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  1. You would think that after failing their first flight, Boeing would have gone over every line of code on that thing with a fine tooth comb. It's pretty amazing.
  2. That's not ideal. It's a shame too, the electron was such an interesting little rocket.
  3. Just had a dream a few nights ago that reminded me of this thread. Actually thought of this thread in the dream, so I guess I'm on this forum too much. I had my phone and was trying to text someone. I was interacting with it more or less normally, but kept making mistakes like the calibration was off on the touch screen. I would try and type in an e and an a would come up. I would have to make three or four attempts before I got the right letter, but it only happened once every few sentences. Finally I just said screw it and then the dream changed. That usually is what ends up happening to me whenever I do something like that, but if I try something more complex like fly a jet or something (I play a decent amount of DCS World), I have no issues.
  4. Can't stay somewhere you've never been.
  5. The Zenit has been a pretty reliable launcher AFAIK, so nothing really wrong with modernizing it a la Soyuz. Then again, claiming it as a next generation rocket seems a bit dubious. Kinda like saying Iran's Saeqeh is a completely new plane. Everyone knows they are lying, but its good for PR.
  6. Currently operational: Falcon heavy, because "holy flying f___!" Retired: Delta II & III, something about the boosters just made them both look awesome. Also Titan IV, most elegant looking monster rocket ever made. Planned: SS+SH, because absolutely groundbreaking.
  7. He said he would go to Mars iirc, just not on the first flight. Also, NS has been flying for what feels like 6 years now? It's been proven to be safe. That said, even with that head start I think a full stack SS+SH will have more flights by the end of the year than NS.
  8. So there is actually a chance it flies IRL before it flies in ksp2? Wow, never thought I'd see the day.
  9. A human also can't lift anything to orbit, so it's not exactly a fair comparison. The ball and socket joint of the shoulder is pretty weak (I would know, dislocated it twice pole vaulting in highschool), but they won't be using a joint like that. It's gonna be a joint similar to falcon 9, just way beefier.
  10. To me at least, it looked like it was coming from the nozzle extension. IIRC, the C1-1 is just the A4-2N with some 3d printed parts replacing some of the machined ones. Doesn't seem to have effected anything as far as the telemetry goes, and there didn't seem to be any extra RCS firing to compensate either.
  11. Has the RL-10 always wobbled like that?
  12. Yeah, transporting engines on a truck out in the open is such a terrible idea. Clearly nobody would be crazy enough to do that. It would make those engines unreliable and bad. Certainly a scissor lift would be the worst place for a rocket engine. Nobody would ever do that. Seriously, why is this a bad thing? The engines are robust enough to be transported like a regular piece of equipment and still work. If you can treat something as complicated as a rocket engine the same way you would treat an engine going into a truck and it still works, it just proves that the engine can work outside of a lab test environment. If you are depending on an engine to land on another planet after multiple burns, vibrations from adjacent engines, and the stress of reentry, I would hope it can take a ding from safety chain or some dust.
  13. Yeah, the company named SpaceX, as in Space Exploration Technologies, who is partnered with NASA for missions to everywhere in the solar system, is only interested in one planet. MarsX was taken I guess
  14. I won't argue that they are cheaper than people seem to think (I've seen people say a single RL-10 is about the same cost as an entire falcon 9), but I still believe a falcon 9 with crew dragon is considerably cheaper than an Atlas V N22, considering you get most of the important stuff back. The enclosed DC with folding wings was meant to be cargo only iirc, so it wouldn't have any abort system.
  15. Well, even if we assume starliner doesn't blow out it's thrusters this time due to an error that should have been caught, it will still probably be replaced by dragon just based on price alone. Just the RL-10s alone are almost as much as an entire falcon 9, and those RD-180s can't be cheap either. Even switching to vulcan doesn't help all that much in that regard, every proposed version still uses RL-10s.
  16. Once again, SpaceX proves they are really good at doing "impossible" things. Now I just gotta figure out how to get this dumb grin off my face...
  17. If it had a heat sheild and landing guidance, probably. SpaceX is pretty good at doing what they say they are going to do, and doing it faster than any other company or organization.
  18. Really hoping all those improvements make that landing work. I'm getting tired of telling my coworkers "yeah, they launched. Yeah, it blew up again"
  19. Have we heard anything regarding propellant? I would think if they were to stay with electric pumps, switching to methalox would be a trivial thing. Deal with different propellant densities by adjusting the rpm of the pumps, maybe a slight change in diameter. I only assume methalox because it's close to kerolox in density, and everyone and their brother seems to be using it now.
  20. Can't wait to see what happened there, almost looked like an off-nominal shutdown during the entry burn.
  21. Well, that's a new background... It will last until Mary posts the sunrise version.
  22. Any word on if they got TFRs for another hop attempt today?
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