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  1. While that is the reason people with an existing dispute would go to arbitration, that generally isn't why companies put, (often legally void), arbitration clauses in contracts. The reason many companies do it is to either force, (if the clause is enforceable), or trick, (if it isn't), people with a dispute into bringing it before an arbiter of the _company's_ choosing. You might be surprised¹ but there is a history of companies choosing arbiters who happen to be predisposed to rule against the consumer. 1: If you are the kind of person surprised at traffic lights changing.
  2. You still might want to, so that you have a pair of markers for alignment.
  3. You are right to hate that, because it's wrong. 1/0 isn't infinite, it's undefined. Outside of some very special cases, zero is non-negative but not positive.
  4. An extension of that would be, instead of a next, having two selections to distinguish between having the bug go away or not. So, if you selected "issue still present" CKAN would note that the removed mods aren't the problem and move on to the ones not removed while selecting "issue gone" would mark the unremoved modes as fine and put half of the removed ones back.
  5. Or you could just assume that ore doesn't convert to monoprop at 100% efficiency and the system is dumping the rest.
  6. A number greater than 2+5i. (N.B. I did not say "greater magnitude".)
  7. It sounds like what you need to do is install, and learn, kOS. What you want is more than staging, but rather full up control scripting.
  8. Nope, it was in a fully lit chem lab, (although we did shade the opening when looking).
  9. I've actually done an intro spec lab where a diffuse reflector was put in place of the cuvette and we had to describe the colour produced. The prof had a 'what do you mean...' reaction to both me and my lab partner regarding the limits of where we could see red: "What do you mean you can still see something?" to me, (followed by him fooling with the intensity to confirm that I actually could), and a "what do you mean you can't see anything?" to my partner.
  10. I was talking about why that temperature was specific: It's about when the light emitted starts including the visible band, not when there are enough photons to see.
  11. The temperature is specific because that's when a blackbody begins to radiate in wavelengths considered "red" rather than "infra-red". The exact dividing point between the two bands is a bit arbitrary because the longest wavelength that can be seen varies between people, (some can see a little bit into the infra-red, some can't see a little bit of the red part of the visible spectrum).
  12. With the Atlas stage-and-a-half there aren't any outer tanks, it just dropped the extra engines. For an in-game use case: Wanting to use the engines on attached craft that will need full fuel later on, (e.g. a set of probes that will be sent off to various places).
  13. An Atlas-A style 'stage-and-a-half' design that drops extra engines used to boost T/W early in flight?
  14. To begin with answering your basic question: File>Select KSP Install>Add New This sounds like there is either a usage lock, (Windows¹ has a habit of getting stuck thinking that a file is still in use), or a file ownership issue, (the 'need to be creator' thing implies the latter). See if you can find out which user owns the files and delete using that user account or try to force deletes with an administrator account. One thing to try is to move/rename the directory so that Steam thinks it is gone. 1: I'm assuming you are using Windows because that sort of thing can't stop a "sudo rm -rf Kerbal\ Space\ Program", if you have sudoer privileges.
  15. You missed the point I was making: The craft would leave the SOI first, even though the SOI in question extends to infinity.