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  1. They are prioritizing DART images since they are essential for mission success and cant be stored and downloaded after the impact
  2. Where would the energy to do this come from? In a normal turbojet almost all of the energy involved is from the heat of burning fuel, if you take energy from the fuel away to power the ionization system the heat taken out will not go towards the turbojets thrust, and per the second law of thermodynamics there is no way for the energy added by the ionization system to be more than that taken out from the burning fuel
  3. with this you might as well just have it make the uber strong semiliquid metal into a space elevator and then retract it when the craft is at the top
  4. This explains the color of objects at high temperature https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black-body_radiation
  5. Peter beck did a zoom call at the small sat conference, some highlights were that electron can only do 150kg to leo on paper but was able to get 320kg on the CAPSTONE launch, also lunar photon is still operating and he said "we’ll have a crack at doing something cool with it and see how far into the solar system we can get with it.” https://spacenews.com/beck-capstone-demonstrates-feasibility-of-low-cost-interplanetary-smallsats/
  6. Is this real or did someone edit the HTML on their site?
  7. This seems like an ion aircraft. These have many of the same issues as Ion engines on spacecraft. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ion-propelled_aircraft
  8. The CEO was indicted and arrested for securities fraud, but was acquitted and then deported, the report in my recent post has a half page footnote blaming a conspiracy involving a disgruntled investor, DHS, the Government of New Mexico and his ex-wife.
  9. they only gave that video a footnote but for some reason decided to spend a page and a half picking apart a Tim Dodd video
  10. looks like ARCA is still around and is now building an eco rocket heavy that looks like someone tried to save funds in career mode by skipping the unlock for vertical decouplers, and financed by some sort of crypto scheme. https://www.amiexploration.com/_files/ugd/b4b6cb_0e96270b6f1f4828ba51284ca4e15860.pdf
  11. Tianlian relay (CSNA equivalent of TDRS) launched to GTO out of Xichang on an LM-3b on Wednesday, wonder if we will get footage of the boosters hitting the ground. https://spaceflightnow.com/2022/07/13/china-launches-tianlian-data-relay-satellite/
  12. Are there any details on this rocket available in English, ie what kind of fuel it uses, and what are the future plans for this agencies launch program?
  13. Rocket lab thinks that the photon kick stage could fulfill some CAPSTONE mission objectives on it's own https://i.stuff.co.nz/business/300630370/contact-lost-with-capstone-satellite-but-rocket-lab-spacecraft-could-replace-it
  14. current T-0 of 7:15 EDT
  15. anvil clouds are obstructing the launch, expected to clear for launch by 6:30 pm edt
  16. two of the Themis spacecraft ended up orbiting the moon instead of the earth
  17. Nuri successfully placed a payload into orbit, meaning South Korea now has a domestic orbital launch capability https://spacenews.com/south-korean-rocket-puts-satellites-in-orbit-for-the-first-time-in-second-flight/
  18. too bad they don't have the upgraded astronaut complex that lets you do that in orbit
  19. Noting a lack of internal footage, when will we see the 0-g indicator?
  20. The last part is because at certain speeds there is a danger of the boosters recontacting the core
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