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  1. Well for now using Windows is an easy ans simpel workaround. And i do understand that gaming with Linux ist still somewhat of a speciality with few enough active users / marginal target group. I myself am pleased to hear there might be a solution but fully understand there are more important things to it. Nonetheless, i'd be pleased to help - just let me know what and how!
  2. Hi, CRP and MM_2.8.1 are installed, since they come with SSTU anyways. I now did a fresh install of Kerbal using Windows 7 and cloned the exact mods from the Linux Installation into the Windows installation. Long story short: works like a charm! So it really might be an issue of the Linux/OpenGL system Damn it! Anyhow a picture of what it looks inside Linux:
  3. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Just came back home for the weekend. I just did a fresh install of KSP with SSTU, SSTU-PBR and Textures Unlimited as the only mods. Still no change! The log:
  4. Hi together, first things first: Thumbs up for the latest update. The screenshots here are promising the most amazing and extraordinary things! Unfortunately i can't get it running Inside the side panel the SSTU Parts are mostly greenish-blue and when i try to construct something inside the VAB the parts plain and simple black. No coloring. I completely removed SSTU, downloaded and installed SSTU and SSTU-PBR. Redid the hole thing a couple of times - no change Kind regards!
  5. @junhuaqi Did you install Extraplanetary Launchpads? I had the same problem yesterday and did like half a dozen restarts until i realised that for some reason that mod was missing >.< @nils277: Congrats to the update!! It's sheer amazing. My current build is a colony-ship destined for Eeloo. These new EL-Parts do fit just perfectly into the plans As for the wiki: consulted it just yesterday. So: user_count ++
  6. Kerbal Space Program - thousands of amazing hours of Gameplay: Build a ship and reach for the stars! Planetary Base - hundreds of amazing hours of Gameplay: Get down to the surface and build a big fat colony! Planetary Domes: Do both at once! This Mod is amazing! And SOOOOOOO full of potential! I can already imagine Adapters, (Rover-)Garages, Facilities and Plants ... Please keep up the great work! Please, please, PLEASE!!!