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  1. I just tried it in my game and it isn't showing up. There's no buttons on the toolbars and there's no precise manuever window showing up even when I make a manuever. The new vanilla one is showing up in the bottom left tho.
  2. is precise manuever working for you in 1.12? I can't even see the mod in the first place!
  3. Is there a place we can find the celestial body defaults vs. what this mod changes them to? I plan on using this with JNSQ and am wondering if I may need to tweak some of the numbers myself.
  4. Thanks for this. I did know about the rotational velocity piece but had kinda forgotten that would be a factor. However, I'm still very curious about even if you didn't land on the planet, and disregarding things like sun location. Does it actually change the dV requirements for ejection + insertion to go in front of vs. behind the mun? The main thinking is this: When you slingshot in front of the Mun, it slows down your orbit, reducing total orbital energy. Whereas when you slingshot behind it, it increases total orbital energy. And you NEED more orbital energy to "catch up" with the Mun when you get near it, since it's going faster than you, relative to Kerbin. So that seems to imply that it's going to be cheaper to get into a mun orbit from behind the mun, rather than in front of it, because you get more energy added to your orbit relative to Kerbin for "free" by being behind it. But I have no evidence of this and need a more complete explanation I think.
  5. https://imgur.com/a/2Rswyt3 can anyone explain what's going on here? I'm so confused on how this is failing to scan in a tiny little strip. It's lit by daylight as well. I'm also having weird issues where faster timewarp depletes electric charge compared to slower timewarp, but that's not this mod's fault of course.
  6. Hey all. I've played over a thousand hours and studied orbital mechanics as much as I can, but I STILL am having trouble understanding a few things... I will number them and try to organize the questions as best as I can. Example A. I am going to the Mun from Kerbin. Which of the following options would cost less dV total: Launch into a nice 90km orbit around kerbin, wait until i'm in the right spot for a nice prograde burn, and get a Mun intercept that way. Wait until the launch site of kerbin is pointing more or less "at" the Mun, and literally launch straight up and never even bother circularizing around Kerbin, get an intercept with the Mun, and then go from there. My gut tells me the intercept with the Mun will take less dV, but it will take more dV to do the insertion burn around the Mun. The question is which one is worth more? Example B. I am going to the Mun from Kerbin, which of the following costs less dV? I set up a Mun encounter where my craft, once entering the Mun's SOI, passes BEHIND the Mun (relative to the direction the Mun is orbiting Kerbin), and then I circularize at that periapsis. I set up a Mun encounter where my craft, once entering the Mun's SOI, passes IN FRONT of the Mun, and I circularize at that periapsis. Example C. I'm landed on the Mun with a craft and want to go back to Kerbin. Again, what's the most efficient? I launch in an eastward orbit and circularize at a low altitude (let's say 30km). Then I burn prograde such that my ejection from the Mun is directly "backwards" from the Mun's direction of travel, thus lowering my periapsis down to Kerbin. This would mean burning prograde when on the "front side" of the Mun, between Kerbin & the Mun. Same as #1 but in a WESTWARD orbit (which would put me on the far side of the Mun when burning prograde to get back to Kerbin). Neither 1 or 2, but actually go straight towards "backwards" from the mun. Launching in such a way that I never circularize around the Mun, but I eject from the mun away from the Mun's direction of travel, thus lowering periapsis to Kerbin. Thanks for your help everyone! Bonus question: what about planets, but the same as in example B. Should you encounter planets in front of them or behind them?
  7. Hello, Reading through some previous posts it seems like this issue has been brought up but I wanted to add my experience here. It seems like this mod double-counts the game difficulty setting for antenna multiplier. I am playing JNSQ so I decided to multiply my antenna ranges by 1.5 to ease my burden a bit. And the C2 high gain antenna is normally a 20m relay dish. So then in game it now shows it as 30m, but then if I place a single dish on a craft, it shows it as having 45m power. I have my own calculations in a spreadsheet so it's not the end of the world but I do really appreciate antenna helper. Thanks for all your work LGG, you're crazy incredible. Thanks,
  8. I don't know either of those. I'm also on the newest KSP update, is that the issue potentially? Most mods have been working fine but any number of things could have changed I wonder.
  9. I'm having an issue where no parts will show up for KRnD. I open up the menu in the VAB, select a part, and the window remains blank. I uninstalled tweakscale so I can't imagine why every single part isn't working? To add to this, in the VAB when I mouseover a part in the menu, it will show "R & D Upgrades: None", so it's like they have the R&D Module, but won't show the upgrade menu? Thanks,
  10. I'm having an issue and not sure if you can help or not, but I got that newest version of Kopernicus from your link, for 1.10.1, and got JNSQ from CKAN, and when I load up KSP, it's just stock planets and not JNSQ planets. Any ideas anyone? I may actually be an idiot... It's been a while since I loaded up KSP and I for some reason thought I was in GPP or something and the home planet was supposed to be named "gael". I forgot JNSQ kept Kerbin and some of the other planets and whatnot. All is well
  11. JNSQ! Jnsq is awesome. Quite a bit more challenging (5k dV to get to orbit), but not to RP-1 levels of realism.
  12. Will do. I'll probably fill in the rest of the bodies soon and then I can compare.
  13. Ah. That makes sense. Thanks for the explanation. I figured Kerbin might be an exception.
  14. Small bug/typo in celestialbodies.pdf. Gilly's solar day is listed as 16.669 hours when it is, in fact, 16.669 days. I think so, at least, because it's tidally locked. EDIT: I think I found another bug. Based on my calculations sheet, which agrees with all the OTHER solar bodies, Kerbin's SOLAR day is actually 1.003 days, whereas it's the Sidereal rotation period that is exactly 12 hours. Please let me know if this sounds wrong because my sheet is dumping out all the proper numbers for other bodies (at least they agree with celestialbodies.pdf), and I'm taking the rotationperiod number straight from the .cfg files! EDIT2: continuing to go through the celestialbodies.pdf. My calcs say that Ike has 22.118 DAYS and 22.854 DAYS for it's SRP/Solar day, not hours. Once again, please correct if I'm off but those seem like typos to me.
  15. Sorry to bother again. This time I believe I have found a bug with stock science interaction with sciencealert.. When I run the SC-9001 Science Junior from the sciencealert menu, and then hit "keep" on the resulting menu, I no longer have access to the data. When I right click on the science Jr, the only option is to "observe materials" but if I try to, it says "no more samples can be collected". Also worth noting that the doors on the part don't open when clicking the button, even though it does run the experiment and show the data popup window. I was able to get around this because I use the action groups editing mod and I could bind the "reset materials bay" to a hotkey, which then would reset it, but that option wasn't available in the right-click menu, nor could I "view data" via the right click menu like you usually can. Also, for reference, x-science here and now seemed to run the experiment as usual and open the science bay doors and then I could properly interact with the data via rick clicking on the science JR. KSP.log provided here. https://www.dropbox.com/s/o82t14e2vt0uyy6/KSP.log?dl=0 Also, you definitely don't get enough thank-yous for all the awesome mods you keep working for us. So thank you! Seriously. You are a huge service to the community.
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