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  1. Hi Nertea, first things first: your mod is awesome and has been one of my favourite mods for quite some time now. Thank you for all your hard work, the elaborated details and the whole new spectrum of possibilities However one thing i can't understand - why is it, that you have those beautifull (and large scale) cargo containers in different shapes and sizes for inline and surface mounting. But None of them is KIS compatible? Every time there is an update to Kerbal, the first thing i do after installing the mods is cloning the cargo pods and changing their modules to KIS compatibility (each with KIS volume equaling the respective freight volume for the "water" ressource). It's basically cloning the base parts, editing the configs with the following piece of text, done. MODULE { name = ModuleKISInventory maxVolume = <WhichEverSuitsYou> externalAccess = true internalAccess = true slotsX = <somethingsomething> slotsY = <somethingelse> slotSize = 50 itemIconResolution = 128 selfIconResolution = 128 openSndPath = KIS/Sounds/containerOpen closeSndPath = KIS/Sounds/containerClose defaultMoveSndPath = KIS/Sounds/itemMove helmetOnSndPath = KIS/Sounds/helmetOn helmetOffSndPath = KIS/Sounds/helmetOff } I love those containers for building huge freighters, interplanetary colonization vessels and such since the bigger containers can easily fit a fully working colony (e.g. Planetary Base) Any chance those KIS cargo containers can be made a stock part in your mod? Would be awesome!!!! Please keep up your breathtaking work! Regards, kamikazeamoebe
  2. Well for now using Windows is an easy ans simpel workaround. And i do understand that gaming with Linux ist still somewhat of a speciality with few enough active users / marginal target group. I myself am pleased to hear there might be a solution but fully understand there are more important things to it. Nonetheless, i'd be pleased to help - just let me know what and how!
  3. Hi, CRP and MM_2.8.1 are installed, since they come with SSTU anyways. I now did a fresh install of Kerbal using Windows 7 and cloned the exact mods from the Linux Installation into the Windows installation. Long story short: works like a charm! So it really might be an issue of the Linux/OpenGL system Damn it! Anyhow a picture of what it looks inside Linux:
  4. Hi, sorry for the late reply. Just came back home for the weekend. I just did a fresh install of KSP with SSTU, SSTU-PBR and Textures Unlimited as the only mods. Still no change! The log:
  5. Hi together, first things first: Thumbs up for the latest update. The screenshots here are promising the most amazing and extraordinary things! Unfortunately i can't get it running Inside the side panel the SSTU Parts are mostly greenish-blue and when i try to construct something inside the VAB the parts plain and simple black. No coloring. I completely removed SSTU, downloaded and installed SSTU and SSTU-PBR. Redid the hole thing a couple of times - no change Kind regards!
  6. @junhuaqi Did you install Extraplanetary Launchpads? I had the same problem yesterday and did like half a dozen restarts until i realised that for some reason that mod was missing >.< @nils277: Congrats to the update!! It's sheer amazing. My current build is a colony-ship destined for Eeloo. These new EL-Parts do fit just perfectly into the plans As for the wiki: consulted it just yesterday. So: user_count ++
  7. Kerbal Space Program - thousands of amazing hours of Gameplay: Build a ship and reach for the stars! Planetary Base - hundreds of amazing hours of Gameplay: Get down to the surface and build a big fat colony! Planetary Domes: Do both at once! This Mod is amazing! And SOOOOOOO full of potential! I can already imagine Adapters, (Rover-)Garages, Facilities and Plants ... Please keep up the great work! Please, please, PLEASE!!!