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  1. sorry, I have no answer for the OP. Is there any existing master thread for KSP on steam deck?
  2. Exactly, it is exciting to see NASA working on pushing new technology forward, rather than stuck on SLS in perpetuity.
  3. Post-SLS NASA hype! https://www.nasa.gov/press-release/nasa-darpa-will-test-nuclear-engine-for-future-mars-missions
  4. There’s no config. You need to create a new blockmap.png with additional custom block outs
  5. @Gameslinx - Do parallax scatter models need to be .mu files? Or would .obj work (like kopernicus scatters)?
  6. Figured it out: CTRL+P Next question: Is there documentation of the values anywhere?
  7. for the tinkerers - How to access and use the scatterUI? Figured it out: CTRL+P
  8. What do I need to know to edit the map of where cities/ lights are placed on kerbin? I see the city images, but not a map or config for their placement.
  9. As the saying goes: "Aim for the South Pole, even if you miss you'll end up on the moon." - Jebidiah Kerman
  10. I think that is a question only you can answer… so what is it?
  11. If Earth orbit only required ~4500 m/s like Kerbin, what year would we have developed an orbital rocket?
  12. What does Russia need to operate it's section of the ISS, aren't its modules pretty much self contained stations? Does it produce enough power on its own? How about the US/International section? Obviously it needs a propulsion unit, although it seems like Cygnus is able to provide that capability.
  13. I agree with that assessment, there is an alternate solution - going super dense where the scatters sort of merge and overlap. with the right models I think it could look good. Fun to play with in any case Thanks for your work on this!
  14. I'm interested in seeing where this goes. I was experimenting with creating actual cities with scatter at the locations of city lights, but Kopernicus's scatter definition wasn't reliable when trying to target the city lights locations. Might be able to do better with the next version of Parallax.
  15. I think the "hireable kerbal" minigame aspect of this mod has been mostly neglected for several years and multiple maintainers.
  16. This should still work. -Remastered is more of an expansion with all new bases and models
  17. just stumbled across this. very cool! It saves me some work on adding spaceplane runways to my Actual Sites mod
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