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  1. Shout out to all the good gateways out that never get any appreciation.
  2. Playing with a controller- is it possible to have less than full input on an axis? For example: Pressing up very slightly on joystick gives full input(visible on the little gauge at bottom left), even with caps lock on. I tried reducing axis sensitivity to 0.05, but it made no difference. On keyboard this on/off behavior makes sense but it seems like joystick should allow more subtle control.
  3. The nice thing about importing maps in Konstructs is that you can do it all in game. Import, rescale, rescale, etc. it does height map and color. I don’t think it does normals, but I haven’t used it in a while. You can do all this in Kopernicus, but I don’t know if there’s an in game editor anymore. There used to be, but it’s not mentioned on the Kopernicus thread, and It never worked well for my needs anyway.
  4. Been getting back to the game after a few years away. There used to be an in game editor for this right? I don’t see any mention in the OP. I also recall that it wasn’t well supported… has anyone picked it up?
  5. Has there ever been a “Fog of Discovery” mod? I’m thinking of the fog of war on old RTS games where you can’t see anything in map mode that you haven’t explored.
  6. Yes you can. I experimented with this a few years back. You can see a few of my screenshots here: Terrainium. At the time I actually had better luck doing this with Kerbal Konstructs, but Kopernicus has improved a lot since then I believe. There are other projects that have taken this much further too.
  7. Depends on your system and what you consider a decent frame rate.
  8. If you use Textures Unlimited + TURD you can get a good approximation of the stock off-white color.
  9. Yes please, some of us can’t help putting our Kerbals in Bad Situations. Would 10x speed and variability be possible?
  10. It’s been a while since I was tweaking settings in this. I used to be able to change ocean wave size. Is that still possible?
  11. I’m looking for a way to add on screen buttons to activate action groups and maybe function button overlays. Does anyone know if that is possible with this mod?
  12. Make sure you installed it correctly in GameData and that you have module manager installed.
  13. Module Manager, but it only happens on April 1
  14. @Skorj I can’t speak for how the current release performs, but I logged 100s of (moderately modded) hours on a windows 8 laptop with integrated graphics 6-8 years ago. In fact I’m playing on integrated graphics still (Steam Deck).
  15. Yes mods can be installed manually in desktop mode. Same as on a regular computer. That said, it would be much easier to use CKAN. I will try the above method myself asap. After making significant changes to the default control scheme I’m very happy playing KSP on Deck. I’ve been thinking of starting a thread for steam deck players, I wonder how many of us there are.
  16. I understand this mod is maintained elsewhere, but in case there are any dedicated users: Did recovery craft ever get implemented? Theres a MM script to add a recovery module, but I'm not sure if it actually does anything.
  17. Hmm, Not working for me (KSP 1.12.5). With Lift overlay on its clear that no additional lift is being applied close to the surface. The effect was very obvious in previous versions.
  18. Depends what you mean by city. You could certainly have buildings scattered around, but it would be hard to make it look like a planned city.
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