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  1. Well if you want 100% uptime to Eve, you gotta have 23.53Gm of range. So I'm using the root model with the .5 multiplier, but that only matters if two craft have different antenna. So my best omni at the moment is the Communotron 32 which reaches 2.5Mm. We need the total omni range to be 11.77Gm. Each additional communotron only adds 1.25Mm for me but let's assume you have the multiple antenna thing at 100%. You would need 4,708 antennas! That would take 2,829 electric charge per second, and they would weigh 47.08 TONS. Lol. All this to be said, we need to unlock the high power dishes a bit sooner so we can go to even and duna without doing the tier 1000 science node
  2. What do you mean infinitely combinable? I do have the multiple antennas multiplier on .5, but you can't be suggesting that I use omnidirectional antenna to get to another planet can you? You'd need like 1,000 of them to even get 1 gigameter!
  3. Zee, I love this mod! However, I have a suggestion. Please put the remote tech antennas needed to go to eve/duna lower on the tech tree. I shouldn't need to be doing a 1,000 science tech when I have ONLY been able to go the mun and minmus. And you need the KR14 or the Comm88 to have full distance to duna. I think those should be one or even two tiers lower on the list.
  4. Thanks. However, I've discovered I can't use procedural parts until the node craziness is fixed.
  5. Thanks for doing this! Just to be clear, I don't have to hit any combination of buttons to activate the heap padding (alt-end), it just works? Woops. Should have read previous posts. Thanks again!
  6. I'm having some issues, wondering if anyone can help. I just installed a fresh install of KSP, with a garden variety of mods. If I change the tank type a few types, I get this going on
  7. Sorry if this has already been asked, I tried looking through all the posts and didn't see anything. Has the stutter from xscience been fixed? or is it still an issue? About a year ago I remember people identified that Xscience was causing a stutter in KSP, and someone had posted a .dll or something that fixed it. Is that integrated into the mod now? Or is stutter still something that xscience creates? Thanks,
  8. So why can I only see the full 5 buttons in ship view now. In the space center or tracking station, I can't get the "little" map, that shows the spaceships orbit lines, and has much faster real time updating. I can only see the big map.
  9. I do have one more question. I'm really having trouble finding a contract pack that works well with GPP. Any suggestions? Or is the reality as barren as I think it is? I can always make up my own missions and cheat the rewards into play. But that's just not quite the same.
  10. Thank you so much. Now I can accurately figure out all sorts of fun delta V costs in my spreadsheet Half the fun of my KSP playthrough is all the math!
  11. Thank you! And yeah SGP is my abbreviation for GM. I forgot that it's not a real thing and I made it up lol. So I did figure out how to find the ap/pe from e & a. But is the e value rounded? Or is it set to exactly those values that are in the pictures like ".05" and such? So surface gravity is exactly the numbers it says it is? So that is the parameter that was set, along with radius, and then the standard gravitational parameter was dependent on those? Because I've been plugging in the "kerbin masses" to my spreadsheet. So if that's rounded, then I'm gonna have to go back and base all of them off of the surface gravity instead. Thank you for your help! Also, is there a list of the science multipliers for each body somewhere?
  12. Hello. I am starting a new playthrough with GPP, first time. And I'm wanting to make a spreadsheet with all the planetary body info including: SGP, Radius, Apoaps, Periaps. The radius is easy enough to find on the wiki. But the SGPs aren't given, and is only compared to "kerbin masses" with an accuracy of .01, which isn't enough decimals for my needs. Is there a place I can find the actual numbers? What is the actual SGP of Ciro? I saw 1.275x10^18 somewhere. Is that exact? Or rounded? And the other planets? And the apoaps & periaps aren't given. Just the semi major. Is there a good place to find those exact values? Thank you,
  13. I don't know if it's asking a lot or not... Would it be possible to get this mod to be able to upgrade remotetechs antennas with "more range"? So more omni range on the omni antennas, and more range on the single target antennas as well?