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  1. I've flown before I can say that is not true most of the time. Most landings are pretty benign affairs especially in light airplanes. I can see a few modes where that statement maybe true. Landing in incredibly poor weather conditions Aircraft carrier landings Landing on an "off field" strip (think bush pilots) ^Either of these operations being conducted at night.
  2. The BOB is a fine looking ship Astrobond. I completed some satellite contracts; one was to place a satellite into polar orbit around Kerbin and another in equatorial orbit around the Mun This is ORSAT-4. The fourth contract satellite I place in orbit. Upon reaching orbit the upper stage is jettisoned. MORSAT-1 is the first contract Satellite around the Mun. It is identical to ORSAT-4. Much like ORSAT-4 the upper stage is jettisoned away once orbital parameters specified in the contract were achieved. Honestly I made the error of using the boosters that lofted heavier payloads for these two spacecraft. Upon completing the contract I still had plenty of fuel left in the upper stages. In the future a smaller upper stage should be used. Finally I created a spreadsheet calculator for burn time using a formula someone posted on this site (I can't recall who to be honest)
  3. $40 is a fair price to pay for a game like KSP. There are games that are "free" or priced at a lower price but exact a larger toll for DLC, micro-transactions and the cost of internet connectivity (many require an internet connection for basic operate).
  4. Jeb has shuttled a brave space tourist Bobdard into Munar orbit aboard the Corvus 5; christened "Last Best Hope..." Anyway while passing through the Mun's SOI Bobdard saw this awesome sight of a crescent Kerbin peaking above the Mun and he just had to snap a photo of it. Being on a free-return trajectory "Last Best Hope..." returned into kerbin SOI roughly an hour later. The re-entry trajectory is a too steep so a slight burn will be required to shallow out the re-entry corridor.
  5. What is it with people wanting to see creepy things right before going to bed? Even I sometime will see the creepy videos from youtubers like Danger Dolan an hour or so before I go to bed...and thus should not be surprised at being jumpy to every single noise I hear in the middle of the night. Anyway what you experienced is basically sleep paralysis. I have had many episodes similar to this. For me I began experiencing this type of parasomia almost 12 years ago. The initial experience is alarming. But once you know what it is; that it is not an alien abduction or a demon entering into your midst, each subsequent event isn't so frightening. I don't experience it much anymore but it does still happen from time to time.
  6. What makes a 5th generation fighter is not so much how large a fighter is. The F-35 is a much smaller airframe compared to the F-22, the Chinese J-20, or the Russian T-50. Yet the Lightning II is a 5th generation fighter. The key areas that define a 5th generation fighter are: Low observability techniques used to drastically reduce a warplanes radar, infrared, acoustic, electronic and visual signatures Sensors and on board computer systems that provide the pilot with unparalleled situational awareness. My thoughts from the beginning of reading this thread is that the challenge of designing a true facsimile of a fifth generation plane on KSP is more or less impossible. There are no means gauge signature reductions. There are no means to replicate the onboard sensory and computer processing capabilities of these planes on KSP (which is why I suppose Halsfury has focused on performance and design metrics rather than what defines a 5th generation plane in real life).
  7. Back when I was playing the earlier versions of KSP I had developed designations for certain types of equipment that I continue to use today. KTA designated test articles; craft that will not be a flight vehicle and used for static test stands for engines, parts, part configurations and such. KTR are assigned to rockets; usually one off designs, that are built for flight testing or some unusual flight circumstance that will not be used again. Sometimes though; a successful KTR type may get used as a production rocket; which brings me to the next designation... KSR are assigned to production rockets with standardized sub-assemblies. For instance in the Ver 1.02 game I am running now there are presently four types of standardized rockets I employ. U is used to designate utility aircraft Y is assigned for test aircraft SA is assigned to aircraft with the capability to operate both within the Kerbin atmosphere and in space. I only had one spaceplane from .23 that could achieve sub-orbital flight; therefore it received the SA designation. T is assigned to training aircraft NOMAD: A name given to all interplanetary probes. Its a direct reference to the NOMAD probe from the original Star Trek series. Other probe names are words that are synonymous with the word "nomad"; wanderer, ruroni, traveler, etc.
  8. I was studying for a Bachelor's in Aeronautical Science and would have gotten a commercial pilot certificate had I finished. I logged a couple hundred hours of actual flight time and still have a pilot certificate (been a long time since I last flew though)
  9. I could be mistaken but what you are experiencing is what is called "dutch" rolling. The first three paragraphs of the wiki regarding dutch rolling should give you an idea of what the phenomena is. Of particular interest is that the effect is amplified by swept wings and dihedral. In your case I might suggest drastically reducing the amount of diherdal you have your wings set to. Also if my recollection of flight dynamics is correct a larger vertical tail surface should also help.
  10. As funny as that might have been no it is not a South Park reference. Twice I have seen the phrase "Semper Exploro" which means "Always Exploring". Exploro sounds like an interesting screen name and thus it stuck.
  11. Greetings to all: I am Exploro. I've been playing KSP for roughly two years now and thought it was the right time to join this community. It's a pleasure to meet you all.
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