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  1. I've recently built a monster launcher "the behhemoth" that weighs 6400 tons usin tweakscaled to 7.5m spaceY parts. I use it to get in orbit enormous payloads like fuel compartments for a long mission
  2. okay I figured it out thanks to V8Jester's and Bornholio's helps if your problem is having all the parts but they're wobbling and glitchy and things, then you need first to check if your autostruts are activated on InfernalRobotics parts (go to settings > gameplay > show advanced tweakables > return to your ship with not working robotic pieces > right click on IR pieces > check if autostrut is on > turn it off ) if it still does not work then that's because you use kerbal joint reinforcement, and you will need to download the latest-but-unstable dev build you can find here: https://github.com/ferram4/Kerbal-Joint-Reinforcement still doesn't work? then you have badly installed your infernal robotics folder. make sure to have every file into the "magicsmokeindustries" folder and if you're in 1.2.2. , check here if you have the most recent versions of IRobotics. -sorry for helping in a non-help thread- to complete my post: today I've finished testing my OPT VTOL (size K ) that'll go on duna assembling my base thanks to KAS and thanks to throttledcontrolledavionics (without this mod my VTOL would transform into a dozen of debris in less than 10 seconds, thanks to my incredible pilot skills) I've also built the largest rocket I've ever made, to transport that VTOL in a single launch to duna (7.500 meters of diameter) got no time for screenshots, must finish building rockets right now, sry :l
  3. yup everything was perfect but I was using the latest non-dev version of KJR making my parts glide and wobble around. Thanks for help but V8Jester already replied to me guiding me into the path of perfectly-working modded ksp
  4. (double response ) woops I didn't knew there was a special KJR version needed for IR anyways, thanks a lot for your help, it works now!
  5. Thanks a lot! And sorry for that dumb error. next time I'll check everything
  6. today I struggled for hours on my not working infernal robotics mod to make it work... still doesn't work
  7. Banned for banning 53miner because he assumed kerbiloid did change the profile pic as he in fact did and thus was true and for using firefox as profile pic
  8. I know for the wheels and landing gears I was trying to make a robotized arm to move things around (so IR parts move other IR parts with a IR magnet at the end, no any other non-IR parts on the arm) and I don't ever used autostruts I feel like it's cheating -> they're not activated on IR parts I struggled all day to figure out what the issue is I'm tired of this :l
  9. "Apart from these few "minor inconveniences", the mod works." noop. in my 1.2.2. version with a lots of mods (dunno if it causes the problem) EVERY infernal robotics parts is bugged, as wwhen I want to move a part using any hinge or extendatron, the robotized part glitches and the two moving parts of the one part separates, glides and wobbles around. (and the part I wanted to move didn't moved an inch.)
  10. If anyone has any clue to my problem please raise your hand I'm stuck right now :'(
  11. you can search for the SSTU mod, a really cool mod that adds a lot of tweakable-as-you-want parts including a 1.25meters 2 kerbals capsule with a nice look.
  12. I've already checked this option, everything is deactivated by default and I never use autostrut, and I do use KJR to maintain my 5m-large rockets in one piece. I really don't understand what happens, that's why I beg you for help :'( + even with autostruts on the base parts of infernal robotics (non-rework pack) should move, even if they're gliding and wobbling everywhere. here they don't move a millimeter
  13. "works well in 1.2.2." well not for me when I try to make a robotized arm with rework pack parts, it's just like the first and last parts of my arms were fixed to the ship but the middle parts glide and wobble as I try to move them. I don't have this issue in editor and the original parts (not rework parts) does not work, they dont move. Anyone had this issue? and can anybody help me to fix it? I NEED that wonderful mod
  14. Hey Jester, I see in your 1.2.2 mods "IR" and "IR Rework" ; I was searching for a IR to work in 1.2 but when I installed those two Ziw edits, the parts were "gliding" just like if the first part of my arm and the last part were fixed to the ship and the middle parts were distorting; is that a known issue? is there a way to fix it? thanks!
  15. well I already got hotrockets, beautiful mod btw.
  16. I'm actually surprised, I thought it would be another beautiful-but-that's-it mod but that modifies completely the way I see the game, I will now take more screenshots when maneuvering
  17. Hello, I've been wtaching some ksp vids today, and I've seen in some of these vids that engines, while in space, make some weird thrust particles; they actually expand, not like the inline fx particles of the stock fx system. I suppose it comes from a plugin, a mod, so anyone know the name of it? these particles are so beautiful.. Thanks
  18. Hey, I've installed recently a few mods that (I think) caused my docking ports, wehn undocking, to wobble and not to stop. if I dock a vessel with that wobblyness with another vessel, the whole thing will wobble. ships that have the wobble are decelerating (while in a super-stable orbit) and their orbit does not appear on the map. Any idea of which mod is causing that, and why? Here's the list of mods installed I suspect causing that issue: -Tariser space Technology -StationScience -RCS Sounds -RealChute -Final frontier -Hangar grid -AllY'all
  19. haha okay I'm not that dumb (I hope ) edit: damn I found a non-kerbalized smiley
  20. I'm such an idiot that I can't even find the idiot-proof instructions :l
  21. Yeah I already got it, but comes with high parts count (I want to take 20 kerbals with that vessel) sure There's a hole in the middle of the craft; everything's hidden. I can put in that useful stuff like life support greenhouses, 2 planes, 1 glider that will stay on eve, 2 karbonite SSTO miners (works with atmosphere), 2 space tugs, and some room for radial crew tanks note that these screenshots are a 2 weeks old, I've made modifications on that ship. And thanks for replies guys
  22. Just a little question: Is there any mods that adds a radial attachment crew tank?
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