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  1. Greetings all, I've been having a dig through, and I can't seem to locate where I can find the dev version of the SSPX parts. If anyone could direct me to a page number, it'd be appreciated. I'm aware that it's still very much WIP. Cheers,
  2. But remember @sarbian, as Arthur C Clarke would have said; any sufficiently advanced code is indistinguishable from magic.
  3. No worries. I thought it might be pushing the boundaries of the forum rules asking where I could find it, hence the reference to my Muppetry (thinking I'm either Swedish Chef or Beaker). Many thanks, and will await formal release. Cheers,
  4. Greetings all, I've had a bit of a flick through, and am seeing all of the references for SSPX (and SSPXr). At the risk of sounding like a complete Muppet, can anyone please direct me to the link, as am looking to incorporate the inflatable parts into my main fueling station. Cheers,
  5. My apologies for the delay in response. Woke up and found there were headcrabs everywhere. A crowbar, a crowbar; my kingdom for a crowbar. I've run through my troubleshooting and liaised with the MJ guys, and it's turned out that the problem was not with the MJ or New Horizons mods, but with the fleshy bag of goo behind the keyboard. I've added more powerful engines to my landers now and have let MJ do its thing rather than mollycoddling it. I've now managed to hammer together my fueling base. Many thanks.
  6. Looking back at it, it is quite generic. I'll try again. I'm finding that landings using MJ to land on Eli are consistently trailing to the east of the targets I've selected. Never north or south; always east. I can see it trying to make it to the target coordinates, but it never seems to quite get there. I've mostly been using a specific engine that I know has a little bit of throttle delay, so I'm not sure if this is a factor, so will be using that as a troubleshooting tactic later today. It may be an issue of the engine struggling to keep up with the spin. I've run the same query by the MJ community, and while I've seen some others that have had the problem with landings, I was not able to get specific feedback regarding MJ performance in NH. I'm using the most updated version of MJ's dev versions, as they are working on the formal release of 1.3.1's fully compliant version. Whether it's a problem between the interaction of the updated Dev version of MJ and the 1.3 version of NH, I cannot say. I do know that it's pulling off landings reasonably on-point on the Mun, which does lead me to agree that it may be a terrain collider and texture issue. I'm aware that there is work being done on the updates for both mods, and I fully understand that these things take time. I've hammered together a further troubleshooting list that I'm going to work through, to see if the problem occurs elsewhere in the NH system of planets and will report back. If the problem is purely with Eli, then I'll channel my inner Monolith and tell my Kerbals that all of these worlds are theirs, but they are not to set foot on Eli (I could also channel my inner Mufasa, with a similar comment). If I can replicate the issues on other planets, it may be a further issue to be looked in to. Cheers,
  7. Sudden flashbacks to the opening of 'Waterworld'. Someone call the Kerbal version of Kevin Costner (Costner Kerman?)
  8. Perfect. Many thanks. Wasn't planning on space dogfights, so the AI would only need to be able to fire from a fixed position (station, base) with PDW. The missiles...well...those are for me. Opposable thumbs must entitle one so at least some benefits...
  9. Greetings all, Quick query; I remember the missile had a few guidance issues. Were these ever ironed out, or is there not enough demand for exo-atmospheric guided missiles?
  10. Greetings all, Just doing a little bit of troubleshooting. Have been having some issues with MechJeb (yeah, I know) landings on Eli. Have approach the team behind that mod as well, but just looking to see if anyone else has been having issues. Primarily have had issues with Eli, which is a pain because I'm building a fueling depot there. If you've had similar issues, I'd appreciate it if you could share any workarounds. Specifically, if you're using a particular version of MJ, I'd appreciate the number. It's just that in terms of my storyline, I'm needing to complete the fueling base in order to allow my Kerbals to travel beyond Sonnah. Cheers,
  11. I've tried landings on a marked spot from both a 180 and 0 degree inclination. Same issue in both directions. I did however end up much closer, as was mentioned earlier in the thread, when I tried to land from 40km. Only missed my landing point by 2 km as opposed to half a moon. Can someone provide me with the GitHub link for posting logs?
  12. Greetings all, So I've added the latest Dev version, and am finding I'm having some problems with landing. I set a particular target (often a flag on a moon), and the approach trajectory trails quite a bit behind the target, meaning I'm landing well off. Which is a bit of an issue, seeing as I'm trying to set up a refueling base. I'm running MechJeb2-, so if it's something I'm not doing right, please let me know. If needed, I can provide the logs as soon as I remember where to find them. I am also running New Horizons mod if that's possibly an issue, but I know that it managed to land on the target in the first place when I first found the site. Potentially an issue with taking landing coordinates from flags? Furthermore, the first landing I did was a manned ship, whereas the other ones are using drones. Cheers,
  13. OK, I do apologise if I've missed something here. May be lack of sleep. Or lack of coffee. Both suck. Am I correct in thinking that the centrifuges and such will be added into SSPX as opposed to SSPE?