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  1. Are there any syntax changes we need to look out for? Or will mods with current 1.8.1 compatibility still work?
  2. Yes, and we have a custom cfg for it. While it dims it, I tried to accomplish a dark aesthetic with the skybox so people could play without DOE as well.
  3. Ground stations are exactly where they are in stock. They don’t move. Have you made the recommended adjustments to the DSN modifier? If not, you will have a much harder time getting things working.
  4. Continental shape are different. It’s not the kerbin you have seen for 9 years.
  5. I replaced the stock one because it’s too bright, and it has seams in the corners. lol but really, while it’s an improvement over the old stock one, the current one is far too bright. Technically, even the one that ships with JNSQ is too bright. It would appear damn near black everywhere, but to break the monotony, I made the stars more visible.
  6. Ah well you would have been disappointed with AVP then. It’s city lights are made for the Kerbin in the stock game. The land masses on Kerbin in JNSQ are completely different, to they would have been misaligned.
  7. Oh, there will be problems. Monoliths will be buried or floating, anomalies probably won’t be in the position, and things like that. Everything else should be fine.
  8. You will need to perform your own surgery and cfg manipulation. Astronomers is not supported by us. Astronomers is built around stock scale. JNSQ is 1/4 real scale. Cloud altitude will be an issue. Also, we made changes to the stock bodies where astronomers will not make sense. jnsq comes prepackaged with its own visuals and essentially it’s own OPM and it wouldn’t match the same aesthetic anyway.
  9. If your monitor can be set to 24hz refresh rate, you would just need to enable vsync. It will lock the FPS to the refresh rate of the monitor. I don’t think you can set it via cfg or within the settings.
  10. I will likely update it eventually as I have a lot of nice textures for the new shader. We’ll see. What squad has provided so far has done a really nice job at replacing this mod.
  11. Kopernicus is on 1.8.1, and work is slow on 1.9, but happening nonetheless. Also, Sigma Dimensions works like a charm in 1.8.1. Rescale! Will also work on 1.8.1, just ignore the AVC warning. I need to update it and remove that.
  12. Any and all planet packs use Kopernicus by default, but that doesn’t mean it’s a Kopernicus error. NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at AtmosphereFromGround.UpdateAtmosphere (Boolean updateAll) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at AtmosphereFromGround.LateUpdate () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 this is an issue within a cfg in RSS. I would bring this up with the RSS team.
  13. I don’t what you are trying to say, but logs would be of some use here.
  14. Keep in mind, the required updates for he new atlas shader has not been implemented, so things will still be very broken at the moment if you attempt to use the ultra shader stuff.
  15. I just finished the series so far, and it’s awesome. Btw Duna’s sunsets and sun rises are quite like Mars, blue and awesome.
  16. Just make a copy of your 1.8.1 year install, and call use that for the time being.
  17. Remove all of your mods besides SVE and it’s dependencies. Add mods back a few at a time to find the culprit. This isn’t an SVE issue, I can tell you that much
  18. It would be pretty easy. I may have to do that and we should be more clear in the readme and OP too, I suppose.
  19. JNSQ provides its own visuals, to include terrain textures. SVT is dead, and SVE is for stock. Neither mod will work correctly with JNSQ.
  20. Post an image of your gamedata folder. I think you have mods that are not supposed to be installed.
  21. He has scatterer, and will surely see the purple once he gets on the surface
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