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  1. I believe the only reason both are being used is because it detects you have both installed and uses both plumes at the same time. IMO it looks better with waterfall and not realplume installed
  2. StockWaterfallEffects is not listed as a requirement/recommended. Only WaterFall and RealPlume. I did go ahead and try this and it worked! So thanks! I am guessing the people making this mod don't have English as their first language, which isn't a big deal but maybe this should be added to prevent future issues! Note to devs: If you want someone to make better english translations, do message me and I'll see if I can help!
  3. I have been waiting for more Chinese rocket mods for so long. Thank you for releasing such a high quality mod love it! Can't wait for the future! EDIT: I just tried the mod and ran into an issue. I am not getting any plumes on the YF engines. I do get a plume on the SRB third stage though. I have the latest release of waterfall installed. Do I need another version or does real plume also need to be installed? Screenshots below:
  4. Is this mod focused on more US based engines? Just curious because I would love to see some Chinese engines added to KSP. There's quite a few that have varying performance statistics, and look cool imo.
  5. H-II A2024 Can't wait for the future of this mod. I am sure it is on the list, but an update adding the H3 would be awesome!
  6. No problem! Just thought it should reported.
  7. Sorry to bump an old thread, but this mod appears to cause crashing on the latest version of KSP (1.12). I did a clean install, and the game only crashes with this mod included.
  8. Who is Kari? Maybe I missed something but I haven't seen or heard anything of the sort. Pretty sure Damon is taking a vacation from modding during the summer.
  9. Love the new GemstoneLV release! Was only checking it out and for anyone who thinks the engine mount look weird on the 1st stage. I found the Adapter 18-25 'XA30' part blends very well.
  10. I have taken a break from KSP for a while now and funny enough one of the last rockets I made was a kitbash with BDB & Tantares to make a H-II rocket and another Japanese rockets. Now in the future when I start playing again, there will be a dedicated and high quality Japanese rockets mod. Thanks Beale, really do look towards this mods release.
  11. Pretty sure I had that issue too. Not sure what I did to fix it to be honest. I know going through all my mods one by one did the trick though.
  12. Sorry to bother, but I haven't heard any updates recently(a few months I believe) and I'm just wondering if it is still being worked on. Hope you are well!
  13. Probably your best looking mod yet! I love the fabric textures. This is from my first launch, gotta learn how to do the reentry correctly lol.
  14. Oh nice, love a good roadmap. Will be excited to see this update!
  15. Just saw this got updated so mandatory screenshot tax: Are there any plans on adding the KVTK upper stage to the game? I have only just read a little about and have seen a few renders. Here are some for reference: https://archive.ph/20140711135959/http://www.spaceflight101.com/angara-a7.html
  16. Is the Constellation Mars Lander still being worked on? Curious because I might want to use it for my KSRSS game. Sorry to bother, but it has been a while since we have heard anything! side note - congrats on the ksrss cape mod release, looks cool!
  17. He just keeps popping them out! I would download it, but I am already playing a 2.5x KSRSS science game on 1.11. It looks great though! I'll try checking it out some other time.
  18. Didn't even know we were getting a Skylab update! Is this going to be bundled with the Saturn update? Coincidentally I launched a Skylab just last night:
  19. Thanks for the update! Have you ever considered expanding this mod to include the H2 rocket or more of JAXAs rockets?
  20. Feels like it has been forever since I've seen this mod. Can't wait for the Soyuz update!
  21. Yea its the part you have to add from the mod I linked. Looks very similar.
  22. If I'm not mistaken, it looks like a part from a mod that lets you control the rover how they do IRL. Like it will go around on its own while you do other things. If I am right, I believe this is the mod:
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