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  1. G'day mate. Your wish has been granted. You're in Esperance, Australia, July 12th 1979. It is just past the midnight hour. You are standing in the midst of the outback when you see bright streaks in the night sky. One appears almost motionless for a short while, but then appear to draw nearer. Get ready to receive Skylab, albeit, a giant chuck of it. I wish to visit the last of the Babylon stations, that shining beacon in space, all alone in the night.
  2. Granted. You are issued a party balloon and ordered to inflate it and then release it. Mundane?, yes. But a rocket it is. I wish to stop having hallucinations while trying to sleep.
  3. Granted. And his name, Mr. Freeze. Mr Freeze be freez'n up your hood. I wish for infinity G-2 pen refills.
  4. Granted. The hacking mod gives the kerbal sprites realistic coughing animation. I wish for a window mounted heat pump.
  5. Granted, but for a weird reason, they are live streaming the derelict upper stage presently on burn n crash's lawn. It does not make for interesting viewing and it means the crew and viewers miss out on live streaming a more captivating and inspiring launch. A young child watching the stream is never inspired to pursue engineering. As a result, this child never invents the hyperdrive when they grow up. Without this technology, humanity lacks the means to escape the Sun's premature nova in 200 years time, dooming the species. I wish to have fried giganto-mantis shrimp meal.
  6. Granted. But you are not provided with a reusable first stage....nor any launch support equipment of any kind. Thus, your newly acquired upper stage becomes nothing more than an really big, and useless, lawn ornament. I wish for human-sized mantis shrimp to move freely upon the land.
  7. Granted. On the one hand, atmospherically optimized NTR's expand humanities space-faring horizons. However, I hope you have a lead-lined rain coat and galoshes when going out into a radioactive rainstorm. I wish a new computer.
  8. Granted. It becomes the latest flavor of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and becomes a popular success. You get one free tub for the idea, but shall never see a dime of the profits. I wish for an airfoil.
  9. Granted. Assuming you wanted an opportunity to photograph 'Oumuamua anew, it is flung back towards the Solar System to make a very spectacular arrival to your very doorstep. I wish for a decent pair of sunglasses to witness this intense event before succumbing to the subsequent thermal pulse thereafter.
  10. Granted. You get the Nuke you need. But the price you pay is having your brain and much of your spinal cord put into a robot. Which may sound cool at first thought. "Yeah, I'll be a bad-ascii robot like in RoboCop 2!". However, the robot is meant to perform mundane manufacturing tasks. I wish for a corrosion free car.
  11. Granted. The Lol-o-tron 9001 is yours, free!, for Ninety-nine, Ninety-nine, Nine-tee-Nine! I wish Mike the TV was real.
  12. Granted. However, it the settings menu, there are only two additional names that can be selected aside from the default name. Those are called "Default 2" and "Default 3". I wish never hallucinate again after waking from a nightmare.
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