kerbals have the advantage of various bases in space. This scenario does not have instant construction, as that would mean Kerbals could just fire a rocket a minute at the humans. This scenario would have KerbinSide. This would be Career mode, so there would be funding, in this case it's reasonable to guess that Kerbals would have massive amounts of funding, as Kerbalkind would probably not like being invaded by Humanity. For Kerbal militarization, they could design basic (but powerful) weaponry with stock KSP technology, such as, firing entire SRBs as rockets, and dropping fuel tanks out of planes as bombers, from the start they would have highly powerful anti-tank weaponry, in the form of modified SRBs designed to fit in a shoulder-mounted tube. Humans have the advantage of being militarized throughout their entire history, therefore having advanced weapons, nuclear, chemical, etc. Now, onto the scenario. At first Humanity would have the advantage, having more advanced military technology, they would rapidly occupy land, after a while, Kerbals would start building rockets just to launch at the Human military bases, and then they would start launching planes to drop fuel tanks onto the Human forces. After a while, presumably from reverse-engineering Human technology, Kerbals would develop Human-like guns and cannons, Kerbals, having the ability to build massive stuff, would likely make massive artillery cannons, using those instead of rockets to fire at the Humans would be quicker, due to only needing to make chunks of metal filled with explodey stuff. Both sides would likely do bombing raids against the opponent, the Humans would have interception and AA technology from the start, Kerbals would develop those eventually. Kerbals could modify NERVs to work as basic Nuclear bombs, although, due to the smaller size of Kerbin, nukes could cause serious(er than on Earth) issues, so they probably wouldn't be used much, if at all. Kerbals would use space stations to bombard the Human-occupied surface with Kinetic WMDs. There would likely be a stalemate between the 2 sides, with the Humans losing large amounts of resources and troops, with Kerbals not being able to produce enough weapons to repel the Humans completely. At the end, either there would likely be a ceasefire, and agreements to end the war, or eventually the Humans would run out of soldiers, resulting in a Kerbal victory.
  17. This is great! It's surprisingly hard, and I made a YouTube video: (Also, the Pineapple doesn't exactly guide you)
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