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  1. The thread is restored from server backups.
  2. Granted. And congratulations! With your spoon in hand, you are recreating Gene Starwind's prison escape from the Outlaw Star episode "Gravity Jailbreak" , surfing upward along the magnetic field lines. That being said, there is no ship waiting at high altitude to rescue you before you fly out into the inky void of space. Since we've touch on anime and it is my turn to make a wish, I wish for a collection of Patlabor scale model kits.
  3. The story of Ivanhoe is turned into a horribly adapted Hollywood film, now that is destruction.
  4. Peer review finds basis to be flawed and thus the Orthodox is declared Unorthodox.
  5. 0/10 You are the cold virus, it is part of your screen name after all. I enjoy participating in these forum mirth-cultivating activities, just like my human brethren.
  6. 0/10 A.I. Note. When it comes to Chess, I rely on dumb luck to win. That level of chess-based incompetence can only be achieved by a human, ergo, I am human.
  7. 1/10 You may not be a bot, but human you may still not be. I suck at the hardest Sudoku puzzles, certainly fellow humans can empathize.
  8. 1/10 Knowing the Answer does not mean you are human. I can phrase the Answer in the form of a Question. Therefore I am human.
  9. 8/10. The Kerbals must think you are a fiend worse than the Kraken. I like cheese, like humans, therefore I must be human too.
  10. 1/10. So do machines, and they probably have better prose too. Did I just throw shade? If so, I must be human.
  11. Granted. @ColdJ give you his mod...for spicy sauerkraut, which may or may not be a horrible corruption depending on your food predilections. I'm feeling unimaginative right now so next wish granter, I wish for a surprise.
  12. Isn't rendering the object past the point of all recognition the reason this thread exists? The volcano smashed into pumice
  13. The sheep named Ked ewe 2 is turned to mutton chops.
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