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  1. Whether an object is pushed toward or away from the star by radiation depends on its size and the way it re-emits heat, I don't remember exactly how that goes though. There is also a lot of influence from other planets, especially Earth and Jupiter. My guess is Venus will get pushed and pulled by gravity from the other planets more than radiation pressure. The orbit will also precess due to relativity over millions of years.
  2. I just got to the Mario Sunshine part.
  3. I joined in high school, in order to achieve the title of 'first person to do something on the internet'. I ended up doing that a few times...I was a kid then. Now I am grappling with the fact I have become a rocket scientist.
  4. One thing I'm curious about is the combined light from the multiple galaxies, clusters, etc. Within the Milky Way we'd say that most of the stars are much too far away for us to see, yet we see their combined light in the galactic plane because there are enough of them together. Could the galaxies be packed visually close enough that the clusters would be at least a little visible?
  5. Just look at the apparent magnitude of the various galaxies in the sky. If you imagined the Milky Way disappeared and all else remained in the sky, you'd see Andromeda fairly clearly, and could probably pick out Triangulum. Wikipedia lists out the galaxies that are bright enough to be seen by naked eye: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_galaxies It's a very short list. As they start getting into magnitudes 8+ and on they are most likely not visible to humans. So you wouldn't be able to see the web-like galactic superstructures, and most of the sky would be dark, but there would be a few galaxies visible as faint blurs.
  6. Very impressive to survive that unscathed. It's interesting to see the structure flexing during the variable loading.
  7. First one is a star, second one is a satellite.
  8. I have heard that the separation was not actually attempted because the vehicle was in such an off-nominal trajectory.
  9. Personal communication They also said as much in the live stream, 48 hour recycle time.
  10. 3:04 look at the Earth, they are going to Venus
  11. He was my bet for Artemis III as well. Seems like he's heavily involved with the NASA-SpaceX partnership, so I'm sure he'll have plenty to do with ground support then.
  12. Think you'll get to it by the time I finish my degree? Or you could wait two months and only have to update it once.
  13. Everything about the design of the Kerbal Space Center campus screams "Made by Kerbals"...Keeping in mind that most rockets are launching east, here are a few instances I've noticed of things being designed to be as hazardous as possible: -Launch sites directly downrange of one another -R&D/Training/etc. is directly downrange of multiple launch sites -Aircraft control tower should theoretically have a good view in all directions, but is blocked by the VAB right next to it -All landing pads west of VAB: If a booster is performing a RTLS to one of these pads, it must fly directly over the Tracking Station and VAB.
  14. My 'letter issue' today was that I couldn't add a number to my flag title on the Mun, and I think I couldn't add a space after a hyphen either.
  15. I like orthogonal views in the VAB. I like the way the sun glints off the ships. I like the rocket plume expansion as the air gets thinner. I like the stone Mun arch and the shadows that it casts. I like being able to select from the variety of launch sites. I like how beautiful the world is.
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