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  1. OMG... I would be afraid of the cockpit being swallowed by the engine!
  2. I've had this one somewhere between 155 and 160 m/sec, going NE after starting in the ocean at the end of the runway: Went to that far away island: Made some distance, didn't I!
  3. The fuel tanks will surface mount to each other. The Docking Port Sr. holds the fuel tank to the passenger sections. Then yes, struts for strength and stability that the docking ports don't give. This thing is a real pain to build, and I have poor balancing which affects my docking when I move tanks rockets around. My fourth lainch, I gave the tanks the ability to remote control. I think I'll strap them together, only keep a few with most the fuels transferred, and crash the rest in the Mun. I am this far, with four launches:
  4. Have my first two sections of a larger Mun base:
  5. Clock speed isn't everything. The number of clock cycles a machine language command uses is far more important. When I was doing assembly language programming years back, this is why a 25 mhz Motorola 68040 would easily outperform a 90 mhz Intel Pentium. Then there is cache and other factors. I don't know what to say. My 1.1 was blowing up ships on the launch pad, so i copied my save files, removed the whole thing that has mods and patches, and downloaded 1.1 fresh. I haven't checked to see is my heavy refueler blows up since, but i just did that about 12 hrs ago. Haven't played it since, except to see how fast my huge mining lander would launch with 1971 parts. It did pretty good. The slowdown was only around 6:1 instead of 20:1 or so before.
  6. I guess it depends on who you go by. According to Passmark, the i7-4790K is still the king of the hill when it comes to single thread speeds. However, I was wrong in that your 6700K is one of the seven processors listed that has a faster single core speed than mine 3.6 ghz i7-4790. https://www.cpubenchmark.net/singleThread.html
  7. I have the i7-4790 which is faster for single thread than your 6700, 32 GB of 1600 mhz memory, and cloned my HD to a Samsung 850 EVO SSD last week. Nice and snappy! It's nice to have the better speeds 1.1 allows, isn't it!
  8. It seems the struts aren't as strong in V1.1. My heavy fuel tanker kept failing on liftoff, which I have used through the last two versions. It was OK after I added more struts. I still had a small amount of lag with my Heavy refueler, with almost 900 parts. It is pleasantly nicer not to have severe lag! CPU and memory gets used better too.
  9. Well, I decided to launch another monster. This is the same Mun Lander I used for the Mun Rocked Challenge, but I fixed my solar panel alignments. Same 1,395 parts after the non-permanent rockets are shed. I plan to send it to an out planet mun. Haven't decided which though. Ideas anyone?
  10. Well, I built a really fast rover-boat:
  11. I balanced the design by effectively mirroring the front and rear. I then went the normal direction of the runway. Had a really nice distance, but in all fairness, I don't think angled thrust that negates gravity or lifts the vehicle should be allowed. My entry should be disqualified. Anyway, since it floats in the water, I did infinite fuel, and jetted on out to the island, and up the shore I went!
  12. OK, here is my submission. I tried again filling the 2nd tank full instead of 30% to 40%, but it crashed every time on the runway. Too much weight of too far off balance. I originally put the second tank, empty cargo bay, and size 1 structural just for balancing my weight over the small fuel tank.
  13. I would use a pilot so you can plant a flag at the jump point.
  14. I don't know if my rover will count or not as I put my rocket assists at about a 45 degree angle. I used MK2 parts including the cargo bay which has wheels to keep it stable and nuke power units. I used several spider engines, and only had fuel in 1 of two fuel tanks for my trial run. I hit over 650 meters in height, stating at 70 meters. I went about 7.2 km. I think I'll put some fuel in the second tank, but I only used the empty tank for balance so my CG was on the other tank. I have no time now, but will try again later. the only think I broke was the wheels before the end of the ramp, and they were going too fast.
  15. What's funny, is when the LGA 2011 first came out, I was asking opinions as to get one or not. Even from people of a tech nature, they said only if you're using it for a server. Now it's the new gaming standard. I was looking at it from the standpoint of the quad channel memory bus. Memory access speeds has been, and probably always will by the limiting factor of a system.