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  1. I built a spaceplane to take things up to about 20 kilometers, where they will detach from the cargo bay and make their way into orbit. When I created a rocket to pair up with the plane in the VAB and merged it with the spaceplane in the SPH, I couldn't attach it to any part of the spaceplane, nor did any attachment nodes appear on the rocket. Can anyone help me out? Image
  2. No heat shield + parachute that scientists found dumpster-diving. What could possibly go wrong? Alison should draw reentry.
  3. I read an article on Dragon V2, and it mentioned that it would be able to land with parachutes or by burning retrograde and landing on legs. What is the point of burning retrograde when you can just use parachutes and have a lighter craft?
  4. Just how effective is the Oberth Effect? Do you guys have any examples of how much Δv you could save?
  5. Does KSP take the Oberth Effect into account?
  6. Honestly, if you think we're that stupid, please go post somewhere else.
  7. It got boring after I discovered how to exploit the game. (meaning give myself science and funds) After that, I just resorted to Sandbox. It was really helpful in that it slowly introduced me to new parts.
  8. Duna because my first contact with it was an accidental landing. Embarrassing as it is, I thought for some reason that its atmosphere started at 10K. I was trying to get a nice clean orbit while in the orbit map, and the ship just wouldn't align with the node! I finally go back into the normal camera mode to find out that my ship had a red glow around it. I ended up landing the ship without any landing gear. I think my favorite moon is Minmus, because I love to fly around with my RCS pack on EVA.
  9. Just a quick question about KSP's aerodynamic accuracy. If to wings were inside of each other, (and they were the same model) would the game see that as two wings and therefore twice the lift, or would it just count it as one wing?
  10. If you can be really careful about it, (meaning don't go overboard) just do a little quicksave file editing. However, this kind of ruins the fun of getting SSCIIIIEEEEEENCCEEE!!!!!! < (it only works if you say it out loud)
  11. Thank you for all your help, though nothing really worked. I just backed up my saves, uninstalled KSP, and then reinstalled.
  12. A little while ago I manually shut down KSP because of some serious lag issues. After relaunching the game, hitting "Resumed Saved" doesn't do anything. No matter how many times I relaunch the game, it still doesn't work. My save files are still in the correct location and seem to be just fine. Any ideas?
  13. I just installed Mechjeb2, and I am running into a really annoying problem. Every time I launch a mission with Mechjeb and go back into the VAB via revert or through the space center, the screen turns a light shade of blue. All of the UIs are still functional, and I can even click on parts (even though I can't see them.) Mechjeb2 is the only mod I have installed. Does anyone know how to fix this? My current method is to go into a different building and back, but this takes time.
  14. I installed it ok, but I can't unlock the Experimental Fusion parts on the tech tree because of "Nanolathing". I can't find this group on my tech grid, and everything else is unlocked.