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  1. Hello everyone, I have a satellite requiring launching to space: The MapSat 1 'Minerva, The mission requirements/payload information are as follows: Name: MapSat 1 'Minerva, Type: Mapping satellite Price: 18,386 per unit Mass, part count, dimensions: 1.279t, 19 parts, 2.0m * 1.3m * 1.4m Note: These statistics (Price and mass,parts, dimensions) include the 1.25m adapter plate and separation device. Description of payload: A small satellite designed to map road systems for use with personal navigation Intended orbit: 100km * 100km, 98* inclination I am currently planning on using the Retrance II2 by @Abastro, but if anyone can provide a cheaper alternative, I may reconsider. The payload itself is here.
  2. Banned for replying in under a minute(Or two, I didn't time it)
  3. Banned for being inside my memes. I mean mate, do you really want to go there? It's dark...
  4. If I remember right it was an F11F that was the first jet to shoot itself down, during flight tests. A rather...interesting story indeed. Also, I'm loving the aircraft you guys have made, they look really good, especially compared to my builds. Keep up the good work
  5. It also seems to have a cut-and-paste version of @tetryds (Hope that's the right person) Aviator Arsenal expansion to BDA - All of the bombs, guns and turrets look identical to the ones in AA
  6. Eh, close enough, it was a ship either way And (Judging from previous builds) with you building her I'm sure she'll be beautiful...and very deadly
  7. I would guess the proposed (But never built) H-41 class German Battleship of the Kriegsmarine from WWII
  8. Banned for suggesting logic shouldn't be present in video games It's illogical to suggest such a thing
  9. Banned for editing the ban-comment-reason-thing
  10. Banned for being a prototype never put into series production
  11. Banned for not recognising the English Electric Lightning
  12. Banned for having too much yellow in the profile picture
  13. Banned for having more than one 'd'...in the username, of course
  14. Banned for having an even amount of rep
  15. Yeah, it wasn't really meant to be much of a challenge anyway, just a bit of fun
  16. Oh, I just have the UK flag by default, but but other than that it was slightly obvious
  17. Darn it, I was hoping it might take more than a couple of minutes
  18. After seeing @pTrevTrevs Panther and Skyraider builds, I decided I would create a historical aircraft. Now, seeing as Mr Salamander ( @He_162 ) has boasted about being able to identify (Almost) any aircraft from the start of the Second World War, I thought I would post the current state of my current project, named N.11/44 for secrecy reasons. Now, WIP thread, I challenge you to name that aircraft! Please note that correctly naming this aircraft does not result in any sort of 'reward' in the form of incomplete WIP builds of said aircraft. All correct guesses will result in the immediate release of self-satisfaction for correctly guessing the aircraft, then followed by confusion as to why you spend so long guessing aircraft on the so called 'internet'. As this has had ~10 minutes work done to it, this current build doesn't represent the final quality of project N.11/44.
  19. Ermaguhd...that Kitty...so purrdy (Ba-dum). Seriously though, it looks awesome man, nice replica. And here, have a cookie. What now Dave? What, they don't allow cookie distribution here? Never mind, have some Rep instead
  20. Amazing mission you have there, give it a few years and I might attempt something like it One thing, in the penultimate image of the Solar Bird (Where it is a top down view above Duna) you incorrectly labelled Duna as Kerbin. But hey, that's just nit-picking an incredible mission.