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  1. Thought I'd get back into KSP after a long time, glad to see how so many brilliant mods like Kerbalism have grown so much, however, it's not all without problems. There's this rather obnoxious game freeze when I transmit science. Every time a bit of science is uploaded, the game freezes for a second. Wondering if this is a known problem or incompatibility between mods. The only mods I have that touch science and uploading is Kerbalism and [x] Science!.
  2. Would it be possible to make this work with CRP and its hydrogen fuels rather than 'liquid fuel'?
  3. My thinking is that it may be due to the x64 bit limit. TBG would never be possible in x32, but if you have SO many stars with so many planets around them and so many moons around those, you may be hitting the x64 bit limit, causing inaccuracies in the lower end of float variables which will cause truncated decimals. Those truncated decimals will be misplaced meshes/collisions, not dissimilar to what RSS had back when KSP was x32.
  4. Tried doing the Kick Off Space Tourism contract, and it refuses to realize that my periapsis above 75,000m, or even that I'm in orbit... Don't know what to do. EDIT: Well nevermind then... seems doing a quick save and reload fixed it...
  5. Wormholes may be a bit ambitious for someone who has yet to even get their feet wet in KSP modding, but it'll eventually be feasible. And as for billboards and distance fog - I am curious how Unity handles volumetric fog. If it can handle it, it might be possible to put in a non-physical nebula that people can fly through. Though I'm going to be honest here and think that neither are within my reach right now. For now, I'm just going to work my way up and familiarize myself with the program you've made.
  6. Yea, I know C++, and self-taught quite a few others from that knowledge, and I know scraps of C#, though it's pretty easy to learn the syntax. What did you have in mind?
  7. Staying up way too late here, but looking through all the posts and seeing everything going on, it kinda makes me want to dust off my programming skills and contribute.
  8. I'm so excited for this mod, it can't come soon enough! Though that doesn't mean I want you to rush. Anywho, been watching this thread closely ever since Kottabos made that video and am waiting patiently for more complexity!
  9. I can confirm this. Although the new versions of 4.1 and 3.1 are up on CKAN, there is a CryoTanks 3.0 version as well which KA and CE both require. And it's that 3.0 CryoTanks that is causing the bug to continue on CKAN installs.
  10. Went through all my mods, and if you have Cryogenic Tanks, that's what's doing it for me. Problem disappeared when I uninstalled it as well as when I had a clean install except for Cryogenic tanks and the problem popped back up. EDIT: though despite google not showing any results about it, it seems Nertea already knows about this problem.
  11. Same thing here. It happened before I installed Contract Configurator (was hoping that would fix it, but it doesn't). Rather than posting a log and load order, I'm going to just push through each mod I have and find out which one is doing it then report to that mod's thread. I'll report back here with the suspected mod.
  12. IIRC from the 1.1 KSP release, Nertea said that it is technically compatible with future updates, but it won't have all the features he wants in it until the mod is officially updated. So you can install it, but it won't do much on its own without other mods populating the tech nodes.
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