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  1. Granted, but they are those rocket-laden penguins from Batman Returns, thus these heavily armed seabirds let lose their payload and lays waste to the surrounding area. This is a sight I'd like to see, thus I wish for better glasses.
  2. The carmelization works wonders with pungent veggies. French Onion Soup can be an extension of this experiment.
  3. I made tapenade for the first time. A stuck lid on one of the olive cans cut my hand and made me extremely irate. And some of the basil and garlic did not completely grind up in the food processor,. But when the finished product was spread upon pita bread, it was very delicious and well worth the effort. Thus this culinary experiment was a success!
  4. Granted. You receive a nice soft pillow...COVERED IN BEES!!!! I wish that the last swig of coffee never tastes terrible.
  5. Granted. However you soon discover that "flight" atop a Honda F22 engine is only possible while in free-fall. I wish to be resurrected from the dead.
  6. Granted, but that someone is a mod who simply bans the entire ban thread. I wish for....cricket tacos (if it's gonna be corrupted I may as well corrupt it from the start).
  7. We require transmitters with antennae 60 meters in diameter or greater with an output of 10 to 20 kW to communicate with the Voyagers, spacecraft still within our proverbial backyard. Deliberately sending signals deeper into space require radio equipment is comparable or better than what the DSN uses. Thus, given the cost necessary to build a DSN-grade transmitter, we can easily eliminate random 14 year olds and cults, these groups would lack the capability to even attempt to construct transmitters such as those. One would have to be wealthy or have the backing of a governmental or scientific entity to possess funds necessary to build such facilities. Further such facilities are not easy to hide...I mean a giant parabolic antenna suddenly appearing in some random locale would draw attention. Even if built in a remote locale, orbiting imaging satellites (both civil and military) would reveal the clandestine activity. And what is more these components would need to be purchased, fabricated, shipped out, and assembled. Power would need to be brought out to the transmitter. All of these logistical consideration would make a surreptitious assembly and operation of clandestine transmitter unlikely.
  8. Pity. I was hoping for a successful center recovery.
  9. To me "typical jet power" implied conventional jet engines providing the means of propulsion. If you meant to say that the Skylon would ferry from one airport to another via the SABREs air breathing mode, I stand corrected (Note that an aircraft operating with air breathing rocket engines for such a flight would still be far from "typical").
  10. As envisioned, Skylon does not utilize conventional jet engines of any kind.
  11. Splendid job you have done so far. Can't wait to see your next update on the Badger build.
  12. To fellow KSP'ers who either are mechanical engineers or students I was wondering what would be a simple but worthwhile project recommendation you would make to mechanical engineer in potentia to conduct while on Christmas break?
  13. Granted but there will likely be those that believe in a flattened Earth...assuming anyone survives. Which brings me to wish that I'll survive this impending calamity.
  14. Granted. But you find that the "gum" is dry Guar Gum powder. I wish for a good grade on my next calc exam.
  15. Recalling what I know about the idea of a Space Force it that the existing Mil-Space assets of the DOD; which is spread across several branches of the Armed Service and defense agencies would be consolidated into one entity. That is it. Assuming a Space Force is established by Act of Congress this branch would more or less do what Mil-Space presently already does. None of what I have read has given any consideration to or entertainment of the idea of merging NASA into this new branch. And why would it? The mission of the Space Force would be to maintain the US Military's space-based capabilities. This mission does not require a manned exploration component nor any need for robotic deep space scientific missions or earth monitoring research. And lest we forget; NASA is also charged with fostering R&D for advancing aeronautics; such as developing self-repairing flight control systems or techniques for distributed electric propulsion system. Thus there is enough importance to having a a civilian agency not subservient to the needs to the military to accomplish space exploration and it aeronautical role.
  16. Precisely. If wiki is to be trusted the aversion to eating insects is an aspect of Western culture. Elsewhere bugs are culinary fair game. Oh boy what an odd tangent this thread has taken?
  17. Sorry that I'm late to the party but hope this helps to answer the fundamental question of our time....what exactly constitutes a sauce? To paraphrase Wiki's write up sauces are an accompaniment not normally consumed by themselves that add flavor, moisture, and enhance the visual appeal of a dish the sauce is used on. All sauces have a liquid component but their consistency can vary either being mostly liquid to some sauces being semi-solid. Sauce comes from the latin word meaning "salted".
  18. I'm trying to construct a model to estimate the initial length of an elastic band to be used for a engineering design group project vehicle. I've found a way that gives me the change in length and thought of using a re-written form of Hooke's Law would help find Li. Hooke Law is expressed as F = kx, where F is equal to the spring constant of the material times it's displacement. Hooke's law is related to Young's Modulus were F = E*Area/Initial Length of Material. So I re-wrote Hooke's Law substituting the aforementioned expression thinking I could eliminate force as a variable. But I think I made a mistake. For According to Khan Academy k = E*A/Li. So I end up in a situation where Li = Li. So I've clear in error. Anyway my questions are: Am I going in the right direction investigating either Hooke's Law or Young's Modulus to find initial length? If so, how can I do so when for the moment the force required to distort the band is not known?
  19. So this whole time the FH test was a front for SpaceX to send our extraterrestial tamed-racing driver back to the stars...with wheels no less.
  20. To be fair not every engineering discipline deals with sub-atomic particles. Important for an aerospace engineer to know about but not for a person who works in mechanical engineering.
  21. You know I had mused about that too. A stuck spacecraft would cause signifcant changes to how the Upper Stage would perform during the de-orbit manuevers.
  22. Returning to college that I am; and this term I'll be taking Calculus. Will I need to buy a graphing calculator or can I get by with decent scientific calculator?
  23. I honestly don't know. Christmas miracle?
  24. I'm sorry but it was screaming "Attack!", so I did.
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