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  1. No, the fighters have no gears for now but will be added in a far future. It is a loot of huge works to add them to single-part fighters.
  2. Technically using .dds texture could make the loading much quicker and has less usage. I may do that first.
  3. And a better way if you want to play the ship pack is to only pick the ships you like: Here's my pick: 065(CGX\DDG) FDG057 CVN16 SSBN002 Also pick the plane you like in the aero pack, that'll very unlikely to cause a crash.
  4. I made some tests in different PCs, it seems that the problem is likely caused by low RAM or in the other hand -- by MNWS's large size. But I still cant find any solution yet, maybe just try our luck. In the loading screen, it is very often that the game get stuck when there's no RAM for unloaded mods. Jets are very very hard to balance, cuz there's no moving surface wings for now, the reaction wheel should satisfy the power of needs that makes a plane turns. Also, we should notice that the center of mass and drags are different when a plane is empty-load and fully loaded. That's why its a little bit UFO style when its empty load. Thanks for your support!
  5. I assume that is because MNWS is a so large mod that takes too much RAM and may cause this problem. For MNWS doesn't have any .dll file at all, so it shouldn't be problems with coding. I have test the unofficial forked KJR and it seems it cant work well with MNWS, maybe try to enter the game with Alt+F4 to enable unbreakable construction. Also I see you have a 4GB RAM, its better you run KSP in dx11 mode, that'll save you lots of RAM, and may solve the problem. Thanks for your report to make MNWS a better mod.
  6. V22 doesn't have a cargo yet. Noticed that the AERO pack is better working with this mod: single part aviation Download link:https://spacedock.info/mod/1034/Single Part Aviation(f22)
  7. Thank you very much! Maybe one day we can work with it together!
  8. I've already made several blueprints about making them all separate, still it need time and lots of work. I want to make my own work temporarily exclusive and I hope you do understand. Cuz both single-part and match-parts are all as a part of MNWS series mods pack in the future. Thank you very much for your advise.
  9. Thanks very much for your ideals! I am working on separate MNWS to three mods packs: Ship pack, Plane pack and Weapon pack. So lots of details are still being made. For the reaction wheel I will set Pitch and Roll as 1000kn, but keep only Yaw as before until I find a good way to make the ship turn. Thanks again! LOL!
  10. Well, I see where your problem is. In the KSP, W and S is controlling pitch, A and D is for the yaw, Q and E refers to roll. So basically when you’re controlling a ship it might only take A and D key to make turns, also notice that Z and X controls the throttle. When you’re using Vesselmover you should be aware that when you drop the ship down it might turn like in your video. But don’t worry, it’ll take a minute to stay normal and we usually turn on the SAS before we drop the ship. This is all because all the ships have very powerful reaction wheel.
  11. We still can't locate where your problems are, Cuz we haven't got the same issue report. As we said, The purpose of building MNWS is that we want to simulate Large-Scale combat. If you ever simulate once you will notice that in each navy fleet combat even with single-part ship, It'll still take over 2000 parts and that means you need at least a computer with 4.5Ghz CPU and 16GB RAM. And BTW, mods like SM and LB can satisfy your needs. As I can see the mods are developed to fit different use. And another thing is that made them all separated needs a really serious standard to let them fit and from what I can see that's a huge work and may very much likely to still NOT satisfy all the needs. I think what you need is just SM and LB with texture replacing.
  12. We share most of the mods and as far as I know KJR doesn't work with 1.4.4. Try to delete the KJR and see if everything works.
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