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  1. Does this work in 1.8? I know it's probably been answered somewhere, but I'm still asking.
  2. Do not worry, We are still Alive, We just dont post much here anymore.
  3. yeah. We are working on projects to replace it. Also we looked at the shroud around the lander, it wouldnt have deployed anyways.
  4. Flight controllers lost connection with the probe about 3 days before it was set to perform a correction maneuver. We are assuming that it flew past mars and then into deep space.
  5. RSP is still alive. We just havnt posted on this for a while.
  6. Is there a reason I cannot store items in a container. I have both KAS and KIS installed and am using the latest version. (Off CKAN) Just curious about why I cannot use containers and what can be done about it.
  7. So there is now way that this mod can be made to use the earth map rather than the Kerbin Map?
  8. I have just been looking in the Configs. Are the fuel cells supposed to be LH2/LOX and it seems that the OMS pods have both Monoprop and Arozine/NTO. I may have installed it wrong. I may just be confused. Also the Engine mount is small for the shuttle. Again I may have isntalled things badly
  9. Is there any way to upload and use a real earth map and RSS/RO information?
  10. Just Curious, do these scripts work only in stock or will they work for RSS/RO players as well?
  11. I am having an issue with the Rotating Bomb rack. I have been trying to build a B-52 equivilant aircraft and it fly's fine but when I try to deploy the payload, the weapons will not drop. I try to use manual drop but they still will not drop. I have about 16 Bomb racks in the bomb bay. Is there somthing I am doing wrong or is it just me?
  12. Does anyone have the KK SpaceX pack configs?
  13. I was just curious as with the retirement of the Delta II if it will be included in a future release? (Just out of curiosity not expecting it)
  14. Since the Delta II pad is retired is there a chance of seeing a LC-17 Alike pad in this mod sometime? (Just Curious)
  15. The Griphon Mars Lander is now a little over than 100 days from it's landing on the surface of Mars. Launched in June of this year it is heading to be the first RSP spacecraft to land on another body in the solar system.
  16. This is quite impressive. Just to inquire will modern rocket pad styles other than soyuz be added into this pack at some point in the future?
  17. Preping to launch a few missions in the next weeks. Aiming for one mission a week.
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