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  1. Very nice. Always loved the Lancaster. Hey, you should try and make a working 'Bouncing Bomb' for it!
  2. Been loving your dropship design style for a while now, but this one really takes the biscuit! (Or the cupcake... ) A very cool vessel all around, and an amazing job at getting an ISRU mining & refining ship so compact!
  3. Very cool! Have some rep as it seems you don't have any already. PS: You know you can insert the images manually into your forum post, so the images actually show up in the post rather than a URL link. When you're creating a post, there's a button on the right of the toolbar above the text box that looks like a photoframe of a tree - click it and paste the Imgur "Direct Link" URL in the provided box, and voila! The image itself will appear on the post. Hope this helps!
  4. Holy cow... That is a LOT of parts. :0.0: (Very cool though!)
  5. Damn, that is very 20th Century Sci-Fi design there. Still, amazing you got an SSTO without jet engines of any kind! And only 40 parts!? Incredible!
  6. Whoa. I've seen all manner of vehicles and crazy contraptions on this forum, but never a replica steam locomotive. Very, very cool!
  7. Very cool! Love the video demonstration - the dive bomber is pretty neat too, any chance of you putting that up here on the Spacecraft Exchange? EDIT: Oops, didn't realise you already had it up. Awesome stuff!
  8. Naming things "Mosquito" always makes me happy, because of the WWII DeHavilland Mosquito - possibly my favourite WWII plane.
  9. Absolutely incredible. I love the way you can turn regular KSP parts into naval guns, torpedoes, control panels, bunks... Wow! I really wish I could do interiors this detailed, but my computer won't handle much more than 200 parts. I'll stick with small-scale stuff, but this build is truly something else.