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  1. Guess they should have been either a bit less graditum, or a bit more open about what they actually have at the moment.
  2. No, if you don't let any exhaust escape, you won't get any net thrust. Like what was said earlier, pulling up on your own shoe laces doesn't lift you off the ground, in the same way that blowing into a balloon doesn't move you forward because none of the air escapes to produce thrust. You effectively must lose something to gain something, in this case it's propellant for thrust. Nothing is ever free according to physics.
  3. The only thing I can think of after watching that is that it sounds like a TIE fighter
  4. So, I guess we can officially say raptor is the highest chamber pressure engine to ever fly now... Is anybody else vibrating with excitement?
  5. I don't know, I wouldn't think a blowoff valve would pulse like that
  6. I don't think so, I believe Ariane 5 was flying before the 5m Atlas V was flying. I guess they could have bought it from Arianespace, but I doubt that because Ariane probably uses them more often.
  7. Is it bad if I had to think about it? </S>
  8. Dang, was really hoping she could get that mythical 100%. Vega has always been my favorite ESA launcher.
  9. Man, that's unfortunate. How many more flights did the original Vega have before Vega c replaced it?
  10. It doesn't need a separator between it and the kick stage, I didn't see an ejection force on it? It tried to spin the entire second stage along with it. I should mention that I am using 1.6.1, so maybe the breaking ground expansion adds some plugins to the stock game that I just don't have.
  11. Is there a dependency for the turntable to actually spin or am I just using it wrong?
  12. Sorry if this has been asked before, but is there a way to re-enable the G limiter?
  13. Huh, never seen that happen on other launches before, but makes sense. I almost thought they blew a nozzle out like ATK did a few weeks back.
  14. Anyone else wondering what all those little flecks were that came out just before booster sep? Looked like the right side booster flashed a bit as it happened too.
  15. Only problems with your logic is that the moon is much easier to get to, and at certain times Mars is far more dangerous, like the EDL phase, or the journey there. I agree that Mars is humanities future, but we just aren't ready yet. We can easily set something up on the moon at this point, but we don't have the experience in landing anything larger than the curiosity rover on Mars yet, so it is a good idea to take baby steps for now.