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  1. I have noticed the sunflare failing to show while use both mods, but I hadn’t been able to track it down.
  2. Does the mod still work despite the message? I’m still on 1.7.1 so I haven’t seen this issue.
  3. I’d describe it as Dwarf Fortress with thermodynamics and graphics.
  4. So actually a quite relevant factor for a boat with a rocket on it. I wonder what the period of the drone ship plus rocket is.
  5. Whoa! Thanks for working on this, the parachute packs are a visual nuisance. How did you get the pack to disappear?
  6. Well not now, but maybe it would in 50 years..,
  7. I’ve Never made it much beyond finding oil before having the colony collapse. I think I tend to be impatient and get too many Dupes too quickly.
  8. I think characters get an efficiency bonus for specializing, and access to certain advanced skills like the the environment suits. T trade off being that they need higher levels of decor to be happy. I’m not totally sure if they always keep all trained skills or only those of the hat they are currently wearing.
  9. With that range they might as well just land on Bermuda!
  10. This would be the case for an object floating on the surface though! My experience with fluid dynamics is limited to some basic open channel flow through simple pipe calcs and it gets complicated quickly, because the solutions are very sensitive to shape and velocity, most problems need to be solved iteratively. That is to say I’m at my limit of knowledge on this.
  11. Let's call this an air bubble. I was surprised to find one of the best answers I've ever seen on Quora., which I have quoted in part below. To summarize a bit, If you ignore that you have to move water out of the way of the rising bubble, acceleration would equal the proportional difference of densities, where air is 1000x less dense than water, so 1000g! But since you can't ignore that, it maxes out at 2G! The biggest difference between your case and a typical bubble is that a bubble can expand as hydrostatic pressure decreases, which actually causes buoyancy to increase. - For a fixed volume, buoyancy would not increase as the object rises. Why are you interested in this question? Thinking of launching rockets from the sea floor?
  12. @Gargamel, I got it sometime last year and played it quite a bit for a while. If you ever wanted to really dig into ISRU/colonization but lost patience with KSP bases exploding or ended up stuck in mod compatibility limbo, this is the game for you. I feel like with a little tweaking it could be a great way for people to intuitively learn thermodynamics in the similar to the way KSP teaches makes you accidentally learn rocket science while trying to (not) crash space jets.
  13. Near future spacecraft has a futuristic Soyuz pod.
  14. I think rational resources needs CRP, but it’s not clear from the OP. @JadeOfMaar can you please clarify?
  15. In the famously hard sci-fi of Kim Stanley Robinson’s Red Mars, early on the colonists use Portland Cement to build roads around their habs. Portland cement is made from limestone, which would have to be imported to Mars. Hydrating cement requires a lot of water. Because of low g and no ground water issues, why not just use crushed gravel? Or at least bricks, (which they discuss elsewhere). It wouldn’t really bother me if it wasn’t so explicitly mentioned, but I’m listening to it on audiobook while driving and I can’t remember where exactly it was mentioned to go back to it, and see if a reason was given.
  16. Weight is a function of mass and acceleration (mainly gravity). If you have a “gravity neutralizer” then your weight is zero, so any amount of thrust would give you an infinite TWR.
  17. “Next Unread Thread” button doesn’t show thread title on mobile now?
  18. Apparently there is a marketplace for these, I think I sold mine for ~$0.06 apiece. I cannot imagine who would want such a “thing “.
  19. Please speculate a situation where this would be useful.
  20. I also might get myself in trouble if anyone is around when I get to four.
  21. Ah, I didn’t notice the first post- I agree with the reasoning there. Realism has its place, but if reality was really so great we wouldn’t be here talking about a video game, we’d all be working for NASA . Thanks for providing some interesting, thoughtful gameplay options!
  22. If we had tentacles, we could do integrals...
  23. I’m excited to see NASA develop experience with manned electric propulsion on the station. The Artemis plan will rely on commercial launch vehicles (and other components) and orbital assembly sans shuttle, which they have little experience with.