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  1. ISEA is preparing to fly it's smallest orbital rocket to date from VAFB in California. More info to come.
  2. we have mission sucsess on the NROL-88 and a partial sucsess on Osmium F1.
  3. We have launched more than 5 times this year with varying degrees of success. Also we have a launch tomorrow if you would like to tune in for that we will be releasing the times soon.
  4. Launch ALERT: Tomorrow the Aquarius 5,2 rocket flying from California will loft the NROL-88 payload to a classified orbit. live coverage to end with fairing seperation. livestream on twitch.
  5. Gagarin station has had an anomoly so we are putting togeter an emergency resupply mission.
  6. After almost a year in space the RSAT 1A spacecraft after almost a year in low earth orbit. The mission was decied to be ended due to the number of Geostationary satilites on orbit. Plus the missions to support out GeoNetwork with Rsat 1H and 1I later this year and early next year.
  7. Also on the submission page please specify is it is supposed to be for a goverment or not.
  8. This should be submited on the payload submission fourm
  9. A little late but BREESAT 2 has achived its orbit and is now watiting to be positioned.
  10. KSP MOCR

    Does this work with RSS/RO?
  11. ZEUS 331 Rocket is ready at CCAFS to launch the BREESAT 2 mission for Cool rocket Industries.
  12. RSAT 1E has achived its GEOSTATIONARY position.
  13. is there any chance that it could in the next update feature a downrage distance setting like mechjebs?
  14. RSAT 1E is into an orbit but it had a partial success due to a second stage failure so the on orbit life by about 3 years.