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  1. Did they have the improved landing legs on this one or was that not happening until block 5?
  2. Not sure if you have seen this yet or not, but there is some Z-fighting on the tribus probe bus.
  3. Wouldnt mind giving her a spin. I use RSS if you need to test it there.
  4. Like stevie said, only the inner engines have gimbling on them, so maybe you could split it up into two parts; the outer two rings being their own piece at 7.5 or 10m, and a seven nozzle inner part at 2.5 or 3.75m with gimbling on a hidden attachment node. The video showed the boost-back burn with the center cluster and the middle ring firing all at once, but the landing was only on the center cluster. If you did it that way, you wouldn't have to worry about multiple mode switching or setting 42 engines individually.
  5. Or he could do what he did with his other engine groups and make one engine with 42 engines and do a mode switch.
  6. No problem. I cant play without it.
  7. good transfer burn .
  8. @sojournerI knew it would be coming faster, but i thought its landing velocity would be more like the one from last month. those legs certainly aren't as dainty as they look.
  9. is it just me or did it seem to land kinda hard?
  10. Thanks! also, does this have compatibility with real plume?
  11. could you possibly put up a github or curse link for this as kerbalstuff is no longer among the living?
  12. You might want to add Contares by Hraban to supported mods as his pack actually requires realplume to work.
  13. If you are still thinking about making an effect for leaking tanks might I suggest that you use an effect similar to the cool rockets ice effect at launch, but with more particles? Also, as for crew pod damage, maybe if you have a life support mod you could have it leak oxygen and water?