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  1. Granted. But the laundry being laundered is money, which attracts unwanted attention from the IRS. I wish for my wages to be paid in .
  2. Granted. Your brain ceases to receive signals from your optic nerves. But at least you no longer see the aforementioned image. I wish to know more about that image.
  3. Granted. You surrender off to sleep, and dream of a world....of monsters. I wish for bitter spread to go with my to be charred sandwich.
  4. Granted. A crashing noise surrounds you and suddenly you are stuck to ball composed by an astonishing assortment of objects being rolled around by a tiny alien. Upon finishing his work in building up this heap every bigger, he presents it to his father, The King of Kings, who turns it and you, into a star, to wander the galaxy forever. I wish to receive for tomorrow's breakfast, a crispy egg and bacon sandwich.
  5. Granted. You look at your profile picture and it is now completely transparent. Now I wish that the content of my textbooks were clear; in the proverbial sense, in their content.
  6. Granted. Automated Wish Maker-3000 wishes that the ghost of Dr. Suess will haunt you for eternity. I wish that there was a service that can deal with wanton spirits such like that, where such service who will go unsued.
  7. Granted. You are a transformer from a broken down microwave. Now I wish for a new microwave oven.
  8. Granted. Humanity has contact with aliens, but to borrow a phrase from Nuke's Top 5, what happened next is down right chilling. I wish to be able to see this prospective scenario on the big screen.
  9. Granted. Your room is flooded with nitrous oxide. I wish no one will feel Schadenfreude from K.P.'s hilariously fiendish fate.
  10. Granted, you find yourself on Venus, where the day is the greatest of the all planets. Of course you will now have to content with the hellish surface conditions and poisonous atmosphere. I wish for a shorter work day at my present job.
  11. Granted you will spend the next 24 hours trapped in the Earth's day/night terminator. Good news is you will not be subjected to some horrible fate. The bad news is that you will have to make due without getting to participate in NYE festivities. I wish for corrupted dairy products which will be used as the fodder to produce the dankest, but tastiest, cheese every conceived of by humankind.
  12. Granted. You find yourself locked in Gladiatorial combat. That's one way to get to know Roman traditions I tell you. I wish that the sleeting outside to stop.
  13. Granted. Switching on hyper-jets. Buckle up all you thread-goers! We are going into...hyperactive! *Quickly looks around* I wish for a proper seat belt.
  14. Granted. However the name that is devised is over 100000 letters in length, requiring a thread spanning over 40 pages to contain it, and it's pronunciation is unapproachable. And yet, strangely, somehow the KSP forum is hit with a cease and desist order from the attorneys representing a Welsh folk music group bearing the same name (to which the order document is also absurd in length), necessitating removal of any and all reference of that name from the forum. I wish to properly leading my dance partner through an outside turn.
  15. I don't have my work in a format that I can simply drop into the post editor. However what I can say is that it was the way in which I was finding the constants of integration that seemed to have been the problem. Using the deflection equation and applying the boundary conditions at the supports, letting those be distances a and b from the origin point, is 0 m each, and switching on the appropriate singularity functions and manipulating the equation to get the sum of these functions onto the right hand side, I wind up with a system of two equations: C1(a) + C2 = Sum of Singularity Functions 1 C1(b) + C2 = Sum of Singularity Functions 2 At first, what I did was put this system into matrix form and then row reduce to obtain C1 and C2. Even though the row reduction was done properly (I'd feed Wolfram the matrix and it spit out constants identical to my hand written solution). However, something was not working as I was failing to get constants that would result in the deflection of the free ends being identical in value. Meaning the resulting deflection equation could not be trusted to compute deflection anywhere along the beam. I happened to be watching this MindYourDecisions video a couple of days ago that showed a method of solving as system equation I did not consider, solving the system by subtracting one equation by another to eliminate terms. I tried the method out, Subtracting the second equation by the first to eliminate the C2 term, then solve for C1. Once C1 was obtained, I plug that value into the first equation to get C2. It worked. For both a test case and for the project problem, I got identical values for deflection at the overhangs.
  16. My brain momentarily though the number achieved was 100 factorial. Anyway, 698
  17. In a recent project, my mechanics of materials class was given a simply supported beam with double overhanging free ends. The beam is symmetrically loaded with two identical concentrated loaded at the ends of the beam and a rectangular distributed load acting between the supports. Choosing to avoid the headache of superposition, I wrote a loading equation using singularity functions, iteratively integrating until I had the slope and deflection equations and then solved for the constants of integration. Nothing seemed to indicate anything would go wrong, and yet, when trying to show that the free ends would have the same deflection, I can't seem to get deflections that are identical. I know it is not due to the constants of integration. I repeated the calculations exhaustively, even plugging the system of equations into Wolfram Alpha's reduced echelon form calculator confirms the constants are what they should be. I'm at a loss as to what else could be wrong. Are symmetrically loaded beam with double overhangs a case where equations written with singularity functions break?
  18. Granted. Maria Sirona soon exhibits a wit from which there is no escape and many a wish becomes corrupted beyond recognition. And thus Maria Sirona forever becomes known as the destroyer of dreams. I wish for snow.
  19. Granted. You are instantly transported to the Moon and you experience lunar surface gravity. However, the problem is the wish granter neglected to provide you with an EVA suit. So you only enjoy the experience for a few seconds before succumbing to exposure to vacuum. I wish that Leitbur would make more albums.
  20. Isn't that two wishes? But no matter, Granted on both counts You get your copy of UOS and you've successfully installed it. But sometime later, thanks to Termlink, someone hacks into your system and ganks your files. As for the 50-Shades-of-Green display, you get that too, but it is a retail display stack of books penned by E.L. James with that as the title. Oh...my wish. I wish to find my missing bottle of Sriracha Sauce.
  21. Granted. But you soon find the true meaning is all the more horrifying than you realize. I wish my ginger tea actually had ginger flavor.
  22. Shpaget is correct. According to a Wonderhowto article on making home-made solid fuel, melting the sugar improves the absorption of the Potassium Nitrate into the fuel mix.
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