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  1. Yeah, I guess you could set it up to just fly level with a (for example) 3m/s descent, and hope you end up on a flat-enough spot.
  2. But it doesn't do waypoints or anything approximating a descent to the runway.
  3. No, this is just a simple autopilot.
  4. If you know you've completed the contract, but the game doesn't acknowledge it, you can also force contract completion through the Alt-F12 cheat menu.
  5. Antenna connection questions

    The only thing that comes to mind is power issues--does your relay satellite have batteries, and is it oriented so the panels face the sun? Is there something else that's drawing too much power?
  6. Yup, both of those are consistent with my experience. That's why on later iterations of my shuttle, I put the canards on the bottom of the nose (the main wings were on the top of the fuselage).
  7. That's especially true when the blue dot is above or below the yellow dot, as I found out.
  8. Yup, I had several of my missions that ended that way at one point or another. Especially the Duna landing.
  9. I'll admit it, I'm a sucker for diamond wings. That's a beautiful plane!
  10. Correct! Took me forever to do it, too--I was learning how to use gravity assists at the same time, so I ended up passing Kerbin about 5 times on my way back...
  11. What is the real kerbin orbit

    Maybe the game is subtracting out the radius of Kerbol?
  12. Having Problem with SSTO

    Let me see if I can do this.... https://kerbalx.com/zolotiyeruki/Crew-shuttle-spaceplane It's not a finished work by any means, but it's pretty easy to get into orbit and return to KSC. You'll need to add RCS thrusters and tweak the control surfaces to use only the axes you want, but other than that, it's very usable.
  13. Having Problem with SSTO

    This is the correct response: In my experience, 300 units of LF per RAPIER is plenty for the air-breathing part of the ascent, and that much is being provided in your strakes. So the rest of your fuel tanks can be LF/OX. Or, you could simply delete the two Mk1 LF tanks, saving 4 tons of takeoff weight. Going from 27 tons down to 23 tons will make a big difference.
  14. Actually, it's quite possible to complete the Laythe mission without a support launch. I know, because I did it Well, I *sorta* did it without a support mission--I had to launch a satellite with a larger antenna later, since I had the whole CommNet thing enabled. Other than that, though, no support--I was able to fit my (mobile!) mining base, exploration airplane, a trio of comms satellites, and a survey scanner satellite all within the cargo bay. I *did* refuel on Laythe, because I didn't know how much dV I'd need.
  15. I love the simple, clean lines! Nice job! Take your badge with honor.