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  1. Modification of Tracking Station Range

    Perfect, many thanks. Now E.T can phone home, but seeing as I'm the sole provider for long-range communications, I can charge whatever prices and include whatever hidden fees I want. *Maniacal laughter while lightning crackles and thunder booms*
  2. Greetings all, In Sandbox mode, my Track station automatically has upgraded to its maximum power (something in the region of 200GM). However, in the (for lack of a better word) storyline that I'm trying to work it all into, I'm trying to find where I can lower this. I've got a comms network getting into place, and I'd prefer all commands to be routed through those. If anyone has any idea where I can modify this file, it'd be appreciated. All of my probes and Kerbals will thank you (except for the poor bugger I've fired out towards to Plock, but his opinion doesn't matter. He knows what he did). Cheers,
  3. Greetings. Here's one that just occurred to me. Spent an evening trying to get an engine alignment right for a shuttlecraft I'm building for short-distance hops. Using the rotate tool in the VAB, I had to move the engines in various increments to get the balance right, relying on visual points-of-reference. Tedious, time-consuming, and not very accurate. If there was a way to enter in the amount of rotation on the X-Y-Z axis you want specifically on the part, that'd certainly be useful. Kind of like how the Infernal Robotics mod allows you to enter in exactly how far you want a part to move, an interfare that allows you to enter in if you want a part rotated, say, 20.5 degrees off-centre would be quite good. Unless there's a way to do this already that I'm missing. Which is entirely likely.
  4. Disable Separators

    Yup, many thanks to you both. Have now got that all sorted out, and with the fuel flow thing have a whole new gameplay element to mess around with. This should be fun. Cheers.
  5. Disable Separators

    Greetings all, I know this was a thing at one point, but I just can't seem to find it again. I remember being able to disable the parts that could be used for staging. As such, I could add escape pods that could only be activated when I really, really needed them, and my current go-to lifter is cluttering up my LKO with small pieces that don't have the trajectory to burn up. Any recommendations?
  6. New updates, much appreciated as always Nertea
  7. No worries. The high-standard of your mods and the amount of fun they add makes the wait worthwhile. Looking forward to it.
  8. Commnet Configurations

    Have just downloaded this antennae and GPP. I get the feeling I'm going to be spending my lunch break sketching a whole bunch more relay designs...
  9. Commnet Configurations

    Excellent. I'm going to go ahead and keep that table. I'm seeing that my old RemoteTech way of thinking about this is not really cutting it. Time to change mental gears a bit, it seems. OK, so we now have full and complete confirmation that I've not thought this one through. Yup, I had the smaller dishes on, which I've now replaced. I'm also getting my head back around the understanding that the KSC has truly face-melting power, and will take that into account for my probe heading to Eeloo. Well, not heading to Eeloo yet. Taking it back into the shed for a rework now. Right oh. So we've learned that I've placed way too much confidence in the power of some dishes, that my maths has a few issues to iron out, and that the old RemoteTech way of solving issues just won't fully cut it. I've redesigned my relay sats now, and have clear cover all the way out to Minmus for the moment, which will do in these initial stages. Then it's on to the larger and gruntier sats, and we'll figure the rest out from there. Many thanks all. The help's been greatly appreciated.
  10. Just a query, as I know a lot more emphasis is on the atmospheric side of things, but did anyone ever iron out the bugs on the HKEV missile? Just that I've been playing a fair bit of COD: Infinite Warfare (I know, I know...) and watching some 'The Expanse'
  11. Commnet Configurations

    That'd be a triad of Communotron 16's for the receiving and a trio of HG-5s for the relaying. Three sats at equidistant (or as close as I can manage) points at a 5K Km orbit Oh yeah, I'm doing things WAY wrong. My setup is a triad of Communotron 16's for the receiving and a trio of HG-5s for the relaying on each sat. I was of the mindset that the relay dish transmitted to the deployed antenna. Obviously I was way too sober when I came up with that plan. I'm picking up a pattern here that I might not know what I'm doing, but all of these explanations has clearly shown that I've put on my Stimpy hat. I'm going to take off the direct antenna's and just use the relay dishes, see if that pushes the strength up. Most of my issues seem to be still being locked in the Remotetech mindset.
  12. Greetings all, So I've finally moved on to using Comnet rather than RemoteTech, and am enjoying it a fair bit. However, I've just got a brief query in regards to Signal Strength. With RemoteTech, I always got by with a constellation around Kerbin of four satellites in a square shape, which all talked to each other and to Base. Being a traditionalist, I went for the same setup in Comnet to ensure a constant signal (not wanting to use the multiple base stations), but only got a 5% signal strength once the signal bounces from the Tracking Station off of Sat #1 to Sat #2. Both had multiple relay and direct antennas mounted. Is this something I'm not doing right? Are my little extending Direct Antenaes really fully upgraded? I just feel there should be stronger signal strengths than this, and want to get that sorted before I send probes of to Jool that will just end up calling into the dark silence like that 'Is there anyone alive out there?' guy in 'Titanic'. Mars aeternum/So say we all/cheers,
  13. [1.3.1] DeepFreeze (v0.23.7) 7th Oct 2017

    A very fun and entertaining mod, which certainly makes me feel better about sending my Kerbals on far-ranging journeys into deep space. However, it seems to send my antivirus software a little bit mad. Anyone else have this issue?
  14. So I'm looking at the M1Abrams turret, and I'm wondering if there's a way to work with it in the same way as Tweakscale allows fuel tanks and engines to be scaled. I've got a reasonably large ship that could fit two of them underneath if there were a little smaller, turning it from a purely research vessel into a fully-grown destroyer.
  15. Superb. Had a few issues a week back with downloading a mod and my anti-virus went mad, so just thought I'd check. Time to break out the rails. Many thanks.