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  1. Granted. It becomes the latest flavor of Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream and becomes a popular success. You get one free tub for the idea, but shall never see a dime of the profits. I wish for an airfoil.
  2. Granted. Assuming you wanted an opportunity to photograph 'Oumuamua anew, it is flung back towards the Solar System to make a very spectacular arrival to your very doorstep. I wish for a decent pair of sunglasses to witness this intense event before succumbing to the subsequent thermal pulse thereafter.
  3. Granted. You get the Nuke you need. But the price you pay is having your brain and much of your spinal cord put into a robot. Which may sound cool at first thought. "Yeah, I'll be a bad-ascii robot like in RoboCop 2!". However, the robot is meant to perform mundane manufacturing tasks. I wish for a corrosion free car.
  4. Granted. The Lol-o-tron 9001 is yours, free!, for Ninety-nine, Ninety-nine, Nine-tee-Nine! I wish Mike the TV was real.
  5. Granted. However, it the settings menu, there are only two additional names that can be selected aside from the default name. Those are called "Default 2" and "Default 3". I wish never hallucinate again after waking from a nightmare.
  6. Granted. You manage to give the Void quite a fright. But it reacts to you much like an arachnophobe would after being momentarily startled by a spider, the Void just swats you flat. I wish that I own a Rutan Long EZ.
  7. Granted, you have a life-time supply of chili dogs....only it's the sodium-free variety. I wish to know if that guarantee is voided in Tennessee.
  8. Granted. The WERE Vampire program is implemented worldwide, treating the formerly un-dead, rehabilitating them and reintegrating them as normal and productive members of society. I wish for an english breakfast with blood sausage.
  9. Granted. It is the beginning of the 1 Century AD. In the Library of Alexandria, appearing out of nowhere, in the midst of patrons and scholars, is a strange rectangular shaped contraption. On either side is a square shaped jewel, one flat and dark, the other rounded and transparent. It is unclear what its function is. One curious patron, Jeb, decided to exam the device. Seizing it up, he roughly handles the mysterious object, so much so that the device become damaged. Crudely prying a panel, Jeb's tool pierces into the device. There is a bright flash and smoke appears, then a blaze rages out from device. The flames set fire to the table Jeb was seated at, which had other objects stacked upon it. These are consumed by the flames too and in short order the great Library of Alexandria burns to the ground. I wish this scenario becomes a movie.
  10. Granted. However, being the second largest object in the Kerbol System in terms of size and mass, the delta-V requirements are so large that landing on the surface is impossible to achieve. Thus, all these worlds are yours. Except Jool, attempt no landing there. I wish Jool was compressed into a green candy.
  11. Granted. Connection is maintained through out download. However the file received is corrupted and unusable. I wish that there exists recycling service for corrupt/ defective computer files.
  12. *Wish granter is a certain being with the voice of Ron Perlman. Granted. You see, before there was anything, there was nothing. And before there was nothing....there were Monsters! And such wretched beast used a terrifying and horrible tongue that for a mere mortal were to hear it, they would surely go insane out of fright. Behold! It is the language of Doooom! ... I wish not to be present at the venue where this ghastly creature is offering such a dreadful dissertation.
  13. Votum tuum concessum est. Google modo utere. I wish getting Latinum was easier.
  14. Granted. A disgruntled Italian-plumber ascends from the plumbing in your bathroom, berates you for not realizing Avogadro's heritage while pummeling you with fire balls. Then, after inflicting substantial emotional damage and leaving you partially charred from the barrage of insults and fire, he departs back down the tube from whence he came. I wish for one Mole of Avocados.
  15. Granted. In your backyard is a stack of boxes, one of which has the words "Dr. Frankenstein's Tower" painted haphazardly on one face. I wish to possess some of those boxes.
  16. Granted. KSP forum hires additional mods. One has attitude problem and penchant for banning people. You find yourself in his cross-hairs and wind up banned. I wish for more coffee.
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