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  1. Hanz Zimmer, Phillip Glass and Max Richter. Very relaxing and zen.
  2. Scatterer, Enviromental Visual Enhancements WIP (Terrain Removed, Atmosphere Disabled), Engine Lighting, Collision FX, GEM FX, and Planet Shine. These are the VFX addons I have installed they look beautiful and have dreamy performance. Word Of Advice: GEM FX was incedibly hard to find for me so to save you the trouble heres the link http://www.twcenter.net/forums/showthread.php?672483-A-R2-TW-GEMFX-Version-1-0-9
  3. I will be installing 5dim Helium-3 Space Mining, Active Texture Management Basic, Addon Version Checker, AIES Aerospace, Asteroid Day, Atmospheric Trajectories, Atomic Age, Bahumoto Dynamics Part Pack, Box Sattelite, CactEye 2 Orbital Telescope, Coherent Contracts, Collision FX, Community Resource Pack, Community Tech Tree, Contact Pack Kerbin Space Station, Contract Configurator, Contract Pack Advanced Progression Contracts, Contract Pack Anomaly Surveyor, Contract Pack Field Research, Contract Pack Kerbal Aircraft Builders, Contract Pack Rover Contacts, Contract Pack SCANSat, Deployable Airbag From USI Survivability Pack, DMagic Orbital Science, Engine Lighting, Enviromental Visual Enhancements WIP (Terrain Removed, Atmosphere Disabled), Exception Detector, Ferram Aerospace Research, Firespitter, Hangar Extender, Hyper Edit, Inline Ballutes, Interstellar Fuel Switch, Karbonite, Karbonite Plus, Kerbal Aircraft Expansion, Kerbal Attachment System, Kerbal Crew Manifest, Kerbal Inventory System, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, Kerbal Serious Business, Kerbal Stock Part Expansion, KerBalloons, Kethane, Kinetic Penetrator, KOSMOS SSPP Pack, KOSMOS SSPP Unnoficial Community Fixes For 1.0.4, KOSMOS URM Pack, KOSMOS URM Unnoficial Community Fixes For 1.0.4, KSP API Extentions, KSP Interstellar Extended, Kurrikane Science Probes, KW Rocketry, KW Rocketry Unnoficial Community Fixes For 1.0.4, Lack Luster Labs Lack Luster Labs Pack, Lack Luster Labs Stock Extension Pack, LazTek SpaceX Colonial Transporter, LazTek SpaceX Exploration Expansion, LazTek SpaceX Historic Archive, LazTek SpaceX Launch Pack, Mech Jeb, Mech Jeb Ferram Aerospace Reseach Compatability Module, Modular Flight Integrator, Module Manager, Near Future Construction, Near Future Electrical, Near Future Propulsion, Near Future Solar, Near Future Spacecraft, Nehemiahs Kemini Research Program Unnoficial Release For 1.0.4, Nehemiahs Kerbal Enviromental Effects Study Unnoficial Release For 1.0.4, Nehemiahs Kerbal Life Science Unnoficial Release For 1.0.4, Nehemiahs Orbital Material Science Unnoficial Release For 1.0.4, Nova Punch, Open Resource System, Orbital Decay, Persistent Thrust, Planet Shine, Portable Science Container, Procedural Dynamics Procedural Wing, Procedural Fairings, Procedural Fairings For Everything, Procedural Parts, Procedural Probes, Quick Search, Real Chutes, SCANSat, Scatterer, Science Alert, Solaris Hypernautics, Sounding Rockets, SpaceY Extended, SpaceY Heavy Lifter Parts, Stage Recovery, Station Science, Stock Bug Fix Modules, Stockalike Station Parts Expansion, Tarsier Space Technology, Toolbar, Tweak Scale, Universal Storage, And Any Dependencies I Don't Want But Have To Have simultaneously on KSP 1.1. That is 101 mods not including unwanted dependencies such as crossfeed enabler. I am confident that most if not all of these mods will work side by side as I have tried it before on x64. I am not sure about Real Chutes though. I CANT WAIT TILL 1.1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Oh I did not think of that... welp we would be doomed... XD
  5. I want to make a video of this putting the word "Uh" on the screen everytime he says it XD!
  6. Because our technolological knowhow is increasing exponentially.
  7. What time would this signal reach us. Here is my thinking. If we get a signal stating war with interstallar beings today we are doomed. If we get a signal stating war in lets say 2100 then we would either hide or try to fend them off. If we got a signal stating war in 2200 we would probably destroy them. If it was a signal of good tidings then our species would probably share information as they may or may not be an interstallar species.
  8. I got to thinking the other day and thought "Hey if the theory on alternate universes is true then wouldn't Kerbals be real in one of them?". I would like to hear what you think.
  9. You guys would probably like this website http://www.futuretimeline.net/ EDIT: I mean what would you do once or technological knowledge transcends biological comprehension?
  10. People actually believe this stuff!!?!!!??? Gotta get outta here before I have an anuerism.
  11. http://www.futuretimeline.net/the-far-future.htm#mars-terraformed
  12. I think interstellar beings would have probably far transcended biological comprehension replacing themselves with superintelligent robots. They would probably visit our planet as tourists or for entertainment purposes. These interstellar beings might also be composed of a radically different biochemistry. For example they may be silicon based instead of carbon based. They may use different solvents as a substitute for water or air. They might not be biological at all and be a plasma dust cloud that has formed complex structures resembling biological compounds. Any way I think of it they wouldn't want anything from our planet physically.