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  1. From what I read, the Io's Footprint is the aurora-like interaction between the Jovian atmosphere and the Io Flux Tube, a structure that magnetically links Jupiter to Io.
  2. 6/10 Machines would not have a need to drink banana milk shakes. However you could still be an non-human who has developed a penchant for consuming the tasty concoction. This gives me the idea of using banana milk shake as a component for tres leche cake. Culinary experimentation confirms I am human.
  3. Granted. You receive a giant box, twice the size of your house. It is labeled "Contains: Thunderbird 1 (unintelligible)". Excitedly you set about opening this ludicrously sized parcel, anticipating reaching your prize. After awhile, you break into the large cavernous interior but to your dismay, there seems to be nothing inside. As your eyes adjust to the darkness, the light from outside all that you have to illuminate your way, you see what looks like a pedestal, upon which sits a small box. It is a scale model of Thunderbird 1, what is more....assembly is required. I wish for a wonderful review for the narrative I have just weaved.
  4. To add. According to the Glenn Research Center's write up on rocket nozzles, alternatives such as a plug nozzle (the kind used on many types of garden hose attachments) boast some advantages over De Lavel nozzles in terms of "matching exit pressure". As I recall a function of a De Laval nozzles efficiency is in it's ability to maintain optimum exit pressure is limited by the fact that the nozzles are shaped to be optimally efficient within a specific range of altitudes, above or below which pressure effect from ambient environment erode efficient operations. According to Glenn's, Plug nozzle offer a wider flight regime for pressure matching. However, plug nozzles are heavier than De Laval nozzles. This might offset the advantages such a nozzle configuration might provide.
  5. The super-hot gases from the Kaboom are allowed to cool and condense. The condensate is collect, further distilled, bottled, and sold at a grocery store near you.
  6. 5/10. AI bots and non-human life forms can be taught to play KSP. Like my fellow humans, I felt saddened by killing Jeb in a tragic jet plane accident.
  7. 2259 And the name of the place, is Babylon 5!
  8. The thread is restored from server backups.
  9. Granted. And congratulations! With your spoon in hand, you are recreating Gene Starwind's prison escape from the Outlaw Star episode "Gravity Jailbreak" , surfing upward along the magnetic field lines. That being said, there is no ship waiting at high altitude to rescue you before you fly out into the inky void of space. Since we've touch on anime and it is my turn to make a wish, I wish for a collection of Patlabor scale model kits.
  10. The story of Ivanhoe is turned into a horribly adapted Hollywood film, now that is destruction.
  11. Peer review finds basis to be flawed and thus the Orthodox is declared Unorthodox.
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