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  1. Is there a way to integrate the earth map within the maps portion for RSS/RO users? Or a way we can do it ourselves?
  2. Kerbal Capitalism Program

    There may be a RSS Version setup by me but as a branch of this. It would use the same rules basically.
  3. ISEA is preparing to launch a Delta 2 rocket from Vandenburg AFB California carring the Breesat 1 mission into Sun Syncornys orbit.
  4. ISEA has Sucsessfully launched the WPN 1A1 mission on october 14th 2017 at 10:41 PM Eastern Daylight time.
  5. SCRUB Will attempt tomorrow at the same time.
  6. ISEA is currently preparing a Zeus rocket for launch of the WPN 1A1 spacecraft for the United Nations Space Council. It will be heading into a 55 Degree Medium Earth Orbit (MEO). Launch is set at 7:45 PM EDT. Livestream on our twitch.
  7. I droped the Nuclear bombs and I am not getting any explosions is there somthing wrong?
  8. [1.2.x] Real KSC in KSP Dev Continued

    do you have Kerbal Konstructs installed?
  9. ISEA is preparing to fly it's smallest orbital rocket to date from VAFB in California. More info to come.
  10. we have mission sucsess on the NROL-88 and a partial sucsess on Osmium F1.
  11. We have launched more than 5 times this year with varying degrees of success. Also we have a launch tomorrow if you would like to tune in for that we will be releasing the times soon.
  12. Launch ALERT: Tomorrow the Aquarius 5,2 rocket flying from California will loft the NROL-88 payload to a classified orbit. live coverage to end with fairing seperation. livestream on twitch.
  13. Gagarin station has had an anomoly so we are putting togeter an emergency resupply mission.