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  1. Messernacht

    [1.4.5] Near Future Technologies

    Excellent. Cheers again.
  2. Messernacht

    [1.4.5] Near Future Technologies

    Many thanks @Nertea for the updates across the board. Just to check, I'm clicking the links for the Spacedock downloads, and they're all showing up as 1.4.4. In the immortal words of Charles 'Charlie' Fodderite, 'Is that a typo?'
  3. Or, alternatively, any plans you had on bypassing blockades, jumping into the atmosphere, falling and launching fighters on the way down, before jumping away. Sadly, no Adama Maneuver for you...or for me...
  4. Messernacht

    [1.4.3] Extrasolar v1.7.5 [5/9/18]

    Greetings all. Just a quick one. I know there's a mod or two out there for better comm dishes, but for the life of me I can't remember which ones. I've also just run a test, and it looks like my JX2 dishes just ain't going to cut it. Are there any recommendations for mods/setups to allow for communication between the Kerbol/Valentine systems? I'm going to be sending some Kerbals out there in cryo (Riddick/Ripley Kerbal?) to get things set up.
  5. I took the Extra files from the ESLD Master download, pasted the text directly into the Community Resource Pack folder's Karborundum file, and then changed some of the numbers relating to the availability and spread. Appears to have done the trick. Your solution of adding the module to the module config was what helped me figure out this solution, so thanks again.
  6. Sorted it. Just realised I had the wrong approach Don't Drink Coffee: Find Problem Drink Coffee: Attempt, but Fail to Fix Problem Drink Scotch: Fix Problem
  7. I appreciate that. Will give it a look. Would be most keen to get the mining working as a first option, just in terms of storyline and having the ships to hand to mine it, but may end up going this path.
  8. Greetings all, A quick one. I have memories of the HEKV missile having issues of going off-course/not tracking/failing to light. Have these issues been fixed at all, and has anyone had success with its deployment?
  9. Alright, on to the next query... I've got the Extras folder now, and have attempted to place it pretty much everywhere I can think of. Taking the easy way, I was hoping to get some Karborundum off Ike. And the Resource scan is showing it all over the place. But the numbers stay stubbornly at 0.0%, and nothing will mine. Am I supposed to be installing the Extras folder and the .CFG files it contains in a specific location? Or am I just being somewhat dim? Any guidance would be appreciated.
  10. Messernacht

    [1.4.5] Near Future Technologies

    That explains it quite nicely. I'll go check in there. Cheers.
  11. Messernacht

    [1.4.5] Near Future Technologies

    Just checking in the event I'm doing something wrong (which is likely. I'm rather decaffeinated). I''ve got a reactor fitted to one of my ships. It works fine, cooled appropriately, and combined with TAC-LS keeps enough power to keep my Kerbals alive. Except when I'm advancing time while in another ship, the reactor is not providing power and the Life Support crashes. Is there something missing on this side that may be causing this?
  12. Fair enough. I understand it's significantly harder to code a puppy than to code a mod. If you find that pup can suddenly travel through time and space via quantum tunnelling, you may have mixed up the two.
  13. There is an incredibly likely chance this has been answered before, and may be a daft question. But it's Friday, I'm short on meeting my Daft quota for the week, and I'm currently decaffeinated. I can get people into the inflatable modules and the rings, but I cannot seem to get them out again. My normal practice is clicking on the hatch and transferring people about, but the hatches on the inflatables are blocked and I can seem to find a hatch on the rings. Am I missing something (probably), or is there another way to transfer crew around?
  14. Yeah, that's what I'm looking forward to. I've found some; now it's just a matter of figuring out how to get it up the well.