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  1. Don't want to speak for mcdouble but he isn't really active anymore it seems. He is likely done/taking a break from modding. Sucks because H3 is being launched soon and would have loved to have his mod include it.
  2. Any chances in a future update of having recolors for Saturn parts? I think the new KSP dev video influenced me suggesting this. I have no idea what colors would even look great but would be nice I guess.
  3. Appreciate the reply! Your latest github upload seems to be bugged for me at least. The game stops loading with the following being stuck. (Game not frozen, loading screen changes just won't load further) Assuming its something with the engine listed.
  4. Glad to hear, this may sound stupid but are the configs made so you have to individually put each part name or can you not do some sort of like modulemanager thing to apply to all parts? I'm typi9ng this while driving sorry
  5. I've installed this mod through ckan after github didn't work for me. It still doesn't work. I say this because I'm looking at the same part as you are and trying near future, but see none of the additional information that should be showing when inspecting the part. Is there a secret dependency/requirement? Let me know what you need to help. edit: fixed, somehow had another config installed. Will BDB be added anytime soon? I know it's a huge mod but man it's the best.
  6. Pretty solid mod, getting used to it. I hope the textures do improve in the future. If they reach Kerwis levels I'll be so happy. We've needed a proper chinese space mod! The other mod linked to represent the Shenzhou and everything else is not the same size as this mod so makes it incompatible. The docking ports cant dock for example. Also, how do you get the fairings to work? I've tried everything I could think of... The craft files are bugged too, the parts are weird.
  7. Oh never even seen this mod. It seems alright, but Kerwis (to me at least) has considerably way better textures/art style.
  8. How am I just now seeing this? Nice!
  9. Nice! Like the look of the models so far, might be competition for the other europe launcher mod (knes i think)
  10. What is the resolution for this? I feel like I can touch it. If only this could be replicated in-game.
  11. I figured later that was just probably it. I looked at the thread seeing if anything mentioned no sounds and didn't see it so thought it might be something on my part too. Thanks!
  12. Great screenshots! What mods are you using for the Cape and planet overall?
  13. I wasn't aware @Invaderchaosreleased Kepler? Never saw it or see it in game
  14. Cool mod, would be nice if the engine attachment point on the bottom of the craft was a little easier to place an engine.
  15. Small bug I found (I think) This is the advanced heat shield, these markings stay on the part regardless of the paint job.
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